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Nathaniel Knight (partner of Aimee Challenor); worrying twitter admissions

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GirlDownUnder · 16/07/2019 02:58

Recently spotted on Twitter and reported today

@ bunifoosh
This is Aimee Challenor’s partner. This needs reported (to the police preferably).

Bunifosh is posting inresponse to a thread started by Nathaniel Knight @ kharonalpua (Aimees’ partner)

And lastly
Nathaniels’ post was because poster Whistleblower11097 posted on a current MN thread -
That post as been deleted

The content highlighted by bunifosh is worrying, but of greater concern is the thread from Nathaniel as it’s direct from the horses mouth, and admits to child rape fantasies, inappropriate communication with a minor, etc.

Aimee Challenor (from wiki)
Aimee Challenor (born 1 October 1997) is a British politician and transgender activist and former spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales. In 2017, she stood for election in Coventry South, receiving 1.3% of the votes. In 2018, her father, who had been serving as her election agent, was convicted and jailed for sexual offences against a child, leading to Challenor's suspension from the party during an investigation. She later resigned and is currently a member of the Liberal Democrats.

Aimee has been dragged into this as Nathaniel tweeted in the above linked thread
“So how can @ AimeeChallenor work with vulnerable teenagers when she's in a relationship with me? I don't have a violent bone in my body, and I have no interest in real children. In more than half of my lifetime, I have not "graduated" from a fetish for fantasy children to...”

The optics are not good for Aimee or the Liberal Democrats.

OP posts:
Lumene · 17/07/2019 08:37

What are the Lib Dems THINKING?

I have come to the recent horrifying realisation that the Lib Dem’s have always been a natural home to perverts.

Lordamighty · 17/07/2019 08:37

Where are the press in all this? They are happy to lift stories from MN all the time.

ArnoldWhatshisknickers · 17/07/2019 09:44

Where are the press in all this?

The press are up to their eyeballs in all of this. They have promoted and encouraged all of this. Even those few notable exceptions that bother to report at all on the endless list of 'things that never happen' still use wrong sex pronouns for convicted paedophiles, rapists and other known to be highly dubious characters. The press are largely cowards and/or enablers.

AnotherNightWatering · 17/07/2019 10:26

My DM was a LibDem activist from the 1960s until her death five years ago. She always described it as a party that attracted misfits, and as the party was so keen for any support, nothing was done to stamp it out. Sad

SunsetBeetch · 17/07/2019 11:09

Just in case anyone had any lingering hopes that the Lib Dems are going to see sense of this issue, Jo Swinson has recently tweeted a video about transphobia, that has Sarah Brown in it.

"Sarah, the support of someone so brave and so committed to fighting for equality means so much. Thank you! #BollocksToTransphobia #EndorseJo #JoinJo"

No replies to all the screenshots showing the nasty things Sarah has said from Jo yet, but a Lib Dem Councillor had this to say:

"Thanks for the assumption that I can’t do my own research. Sarah brown is a strong woman and I have a lot of time for her. I’ll have no TERF action on my profile please"

DodoPatrol · 17/07/2019 11:31

Oh what a doofus.

Or, actually, what a shame that someone who does talk a lot of sense on many issues is prepared to call others 'hateful' for not threatening people, not removing their rights, not making life impossible for the disabled, but simply not believing men are women.

It's so weird.

We could have a discussion that said
'People with autism have a disability.'
'Well, I'd call it a difference, and in some cases an advantage, but a difference that makes life very hard in an NT world'
and she presumably wouldn't respond with 'DisabilityPHOBE! Eraser of Autistic People!'

But try it this way:
'Transwomen are women.'
'Well, I'd call them men who live according to their idea of a woman, and that can cause difficulties in our very gendered world...' and boom.

(Is she taking the piss with the 'Bollocks to Transphobia' tag? I mean, the bollocks are quite central to the problem, really.)

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 17/07/2019 11:33


ZebrasAreBras · 17/07/2019 11:38

#BollocksToTransphobia is a... really unwise and ill-thought-out slogan Grin

BeyondDangerousTshirts · 17/07/2019 12:10

Hmm, how about a much shorter version... #BollockPhobia ...?

IfNot · 17/07/2019 13:28

You can set Roblox and all those games to block all contact from strangers? Childrens games are an actual magnet for perverts. Mine wont even get Snapchat because, in his words" its for Nonces"..

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 17/07/2019 15:49

Just wandering through twitter and saw separate profile shots of the happy couple. I know I’m looking on a small screen but... could it be the same one person?

Voice0fReason · 17/07/2019 20:58

I will not engage in any sexual interaction without consent from a person with a mature mind and understanding of sex
Worded with an intention to justify underage sex with a consenting mature child.

ProbablyShouldntbut · 18/07/2019 09:47

Can't help but feel it's AMy's Stonewall connection that should be getting highlighted.

Amy is a member of the Lib Dems - she might even have some post in the Local party ( which will consist of three other people and their dogs)... and they don't even have an MP to lobby. Really they are negligible.


Aimee is on the Trans advisory board of multi million budget corporate sponsored listened to by government and educators...'charity' Stonewall.

And she is showing more red flags about child safeguarding than a Moscow may Day parade...

It's in Stonewall that AC is having an impact - and its Stonewall that are making an impact on child safeguarding/ sex based rights/Eq Act issues.

