Sex and the City revival

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Hangingover Mon 11-Jan-21 00:00:54


But does the fact she didn't tag Kim C mean Samantha isn't in it??

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Hangingover Mon 11-Jan-21 00:04:29

Ah balls - press says only Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda.

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GoryGilmore Mon 11-Jan-21 00:05:12

It’s well known that Kim Cattrall has some serious beef with SJP, so I’d be surprised if she’d be in anything to do with her now.

Wonder if it will be as bad as the last film they did.

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 11-Jan-21 01:04:21

The last film was APPALLING and KC has said she absolutely will not be going there again.

MustardMitt Mon 11-Jan-21 01:05:31

I saw this just now, having just worked my way through nearly all six seasons.

I’m actually quite interested to see where Charlotte and Miranda ended up. Carrie not so much.

MustardMitt Mon 11-Jan-21 01:05:58

I haven’t (and won’t) see the last film though.

HmmSureJan Mon 11-Jan-21 01:23:30

I liked Samantha and KC but I will still watch without her.


Mally2020 Mon 11-Jan-21 01:34:07

I think the film as it is can go ahead because it has evolved past the single life and KC's character isn't overly relevant to the plot going forth, I heard the film might start bridget jones samanthas funeral

EreLongDoneDoDoesDid Mon 11-Jan-21 01:38:50

I wonder if they’ve killed Samantha off? The character would be about 93 by now, so....

Turtleshelly Mon 11-Jan-21 01:40:30

What!!!!!! The second film was dreadful but I’ll still give this a chance. Wouldn’t be surprised there’s no KC considering the fallout. Can’t help wondering if they’ll get round her absence with the continuation of Samanths’s breast cancer storyline.

FromEden Mon 11-Jan-21 01:40:46

Yeah, I read that they are killing Samantha off

JamesMiddletonsMarshmallows Mon 11-Jan-21 02:14:43

I'm rewatching the TV show, but SATC2 was awful and offensive and if Samantha isn't in it I'm not interested. I'm guessing they will kill her character off?

SoEverybodyDance Mon 11-Jan-21 02:15:08

poor KC/Samantha... she was my favourite... will just be SJP being self indulgent and that will be piss poor

grassisjeweled Mon 11-Jan-21 02:20:32

Meh, not fussed about this at all

GreenWheat Mon 11-Jan-21 02:29:20

Good grief, just let it die quietly, filmmakers! It was very much of its time and the last one was so dated. I wonder if they are familiar with the phrase "flogging a dead horse"?!

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 11-Jan-21 07:57:41

I think it’s SJP isn’t it? She’s been pushing a third film for years. And I did read that they’ll kill off Samantha.

Ansterdame Mon 11-Jan-21 08:06:27

Let’s just hope it’s better than the second diabolical film.
And actually it should be better than the original series, which I loved at the time but I totally cringe at when I watch the re-runs. It’s really awful in parts!

Morgan12 Mon 11-Jan-21 08:07:11

Ffs. I'm not even going to watch this. Literally don't care what Carrie is doing aged 957.

Still running around New York dressed horribly and being a totaly bitch having not moved on in life at all.

There, now noone needs to watch it.

GreenClock Mon 11-Jan-21 08:08:53

It’s going to be a tv series with a different name according to the Guardian.

KC nailed the important breast cancer storyline - she was superb - but I’d watch a reboot without her.

Soutiner Mon 11-Jan-21 08:08:55

Load of tripe! It’s just a vanity project for the awful Sarah Jessica Parker who can’t act for toffee.

Kim Cattrall can actually act and was brave to stand up for herself and say no, enough is enough.

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 11-Jan-21 08:10:33

I can’t help but wonder....

What will Carrie be doing now? They’d already decided not to have children and they had a big fancy new apartment. Maybe Big will be dead so she can do the whole dating thing again, since that was the premise of the show originally. It’ll start with her in a ridiculous funeral outfit with a black feathered veil or something.

BertyBotts Mon 11-Jan-21 08:12:19

Why are they still flogging this dead horse? The series aged horribly and the last film was garbage. Plus no Samantha...! Just leave it where it belongs, in the past!

EachandEveryone Mon 11-Jan-21 08:13:03

Honestly as much as I loved it I can’t get excited for this

Friendsoneuptown Mon 11-Jan-21 09:19:25

It’s not a film this time. It’s 10 episodes. 20 years on and without KC.

Mamette Mon 11-Jan-21 09:26:06

Disappointing. I wish they’d just leave it. Also I don’t want Samantha to be dead.

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