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Nathaniel Knight (partner of Aimee Challenor); worrying twitter admissions

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GirlDownUnder · 16/07/2019 02:58

Recently spotted on Twitter and reported today

@ bunifoosh
This is Aimee Challenor’s partner. This needs reported (to the police preferably).

Bunifosh is posting inresponse to a thread started by Nathaniel Knight @ kharonalpua (Aimees’ partner)

And lastly
Nathaniels’ post was because poster Whistleblower11097 posted on a current MN thread -
That post as been deleted

The content highlighted by bunifosh is worrying, but of greater concern is the thread from Nathaniel as it’s direct from the horses mouth, and admits to child rape fantasies, inappropriate communication with a minor, etc.

Aimee Challenor (from wiki)
Aimee Challenor (born 1 October 1997) is a British politician and transgender activist and former spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales. In 2017, she stood for election in Coventry South, receiving 1.3% of the votes. In 2018, her father, who had been serving as her election agent, was convicted and jailed for sexual offences against a child, leading to Challenor's suspension from the party during an investigation. She later resigned and is currently a member of the Liberal Democrats.

Aimee has been dragged into this as Nathaniel tweeted in the above linked thread
“So how can @ AimeeChallenor work with vulnerable teenagers when she's in a relationship with me? I don't have a violent bone in my body, and I have no interest in real children. In more than half of my lifetime, I have not "graduated" from a fetish for fantasy children to...”

The optics are not good for Aimee or the Liberal Democrats.

OP posts:
LangCleg · 16/07/2019 08:21

If these last few brazen moves by edge case trans people and kink people are accepted with little or no pushback (and I mean something far more intense than some angry tweeting or mumsnet threads!), there is absolutely nothing stopping the next step in the progression.

I agree.

And more than that, we need to keep speaking out about boundary destruction for children everywhere. Including in some materials put forward as suitable for the about-to-become compulsory relationships and sex education in primary schools. Including about the NSPCC subtly changing its definition of child abuse in material it presents to children at school assemblies.

Including all of it.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 16/07/2019 08:24

If this person is vulnerable - why is no one looking out for them? Why is it that people are able to spout this unfettered and people are too scared/bullied to call them out? Who is stopping the stopping of this?

LangCleg · 16/07/2019 08:27

Im not trying to excuse him but a little background on NK. He is severely autistic and has almost zilch understanding of the world and other people. I think anyone meeting him in real life would see him as a vulnerable person.

It's not about him personally any more than it is about AC personally.

It's about boundaries and safeguarding and the capture of authorities and institutions that are overseeing the destruction of such in pursuit of a queer/critical theory worldview.

It's about harm potential. Navel gazing over the usual mad, bad or sad quandaries are irrelevant to the protection of children in society.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 16/07/2019 08:28

Who is stopping the stopping of this?

That is the question

IfNot · 16/07/2019 08:29

Ha! The first comment under that Twitter brain dump:
"That's a lot of words to say you're a Nonce"
That's it really. That's all any ordinary person would think.

Thingybob · 16/07/2019 08:29

I believe he lives with his Mother LordFekko (or did until late recently) so presumably she is looking out for him IRL. Sadly these people often do not have anyone looking out for them in thier virtual worlds.

NotTerfNorCis · 16/07/2019 08:29

Aimee and friends seem to inhabit a twilight world... that guy's tone was so self-righteous. He had no concept of how people outside his twilight world would see him.

Let's hope this doesn't spread.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 16/07/2019 08:31

Mother (father? Who knows the family dynamic) needs to get some help with the boy before the police come knocking then.

IfNot · 16/07/2019 08:32

I think anyone meeting him in real life would see him as a vulnerable person
Fuck NO. Hes not fucking "vulnerable". Hes very articulate! Autism can't be used as some excuse. Thats really quite insulting to people with Autism! ( I have a close relative with severe autism).

Rumplesmoothskin · 16/07/2019 08:33

What can be done about this? What should we do as individuals?

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 16/07/2019 08:34

Indeed. Autism isn’t a get out of jail free card. If he was that vulnerable then he would need treatment and close supervision. He/she is being chivvied on by who? Who is encouraging this and telling them it’s ok and ‘good’?

