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Anyone fancy a bit of an overhaul before Christmas thread?

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Helgathehairy Thu 20-Aug-20 12:46:17

Please don’t throw me in the stocks for mentioning Christmas!!

During Covid everything has gone to pot a bit - I’ve put on weight, none of my clothes fit right, hair (and eyebrows) desperately need doing and I’m still a bit hesitant to go somewhere to do something so non-essential. Kids have been home constantly and Self-care & housework has become sporadic (at best!). I have elderly family members who are high risk that I’m helping and I’m wondering about exposure and contact and sometimes my mental health takes a bit of a battering due to demands from them. DH is working and we cut back spending well at the start (mostly due to me not going to the shops)but I’ve stated doing a bit more impulse shopping as shops opened and DHs job is connected to the travel industry and isn’t secure so I really need to stop. Next week my kids are back in school and I really want to get things more organised. I like a deadline to keep me on track.

Here’s my thinking - on Sunday it’s 100 days to 1st December. I really want to arrive at the start of December feeling more organised and less sluggish, calmer and just feeling more ME.

Previously Princessing threads have run on the Style & Beauty board but as this is more of a comprehensive overhaul I thought chat might be a better fit??

This is a previous PrIncessing thread for an idea, there have been lots more, including a pandemic one, but this one was started by me.

So anyone interested?

(I’m on my phone, which isn’t great for long threads so apologies if it’s a bit disjointed, I just wanted to just get it down.)

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Allmyfavouritepeople Thu 20-Aug-20 12:59:04

Yes me! I'm in.

CreepyPasta Thu 20-Aug-20 13:00:57

Definitely. Have put on over a stone during lockdown. I already had 2 to lose!

Ohmyhell Thu 20-Aug-20 13:03:13

Yes! Count me in. Think I need to overhaul every area of my life! Housework, weight, personal grooming, organisation, money, etc. Would love to have things sorted by 1st December.

Rbdh Thu 20-Aug-20 13:03:49

I'm in! I need to lose some weight. I've put a bit on the past few years and kind of feel like this is crunch time - I either put in the effort now to get rid of it and back to skinny me or accept that I will continue putting on weight which I really don't want to do. I was looking at women 10-20 years older than me at work the other day and a number have health issues due to weight and I don't want that to be me in a few years. I would love to lose 10kg but even 5 would be awesome.

OverTheRainbow88 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:09:17

Sounds like a fab plan

jaffacakes16 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:19:57

I’m in, I’ve started loosing a bit of baby/lockdown weight but still have about a stone to go to get back to feeling like me. Did my eyebrows for first time in months this week but all self care of me and house has gone to pot!

CandleWick4 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:21:18

Count me in! I put on a stone since lockdown. Managed to lose 4 the past 2 weeks so 10 more to go until I fit into my jeans again!

Emma1962 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:30:02

Yes definitely. I lost 2 stone at the start of lockdown but then realised I won’t be seeing anybody & promptly fell into the crisps and wine putting 10lb back on! Going on hols for a week tomorrow then the focus is back.

Restlessinthenorth Thu 20-Aug-20 13:41:56

Yes! I feel just disorganised in every bit of my life despite being constantly on the go. Getting myself together before Xmas (and losing a bit of weigh) would be amazing

PeonyRose80 Thu 20-Aug-20 13:42:30

Yes please... everything needs an overhaul in my life!

KellyWithABigBelly Thu 20-Aug-20 13:48:17

Sounds like a great idea.

KookaburraK Thu 20-Aug-20 13:51:22

I’m in! My house is an absolute shambles

DMCWelshcakes Thu 20-Aug-20 13:55:18

I'm in. A few friends and I have decided that as 2020 has been shit we're going to start again on 1st September and do new year resolutions and get our shit back together.

New school year, new start!

CandleWick4 Thu 20-Aug-20 14:03:25


I'm in. A few friends and I have decided that as 2020 has been shit we're going to start again on 1st September and do new year resolutions and get our shit back together.

New school year, new start!

I always feel like 1st September is a great new start. Kids back at school and I can focus a bit more on myself especially my food while they’re there.

Meganplays Thu 20-Aug-20 14:07:57

Yes, I’m in.

I’ve managed to really get on top of the housework in the past few months which has given me the encouragement to try and tackle everything else.

KookaburraK Thu 20-Aug-20 14:15:14


I'm in. A few friends and I have decided that as 2020 has been shit we're going to start again on 1st September and do new year resolutions and get our shit back together.

New school year, new start!

