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Can we have a competitive cat stupidity thread?

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Hassled · 28/11/2011 19:48

It has taken one of mine 4.5 years to work out the house has an upstairs. She used to sit at the bottom of the stairs looking upwards sometimes with a curious look on her face, but she lacked the brains to work out how to climb the stairs. She'd watch the other cat stroll past her and just seem bewildered.

Anyway - suddenly she's mastered the skill and it's like she has a whole new playground. She is one happy cat.

Are there stupider cats out there?

OP posts:
larakitten · 28/11/2011 19:51

My cat tried to jump onto a unit when we moved into our current home. Which would have been fine....had there not been an empty fishtank on it which she clearly failed to notice. A four foot long fish tank. Confused

But then again, this is the cat that gives you a paw like a dog would when she wants tickled, and at the age of 12 still cannot work a catflap out (even more Confused)

TheOriginalFAB · 28/11/2011 19:53

That is so cute Grin.

Can't help wondering why you didn't carry her upstairs when she wanted to go though! GrinGrin.

CMOTdibbler · 28/11/2011 19:56

One of ours used to walk into a room. and quite obviously forget what she had come in there for and just sit down and look lost. She was lovely, but very, very blonde

MrsChemist · 28/11/2011 20:01

We had a glass panel missing from our bathroom door. Our cat would jump up and into the bathroom. When we replaced the frosted glass, the cat still tried to jump up, not once, but three times.

colditz · 28/11/2011 20:04

My cat got stuck in a box of stuff for the third time today. Same box she always gets stuck in. I have to lift her out as she balefully "Waow"s at me.

Sparklingbrook · 28/11/2011 20:07

Mine likes to sleep in the very tall washing basket. She can get in ok but has to miaow to get someone to get her out.

She always runs in front of the car as I drive into the drive. Hmm

purplepidjin · 28/11/2011 20:07

Mine fell asleep on the back of the rocking chair the other day. Woke up as she slipped off the back of it, cue hysteria from DP and me! She has also been known to take a flying leap from the top of the fridge onto a stool, knocking it flying.

All followed by the insouciant "I did that on purpose" tail flick Grin

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission · 28/11/2011 20:09

there's a photo on my profile of my cat hanging off the back door handle, can't figure out if she thought she'd get through the gap or whether the door would open . . . it's a sliding door, hanging off the handle, which she does a lot these days will never open it.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission · 28/11/2011 20:10

she also regularly slides off the roof of the kids play house in the garden.

Bamaluz · 28/11/2011 20:14

We used to have a 6 inch gap behind the TV cabinet that the cat used jump down into sometimes. Now we have a flat screen TV, we moved the cabinet back so that is practically against the wall, gap of about an inch. Confused cat can't work out why he can't get behind there any more, he still tries to squeeze himself between the cupboard and the wall.

purpleknittingmum · 28/11/2011 20:16

Our cat once was climbing about on the top of the wardrobes one night while me and OH were in bed, he kind of slipped and just hung on to the door and looking around at us to rescue him!

TeaandHobnobs · 28/11/2011 20:19

Our cat likes to try and walk on water when DH is in the bath...

crazynanna · 28/11/2011 20:24

My kitten thinks a folded in half newspaper is a cross between a dog and a wolf....she pounces on it and runs under the settee when she makes it rustle...she's only 9 weeks Smile

candytuft63 · 28/11/2011 20:28

Cat cries at the front door to go out. Opens door, its raining. Cat turns around. Cat Cries at the back door...

miaowmix · 28/11/2011 20:32

My cat once jumped off a wardrobe and landed suavely with a plastic flower in his mouth.
Quite clever actually, he looked like he was dancing the tango. Sorry for stealth boast.

Pursang · 28/11/2011 20:45

One of ours is very 'special'. Walked across the Rayburn when it was lit. Regularly sits outside licking the kitchen window, which is hilarious enough by itself, but she also is cross eyed, so you can imagine what it looks like from indoors. Not so hilarious when you have to wash said catspit off said window. It's like cement.

Hassled · 28/11/2011 21:10

Oh I love all of these - especially "the insouciant "I did that on purpose" tail flick" :o. And that photo is brilliant, NinjaGoose - did you leave her hanging while you went to get a camera?

OP posts:
purpleknittingmum · 28/11/2011 21:43

Our Misty has a 'thing' about chewing and licking plastic, we had to more where we stored the crisps as he would nibble holes in them, and if I have things in those plastic wallet things he often nibbles a corner off!

StewieGriffinsMom · 28/11/2011 21:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecretNutellaFix · 28/11/2011 21:57

My girlcat has still not realised at the age of 8 years old that her tail is attached to her arse and it doesn't actually attack her. She can quite easily spend hours turning circles around an armchair trying to eat the damn thing.

piratecat · 28/11/2011 21:59

these are all brilliant. aren't cats complex.

cunning and yet so thick.

whomovedmychocolate · 28/11/2011 22:02

Our bengal is possibly the dimmest cat in the world. Without fail every day when we all get into the car as a family, he also gets into the car and looks for a seat. When evicted he acts all hurt.

If he can't get into the car he runs up the bonnet and settles down on the roof. So I have to pull away and then stop halfway down the driveway so he can dismount the car and skulk away. If you chase him away, as soon as you get back in he jumps back up.

He's an utter arse of a cat and really annoying.

whomovedmychocolate · 28/11/2011 22:06

Oh and he eats paper. He particularly enjoys instruction manuals for new gadgets we have not got to grips with. But he will only eat the centre of the paper for some reason, he claws it to make a hole and then eats the centre. Hmm

SummerRain · 28/11/2011 22:12

One of mine went mad hunting a zhu zhu hamster today. She obviously knew it was ridiculous as when I tried to show dp she feigned indifference but as soon as if walked out of the room she couldn't contain herself anymore and launched herself at it.

A cat that is sadly no longer with us used to try and dig his way through the glass doors Grin

DonkeyTeapot · 28/11/2011 22:14

My cat jumped in the bath, not realising it was full. Actually she realised halfway, and got stuck with her front legs in the bath and her back legs on the edge, and the only way for her to get out was to get all the way in first.

I was on the loo at the time, which is just as well because I'd have wet my pants laughing.

Lucky for her I don't like my baths too hot or too deep.

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