LangCleg · 16/07/2019 08:36

JFC Thingybob, read the fucking room. There are society-wide attacks on safeguarding going on right now which will compromise the safety of every child (and woman) in the land. We all know some people have the potential to be both harmful and vulnerable. Now is not the time to centre them. Get a grip.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 16/07/2019 08:38

It's caught my attention this. A pal of DS13's got autism, fine in mainstream school, but, friendships are becoming more and more challenging for him as people don't always want to do what DSfriend wants and DSfriend really can't cope with that.

DS was upset over some of the stuff Friend was sharing on group whassap. It was zombie and anime porn - shared to group of 13 year olds.

I wonder how many autistic kids find these (possibly) autistic adults and that feeds into this subculture, which, at the root, is dangerous.

His parents and school have been very good at dealing with the porn stuff - but, DSFriend has no idea about what is socially appropriate, and it is terrifying.

TimeLady · 16/07/2019 08:40

I'd like to think that Mumsnet, as a parenting site, would like to be at the forefront on any fight against paedophilia, imagined or real.

People like this have /will always be around. Hard as it is to read sometimes, perhaps their propensity for outing themselves on the internet is a good thing, as it could provide evidence in the future if the material has been archived. JY's past has come back to haunt him. Mr Knight might well wish he'd kept his mouth shut too, because we will, indeed, be keeping an eye on him... and his associates.

And in my book, autism and transgenderism are not 'get out of jail free' cards when it comes to child safe-guarding.

OhHolyJesus · 16/07/2019 08:40

I'll be making a call this morning, suggest a number of us call to voice concerns, maybe anonymously.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 16/07/2019 08:41

They won’t care because they just won’t get it. There is something broken in people like that - their own absolute belief in their own self.

OhHolyJesus · 16/07/2019 08:44

Is this guy in Michigan does anyone know?

AC and MK are getting married in Michigan,5885,7-339-73971711995064844443---,00.html

Online form for child abuse and neglect but need to register first which I haven't done.

Obviously this thread is being watched and whilst we should haven't to be careful about voicing safeguarding concerns around children we can expect screenshots on twitter soon...

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 16/07/2019 08:45

I couldn’t even imagine wanting to be in the same room as the brain that has those thoughts.

KatvonHostileExtremist · 16/07/2019 08:49

He's also friends with katrina Swales, trans furry. Didn't AC go to centre parks with KS? Back when the green party report came out.

Sorry if this posted 3 times. The app is rubbish.

Thingybob · 16/07/2019 08:50

I don't disagree with you LangCleg and am not centring anyone but do think we need to look wider at those facilitating dangerous individuals e.g. Internet companies or woke types who catapult the madest, badest or sadest into positions of power.

IfNot · 16/07/2019 08:54

Screenshot this:
Anyone who attempts to normalise and excuse paedophilia is a dangerous, manipulative pervert and should be on a register somewhere.
I'm not scared of being called
A prude
A cunt
A terf
It's all noise to me and has nothing to do with real life.

GirlDownUnder · 16/07/2019 08:54

Kat if my memory serves Katrina Swales was / is in a poly relationship with AC and NK, but I'm not sure how this fits in with AC and NKs planned wedding in December.

OP posts:
Ineedacupofteadesperately · 16/07/2019 08:58

Let's be clear. If someone openly states their paedophilia then I don't actually CARE if they're vulnerable. All I want is to get them out of the reach of any real children and preferably incarcerated (because as we known porn which involves child rape actually harms real children so anyone buying it is harming children).

They don't care about the safety of children, I don't care about them. Mothers and fathers put the safety of their own children first. They always will. Just because we're women doesn't mean we always have to worry about someone who's so-say 'vulnerable' - and especially if they're threatening CHILDREN.

Also, as ever, what Lang said.

GirlDownUnder · 16/07/2019 08:59

woke types who catapult the madest, badest or sadest into positions of power.

You mean our politicians??

OP posts:
OhHolyJesus · 16/07/2019 08:59

Ok, I have some emails and calls to make, anyone who wants the contact details to do the same please DM me.

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