I work term time only and September feels more like a new start than January for me! I might jump on the bandwagon and have a new New Years on sept 1st

CantStandMeow Thu 20-Aug-20 14:21:26

Me! I'm starting a new job in January which is going to be pretty full on as it's a training contract. I was promptly made redundant as soon as they announced employers would have to start contributing to furlough. So have given myself between now and then to get everything sorted and running smoothly. Currently sorting out the garage and have a tip slot reserved for tomorrow.

Lemming20 Thu 20-Aug-20 14:21:57

Can I join please? Need to lose the baby weight and get organised!

divafever99 Thu 20-Aug-20 14:24:24

Great idea! No idea how much I weigh but I have weight to lose. Feels like I'm not on top of anyway the moment. I'm hoping things will get a bit easier when dc go back to school.

TheClitterati Thu 20-Aug-20 15:34:01

I've been living in swimsuits and old dresses/beach clothes for months now. My hair is usually salty, and its all a bit sun bleached.

On the plus side I did manage to finally get my eyebrows shaped and tinted yesterday - so I can tick that box. And in my efforts to keep up the very minimal I do, I have booked another appointment for 6 weeks time (as opposed to the usual 6 months).

What next?

I could do with shaving my legs .... and booking in for a cut/colour.

I started a trial of YNAB this week (after seeing it mentioned on MN) and am slowly self auditing and shaping up finances.

I'm pretty good for clothes - really don't need anything, though I have a couple of things in mind to sew for autumn (dress, jacket).

Exercise is my massive weakness - I do get into the sea 5-7 times a week ATM, but actual proper exercise isn't happening. My gym has reopened and I would like to get there to start weights and swimming lengths again.

TheClitterati Thu 20-Aug-20 15:44:29

I've looked at the list on the previous thread and these are the changes I would like to make - all are managable and I don't need to buy anything (i.e. I already have great face creams, eyelash serum, vitamins etc that I am not using):

1.Warm water with lemon first thing in the a.m.
2.Body brushing
3.8 glasses of water (or herbal tea equivalent) a day
4.Daily vitamins
5.Floss daily
6.Exfoliate in shower
7.Regular hair removal
8.Cleanse & moisturise face day & night
9.Apply eyelash growth serum at night
10.Twice weekly clay mask
11.Intensive nail care (feet and hands) daily
12.Exercise – 3 times a week at gym
13.Eat 10 fruit & veg a day
14.16/8 Intermittent fasting
15.No alcohol during the week
16.One early night once a week. Suggest 9PM.
17.No BISCUITS until Dec 1st
18.DAILY body moisturising.
19.Stick to budget

Nombrechange989 Thu 20-Aug-20 16:03:34

Yep, I'm in too. Sept 1st is New Years Day for me.

My aims will be 9pm bedtime twice a week.
Eat veg every day
5 minute meditation daily
Daily floss
Use lumea
Moisturise daily
look after nails
try tai chi for my lower back pain
try to walk faster when out with dog

That's just for starters smile

Helgathehairy Thu 20-Aug-20 16:03:37

Yay - people! I'm not just talking to myself!

The first thing I've done is make a list of the areas I want to focus on. I wander off on tangents a lot so this is to keep me on track for my main points.

WEIGHT. I have at least 2 stone to lose. I plan to tackle this with a combination of 5:2 & 16:8 intermittent fasting. I'm going to mostly cook from scratch and will use MFP (my fitness pal) app everyday.

HOUSE. We have a very small house and its in desperate need of a declutter. I like The Organised Mum Method to keep on top of daily cleaning but I was looking for something a bit more intensive and I came across It's American but I plan to pull bits and pieces to help get me organised

FINANCE. I need to stop going to the shops when I don't need to. Yesterday I had to go to a certain shop, I didn't have to go to Penny's and Boots on the way! Aldi and Lidl are also on my 'just don't go' list.
We'll be ok but really hoping DH keeps his job. I also want to build a fund for all the one off expenses - car costs, kids activities, insurance etc. We just cancelled Sky so that's good.

READ. I love reading. I used to read a lot. Now I scroll Instagram or watch YouTube. So I have 3 books from the library (non-fiction) and I plan on reading at least 10 pages a day.

Kids are calling - be back soon. I'm going to blame my temperamental iPad for typos!

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BanditsBum Thu 20-Aug-20 16:17:48

I'm in - I had cupcakes for lunch today and think if I were to cut myself at this point I would bleed icing.

I want to:

Stop eating cakes/chocolate/biscuits in place of meals

Get back to working out, I don't have a lot of time but have always done 10 minute workouts which have stopped the past few weeks.

Go to a hairdresser and get highlights over the dark lockdown box dye Im currently rocking.

Buy new autumn/winter clothes.

Organise my kitchen.

Stop living in my pyjamas.

I'm sure there is more but it is a start.

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