If AC's patent unsuitability for any public role is to be targetted - and it should (it's nigh on inconceivable that her partners paedophile interests are a surprise) - It's Stonewall that should be the focus.

sakura184 · 18/07/2019 10:05

I agree that people with dangerous or inappropriate obsessions can be vulnerable,

Not as vulnerable as the children they want to target though

OhHolyJesus · 18/07/2019 10:12

Can't help but feel it's AMy's Stonewall connection that should be getting highlighted.

I agree Probably but I can't see how that can change, Stonewall will batten down the hatches and protect their own. How do we tackle Stonewall?

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 18/07/2019 10:29

I have never met Aimee. And so, I am aware that this is a judgey and unfair statement...but...

Hell mend Stonewall for not applying critical thinking and taking advice from Aimee and the myriad other clearly dim, or not very bright advisors they have lauded and paid.

I feel sorry very wary and disturbed by, but, mostly, sorry for Aimee. That must have been a helluva childhood.

I don't think, though, that lived automatically experience makes you an expert or someone to advise the government.

Ruth Hunt turned Stonewall into a cult. "Acceptance without exception" should have been a red fucking flag in itself.

Stonewall is doomed, and is an abomination because the organisation has done amazing things in it's time.

ZebrasAreBras · 18/07/2019 10:31

The Stonewall connection is scandalous. Aimee, as part of the trans advisory board, and obviously heavily influenced by David Challenor (made David their election agent after charges were brought) has sought changes to policy which will roll back safeguarding for children.

This should be a media scandal - why isn't it? Why isn't the NSPCC rubberman?

The only reason I can think of is that organisations pushing LGBTQ+ /gender identity centred policy-making are somehow seen as untouchable.

Our Spero was told "no media outlet will touch the NSPCC rubberman story." Why not???

Needmoresleep · 18/07/2019 10:37

I think we need to follow FPfW and challenge the source of policies etc across Government, the Private and third sectors.

I am planning to write to the BBC, and to Barclays. The Barclays rainbow app on my phone is irritating - when does Pride month end. Last year I got some way with Virgin Money when they endorsed a Stonewall poster on the GRA, where they acknowledged there was a conflict of rights. Better still I think my correspondence caused them to review their initial knee-jerk reply.

My sense is that at the moment they are only hearing the voices of Aimee and Stonewall pals. The more that hear different rational voices, voices of people who actually use their services, the more they may question their sources.

My guess is that policies in these firms are made by people from equalities and diversity, who read the Guardian and may have career links with Stonewall. Many many more people in the organisation will read the Times and Mail and have sympathies that reflect middle England. They will keep quiet unless their diversities policies are causing a problem. Hence my desire to tell Barclays why I think the rainbow flag no longer reflects innocence, or indeed the acceptance of same sex attraction, and why they should not be promoting it.

There was a suggestion on Twitter that we now only have two season. Pride and Christmas. The pp is right. Aimee's real power is via Stonewall and its influence within the corporate world. I dont think we can cause Stonewall to look at itself. But we can cause organisations to review who influences them

ProbablyShouldntbut · 18/07/2019 11:15

I agree Probably but I can't see how that can change, Stonewall will batten down the hatches and protect their own. How do we tackle Stonewall?

There's no silver bullet ... more that a lot of people seemed to be pitching grief at the coventry lib dem twitter account - and if that energy had been directed at Stonewall/ Ruth Hunt/ sponsors - copying in Local MPs say might have raised a bit more awareness than simply clogging the smartphone of whatever imbecile is Mr (and it will be a Mr) Lib Dem Coventry.

I think that this incident really does give reasonable ground to encourage meeja and pols to ask Stonewall what they are doing here... and, as in all things around the agenda of pushing back sex based rights and dismantling protections, the very process of trying to explain and defend their actions and ideology will undermine them.

OneEndedStick · 18/07/2019 11:42

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Needmoresleep · 18/07/2019 11:50

Here is the Stonewall transadvisory group.

Quite a LibDem clique.

Note that some members of the group have chosen to remain anonymous. This is absolutely unacceptable in a group actively being consulted the Government and a wide spread of organisations. No least because there seems to be no mechanism through which members declare conflicts of interest. Who knows who they are. Senior members of the BBC. Senior Civil Servants, perhaps engaged in GRA reform policy. Senior staff at NSPCC. Who knows.

(And actually good on Aimee for not choosing this option. She gets flack for her seeming unsuitability, but perhaps others deserve it more.)

Needmoresleep · 18/07/2019 11:55

John Lucy Muir is interesting and gives evidence to the influence Stonewall's trans-advisory group have in Whitehall corridors.

Needmoresleep · 18/07/2019 15:01

The conflicts of interest around Stonewall are an article waiting to be written. I cannot believe this has escaped James Kirkup, whose primary interest is the democratic process.

I can't even get my head around it. Leave along what particular skills and experience Aimee might bring to the table (and we can all have a good guess here.)

John Lucy is advising an organisation which then both lobbies and advises the organisation they work for.

Surely somewhere there there is some conflict of interest. Dangerous given the lobbying is aimed at prioritising TQ+++ rights over women's rights.

Is there any word on when Ruth Hunt goes, and who is taking over. I assume that is the point when the Speccie and Times might produce some articles or editorials.

WeirdWoman · 19/07/2019 01:07

The press know about this. They probably know more about it than we do.

However, there are powerful people in London. Look at how Jimmy Saville et al. got away with it for so long. The press knew about Saville. Nobody would dare report it though. Sad

Glinner · 22/07/2019 18:17

sorry if this has been answered somewhere within this thread, but did Knight delete his thread or was he suspended or what? And on what date did the thread/his account disappear?

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