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Pet that is not an animal, bird or reptile?

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FionaFlies · 19/04/2023 18:30

DD is buying a flat and the over lease stipulates no animals, birds or reptiles can be kept as pets.

We've always had cats and she was hoping for one there, but obviously at this stage of the purchase it's not a deal breaker.

What pet can she have that falls outside of those boundaries? Fish I suppose? Smile

OP posts:
Patchworksack · 19/04/2023 18:32

Fish are animals. Did you mean mammals?

Vroomfondleswaistcoat · 19/04/2023 18:32

Tarantula? Spiders are arachnids...

IaltagDhubh · 19/04/2023 18:32

Pet rock?

Somebodiesmother · 19/04/2023 18:33


WhereAreYouuu · 19/04/2023 18:33

A pet ghost?

Leafytrees · 19/04/2023 18:34

Think a houseplant is as good as she'll get!

Patchworksack · 19/04/2023 18:35

It’s a very restrictive lease for a purchased property. Not that unusual in rental but what does the leaseholder care if she has a pet in her own house? What other restrictions are there?

Aerosarethebest · 19/04/2023 18:38

Pet mushroom log?
All pets are animals.

WetBandits · 19/04/2023 18:38

Sea monkeys Grin

bloodywhitecat · 19/04/2023 18:38

African land snail? Stick insects?

AngryGreasedSantaCatcus · 19/04/2023 18:39

Stick insects.Grin

Mythril · 19/04/2023 18:40

No animals is pretty all encompassing. Plants, algae or fungi it is!

MrsTerryPratchett · 19/04/2023 18:41

All animals are animals.


FionaFlies · 19/04/2023 18:44

Fur real friend or similar it is then Wink

It is quite a restrictive lease, but it's been in place for quite a long time, so I've suggested she check the lay of the land when she's in there. Clearly some pets wouldn't be suitable but something quiet and contained might be ok. Back to the fish again!

OP posts:
cariadlet · 19/04/2023 18:46

Spiders, snails and stick insects are all animals.

Whoever drew up the lease needs to have a couple of primary school science lessons. The words bird and reptile are superfluous because they're animals.

Whichwhatnow · 19/04/2023 18:48

Check with her new neighbours. We're technically not allowed any pets but I'm reality lots of people in our block do (we have guinea pigs but there's also several cats and a few dogs

Nimrode · 19/04/2023 18:48

Teacher's pet?

TroysMammy · 19/04/2023 18:49

bloodywhitecat · 19/04/2023 18:38

African land snail? Stick insects?

I had both of those at some point in my adult life. The snail lived for 8 years, the stick insects bred like you wouldn't believe.

DingsBum · 19/04/2023 18:50

A slime mould?

PinkerAndPinker · 19/04/2023 18:52

IaltagDhubh · 19/04/2023 18:32

Pet rock?


Lots of funny pet threads tonight. What's happening?

longtompot · 19/04/2023 18:57

My dd has giant African land snails. She first had some in her teens and has just recently got some more.

MillicentTrilbyHiggins · 19/04/2023 18:58

IaltagDhubh · 19/04/2023 18:32

Pet rock?

Called Dwayne obvs

C1N1C · 19/04/2023 18:58


PussBilledDuckyPlait · 19/04/2023 18:59

Tsetse fly

Imisscoffee2021 · 19/04/2023 19:01

I have an axolotl as leases never forbid amphibians! Had her 11 years now :)

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