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Pokemon Go #10. See ya later Feralligator, in a while Totodile

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DoctorTwo · 21/06/2017 20:58

Despite only really playing at the weekend due to working I'm now 180k through Level 31. Today I cheated somewhat. The M25 was stationary, so I opened the app and left it on. I had 8 eggs cooking and between junctions 18 and 22 managed to hatch 7 of them. Mantine, 2x Exegcute, Krabby, Eevee, Togepi and Magby.

Congrats Abbey on reaching Level 30, and commiserations Spammy on not being able to log in.

OP posts:
WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 22/06/2017 00:09

I have 232 on my pokedex now.

Where is that figure from? Because your pokedex and the Pokemon you have caught and not transferred are not the same thing.

There are only 212 available as outlined above so that doesn't make sense.

53rdWay · 22/06/2017 00:17

Think your maths is off a bit, WhatToDo. I'm at 223 caught / 227 seen.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 22/06/2017 00:19

Sorry, I was wrong with my earlier figure of Gen 2 having 80 Pokemon overall (it's late!).

It actually added 100 new Pokemon, meaning there are 90 you can get from Gen 2 excluding regionals, legendaries and Pokemon just not yet in the game.

So everything else stays the same, but there are 232 Pokemon available across Gen 1 and Gen 2 for you to catch Smile

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 22/06/2017 00:20

53rdWay Yeah, its late and maths is not my forte Grin But hopefully I have it right now with my last post.

All info regarding legendaries, regionals and Pokemon not yet in the game is correct though Smile

tumpymummy · 22/06/2017 00:35

Muddling I'm still waiting for a Tangela too! I finished Gen 1 before xmas except for that Tangela. I've completed 6 bingo lines of Gen 2. Still quite a few to get particularly mareep. Have never seen a wild one but did hatch 1.

WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano · 22/06/2017 00:48

Finally finally got my last Dratini candy to evolve my Dragonite and finish Gen 1. Took forever.

Got enough candy during this event to evolve Houndoom and the Cyndaquil evolves which was very handy and leaves me with 3 to catch from gen 2 (Unown, Miltank and, bizarrely, Dubsparce) and 5 to evolve - I need to get my trainers on and get walking because some of them will take at least 100 kilometres to get the candy.

inniu · 22/06/2017 00:48

Ok so my 232 includes the European and American regionals so there are only 2 available ones that I can catch. The unown which I need to catch and the second evolution of the mareep which I need to walk as my buddy to get candy.

I hope they release some more soon.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 22/06/2017 01:01

I hope they release some more soon.

They did say they wouldn't be releasing Gen 3 for a while as they want to work on game mechanics (like the gyms) and figure out a way to release legendaries safely.

So I would think not this summer. Maybe after summer, but less people play in winter due to the weather so it seems likely it might be next Spring.

Dillite2 · 22/06/2017 01:45

Just arsemarking

PokemonGo · 22/06/2017 06:42

I'm place marking too. Smile

DameDeDoubtance · 22/06/2017 06:51

Nice thread!

Dd has started playing again with a shiny new account, she normally plays on mine when we go out. She managed to get a Lapras on her first outing.

PsammeadPaintedTheLion · 22/06/2017 08:45

Boohoo, back to vermin.

After the gyms and raids have been properly rolled out, I am hoping for an electric event. So far we've had

Fire and Ice

Electric would be nice! We still need the gold badge, the Pikachu badge, a shit ton of Mareep and six more Electabuzz candy for gen. 4.

53rdWay · 22/06/2017 08:49

Anyone else tapping on gyms every five minutes like a lunatic? Grin

PsammeadPaintedTheLion · 22/06/2017 08:52

Haha, I walked very slowly around our gyms today just in case they suddenly popped up as I was there Grin

WhiteHorseWilliam · 22/06/2017 08:58

Great event, got Charizard, Typhlosion, Houndoom. Had to use pokehuntr last night to find the last couple of houndoors for DD Blush

New gyms sound confusing. I don't think I want to join raids - I'm happy just mooching around introvertedly pokemoning on my own!

Saw a chart somewhere that says dragonfire (my best mon nearly 3000) won't be a good defender now, and neither will Tyranitar (precious new boy who gave me blisters). Apparently Umbreon will be good though, and I love him.

WhiteHorseWilliam · 22/06/2017 08:59


Natsku · 22/06/2017 09:01

Been round town, no new gyms at all, gutted.

Still need a few gen one and only a couple of them can I get by evolving so the rest I have to hope to hatch or catch. Missing lots of gen two - my small town gets hardly anything :(

tumpymummy · 22/06/2017 09:04

I agree whitehorsewilliam from what ive read gyms sound confusing too! And i dont want to join raids either. There's a very active Facebook grp for my team where i live but I prefer to play anonymously, partly because I know most of them are students or young 20s.

tumpymummy · 22/06/2017 09:06

Also pokemongo was great for getting kids out walking, but now encouraging them to link up with strangers?!

WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano · 22/06/2017 09:15

They won't make the change until its day time in the Pacific US now, so not worth checking again until the evening. Sad

spiderlight · 22/06/2017 10:10

Boo - I'm back to having Mr Mime in my house all the bloody time. Creepy fecker.

loc · 22/06/2017 11:22

inniu I think there are 233 available in the Euro Dex, you must be missing just one! Any idea which one?

loc · 22/06/2017 11:25

Sorry inniu I hadn't updated so missed all those other replies!

TrashPanda · 22/06/2017 11:30

@inniu A full Pokedex with all regionals is 238. A UK 'dex, with just Mr Mime is 233. There are 5 other regionals. You said you have the US ones, do you just mean Tauros, or Heracross and Corlsola too?

If just Tauros then your 'dex would be 234, if all 3 then 236.

inniu · 22/06/2017 13:24

I only have a tauros so my full dex would be 234 so just unown and Ampharos to get.

I am walking a mareep so after 220km I will get the Ampharos but the unown is just down to chance.

Thanks for all the help

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