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Pokemon Go #10. See ya later Feralligator, in a while Totodile

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DoctorTwo · 21/06/2017 20:58

Despite only really playing at the weekend due to working I'm now 180k through Level 31. Today I cheated somewhat. The M25 was stationary, so I opened the app and left it on. I had 8 eggs cooking and between junctions 18 and 22 managed to hatch 7 of them. Mantine, 2x Exegcute, Krabby, Eevee, Togepi and Magby.

Congrats Abbey on reaching Level 30, and commiserations Spammy on not being able to log in.

OP posts:
HandbagKrabby · 11/07/2017 20:04

My oldest is a gloom from the 25th July.

Is anyone thinking of going to the event in Chester?

AbbeyRoadCrossing · 11/07/2017 20:06

My oldest is pikachu from August. I must've deleted my earliest ones. I find it impossible to delete even the most low scoring pikachu though

TrashPanda · 11/07/2017 21:21

My oldest is my 12CP starter Bulbasaur from 14th July.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 11/07/2017 21:29

cottonwool125 Yeah, Donphan is adorable Grin

My oldest is a 41 CP Clefairy caught on the 17th October. I wasn't able to play before then as didn't have a device that would play it!

ProseccoandPizza · 11/07/2017 21:40

My oldest is a 495CP butterfree from the 11/11/16. However I know we started playing on 23/08/16. I assume I must've transferred out the others.

DoctorTwo · 11/07/2017 21:46

Shiny new thread here. My oldest is a 14CP Bulbassaur from 29th August 2016. My first ever catch.

OP posts:
RudeDog · 11/07/2017 22:16

My oldest is a Mankey from June 27th 17.
Still the only one I've ever got...

PickAChew · 11/07/2017 22:57

he's as romantic as my DH, Soubriquet - he bought us a kindle firestick!

PickAChew · 11/07/2017 23:04

I ground up my first bulbasaur - caught it hanging from the calendar in my kitchen.

Oldest is a Machamp, originally caught 8/8/16. So I've kept nothing form my first 3 weeks playing!

PokemonGo · 12/07/2017 11:55

My oldest is a maxed out 2477 lapras - with frost breath and ice beam - 22/07/16. I guess I ground the earlier catches.

Kpo58 · 12/07/2017 13:02

Why is it that EVERY lunchtime when I am at work and most of Wednesday, can I not log into Pokemon go?

I'm getting really frustrated as I want to join in this event, but cannot at suitable times.

tumpymummy · 14/07/2017 19:39

I haven't been able to log in this afternoon/evening either. Very frustrating. I've a trainer account. Whereas my son has a google account and that is fine.

Kpo58 · 14/07/2017 20:06

Pokemon Go trainer accounts always seem to be treated as second class citizens.

I'm actually strongly considering upgrading my phone as I'm fed up of Pokémon Go constantly freezing.

tumpymummy · 14/07/2017 21:04

Can sign in now (after I've missed the opportunity to get in gyms and get coins for today). Agree about the second class citizen thing. I'm playing on an old iPhone 5s with knackered battery so would like to know what other phones are good for pokego too.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 14/07/2017 21:40

tumpymummy An iPhone 5s is terrible for Pokemon Go. We had when when we started playing and in order to actually play properly (too much crashing!) we had to get new phones.

Both got iPhone 6s which play it like a dream.

(P.S. we're on a new thread now! Smile)

Bee91 · 22/06/2018 17:30

New friends feature... trading good or bad?
Add me anyway :D

Pokemon Go #10. See ya later Feralligator, in a while Totodile
HunnyBunnyAug09 · 24/06/2018 20:09

I've added you. It's fun receiving gifts which include special 7k eggs!
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