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Ms Rachel Meade V Westminster CC & Social Work England Employment Tribunal Hearing

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ickky · 20/11/2022 13:52

The hearing starts on 1st December 10am at London Central.

If you want to observe please send your email request to

[email protected]

The email header should read

PUBLIC ACCESS REQUEST Case NO: 2200179/2022 Date 01/12/2022 London Central Ms R Meade - Westminster CC & Social Work England

I just asked for the link and pin and I also included my name & address, but I'm not sure if that is necessary.

I believe as ever that veg still needs sowing.

OP posts:
JanieAllen · 20/11/2022 15:43

bumpette yes more veg is needed

ickky · 21/11/2022 15:37

Just bumping in case anyone wants to observe, it says send email as early as possible.

OP posts:
LipbalmOrKnickers · 21/11/2022 17:49

Thanks so much for this ickky.

ickky · 25/11/2022 17:08

Less than a week to get your email request in.

OP posts:
ChristinaXYZ · 26/11/2022 12:28

Thanks op - and for highlighting the gardening that is still needed. I've donated before and will do if there is anything left at the end of this month.

ickky · 27/11/2022 10:29

You're welcome. Haven't had a link email yet, probably get it Monday or Tuesday.

OP posts:
wednesdaynamesep · 27/11/2022 13:10

Can anyone give me google directions towards the allotment?

ickky · 27/11/2022 14:24

Allotment directions are "Rachel Meade V Westminster CC" about 4th one down on google search.

OP posts:
ickky · 29/11/2022 18:29

Still no link email, has anyone else got one?

OP posts:
Imnotavetbut · 29/11/2022 18:33

Me either. I won't be able to watch all of it due to work but was hoping to catch some. I have planted some more carrots too. I'm very interested to see how this one pans out.

Ameanstreakamilewide · 29/11/2022 18:48

I emailed last Wednesday (i'm keen!) and I haven't had a response yet, either.

ickky · 29/11/2022 18:52

I might email again tomorrow if I don't hear anything by 12.

OP posts:
AssumingDirectControl · 29/11/2022 19:03

How long do we think this hearing will last? I’ve asked for a link as I’m working on paperwork this Friday but I’m tied up with work all of next week.

I am in the same profession as Rachel and this could easily be me.

ickky · 29/11/2022 19:11

I think it is 6 or 8 days, but I am prob wrong.

OP posts:
ickky · 29/11/2022 19:13

Just checked, it's 1st to the 9th December.

OP posts:
JanieAllen · 29/11/2022 20:04

please remember to send veg if you are about to be paid

ThickTiuri · 29/11/2022 20:25

I got an automatic response to say that the link would be sent the morning the hearing is due to start.

Ameanstreakamilewide · 29/11/2022 21:16

ThickTiuri · 29/11/2022 20:25

I got an automatic response to say that the link would be sent the morning the hearing is due to start.

That's a risky's a shambles at the best of times.

But to leave it to the last minute, is going to be harsh for the clerk on Thursday morning.

DontAskIDontKnow · 29/11/2022 21:24

I put some carrots in, but there’s plenty of room for more.

Ameanstreakamilewide · 30/11/2022 15:29

I've just been informed by the Clerk that the case will be relisted in 2023.

LipbalmOrKnickers · 30/11/2022 15:35

Same @Ameanstreakamilewide , just had the email through - thought they were getting ahead of the log-in crush tomorrow. Any thoughts on whether this is good or bad news (or just disorganisation?)

Ameanstreakamilewide · 30/11/2022 15:43

I wouldn't like to say, cos i can't tell if it was decided at the 11th hour.

Poor Rachel...this must be hellish.

LipbalmOrKnickers · 30/11/2022 15:53

Absolutely, it's been dragging on for so long now. My hope was that something might have been conceded ahead of the start, but if it's definitely being relisted for next year then maybe not.

ickky · 30/11/2022 15:58

Oh ffs, just got the email. Wonder what has happened. Really feel for Rachel.

OP posts:
Princessglittery · 30/11/2022 16:12

Just got my email. It is so awful waiting, I was a witness in a case postponed by 18 months due to COVID.

I wonder if they are working on a compromise agreement, given that SWE withdrew their fitness to practice case.

Rachel if you read the thread Flowers

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