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Cath Kidston : love it or hate it? Opinions please

82 replies

Chelseamum · 08/06/2007 22:10

I have had enough of it...
Not buying any more nostalgia crapola...

OP posts:
NKF · 08/06/2007 22:13

I asked the same question the other day. I really don't know. Is it nauseating or enchanting? Probably the first. Odd stuff. Not my kind of thing at all and yet it's odd appealing.

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:14

It's just posh Laura Ashley if you ask me! I like it on DD but find it rather twee on me.

NKF · 08/06/2007 22:15

Clothes too much. It's the homeware I'm attracted to.

Hideehi · 08/06/2007 22:16

Not at all

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:17

The homeware is just a bit 'granny for tea' for me.

It's like the White Company, Laura Ashley and Age Concern vomited into a design studio.

pirategirl · 08/06/2007 22:17

there was a shop here full to the rafters of it, which was quite nauseating.

maybe one or 2 bits ad hoc, are ok, if amongst some really eclectic things in the home.

but tbh, its not very original anymore. i do like those 50's style bread bins tho, in fact so much so that I got a cheapo version of one a few yrs back.

NKF · 08/06/2007 22:19

Hmm. My three favourite shops! Especially Age Concern.

Bubble99 · 08/06/2007 22:19

The soap costs nearly £5 a bar.

She must be laughing her arse off.

lucykate · 08/06/2007 22:20

if i buy any vintage textiles, which sometimes i do for work, i prefer to look for the real macoy in charity shops and jumble sales. you can get some really good stuff really cheap.

thrifting is the way to go

Sobernow · 08/06/2007 22:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bettybobo · 08/06/2007 22:20

Too much too much.
Been overdone now
Bit sick of seeing the orla kierly print too which is popular around this neck of the woods. It all goes downhill after a while

BishyBarneyBee · 08/06/2007 22:20

it's commmon (lots of peoplehave it not opposite of ponce)

BishyBarneyBee · 08/06/2007 22:21

it's commmon (meaning lots of people have it not the opposite of ponce)

LynetteScavo · 08/06/2007 22:22

I think a lot of the stuff is reasonably priced, but only own a makeup bag, which was a gift.

DH and I went into a Cath Kidson shop in London - just because we were passing (obviulsly I wan't shopping with my DH!) and he was not a tall impressed. Actually, he was quite rude!

tombley · 08/06/2007 22:22

The £100 dress looks like the overall my gran used to wear to clean her silver.

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:23

I mean FFS - Cath Kidson TENTS - how designer is it exactly to be sleeping on cowpats, regardless of how chintzy your groundsheet?!

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:23

Tombley ROFL!

LynetteScavo · 08/06/2007 22:23

A bit sick of Orla Kiely? but I'm still saving up for a bag!

(have a jumper though from TK Maxx)

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:27

Is Orla Kiely the whale in free willy? (I don't have a telly I'm probably being very dense and out of touch here).

bettybobo · 08/06/2007 22:29

hah hah no think its got lots of apples and pears in it? i seem to see the tablecloths at quite a few peoples houses.

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:30

I've got a fruitbowl like that!

Flame · 08/06/2007 22:30

how would I find out how big it is? (Been looking for a tea pot for ages and like that!)

lol @ your birkies Sobernow - part of me regrets DS's crocs for the same reason! (Got them for the ease etc - he can sit in all the puddles etc he feels like with them on without me having to worry about soggy socks).

Amazon recommends... bought the babywhisperer toddler book - they recommended GF!!! And they think they know me....

francagoestohollywood · 08/06/2007 22:30

some things are nice, some aren't
I like this -1-2&language=en-GB but agree with lucykate, vintage textiles all the way.

NKF · 08/06/2007 22:31

I like the idea of vintage textiles. Does anyone remember that slightly brushed cotton bedlinen that was very fine stripes. Peppermint and pink I think? That pillowcase reminided me of it.

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:38

Ooh yes John Lewis still sell it. Goes very well with wincyette nighties and bedsocks

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