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Cath Kidston : love it or hate it? Opinions please

82 replies

Chelseamum · 08/06/2007 22:10

I have had enough of it...
Not buying any more nostalgia crapola...

OP posts:
NKF · 08/06/2007 22:39

Whomoved - that's uncanny. How did you know what I was wearning?

whomovedmychocolate · 08/06/2007 22:40

Webcam and you'd think you'd have the decency to brush your hair before coming on here

NKF · 08/06/2007 22:43

I shall find my hot water bottle and take myself off.

Aloha · 08/06/2007 22:46

I bought dd a toy ironing board and iron today which was unspeakably cute.
And before the 'you want to cut little girl's clitorises off, you do' brigade arrive with politically correct, gender-neutral pitchforks, she asked for it. And she saw a toy hoover in the toy shop and said, 'Look mummy! Daddy's hoover!"

francagoestohollywood · 08/06/2007 22:52

a cath kidston toy ironing board?

Sobernow · 08/06/2007 22:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LynetteScavo · 08/06/2007 22:54

I thought, how sweet, a CK ironing board, I'll get one for DD. The I realised she would have no idea what to do with it

Aloha · 08/06/2007 23:01

Isn't it lovely? -99-2&cid=Toys&pcidl=Kids%2cToys&language=en-GB

It's this blooming eco/green thing that's done it. I used to bung everything into the tumble drier and it was fine, it really was. Never ever ironed a thing. Then I thought, oh gawd, the sun's shining, ought to put stuff on the line, global warming yada yada...and it comes off like corrugated cardboard. I'd look like a bag out comes the dusty iron and dd is entranced. What can I say?

francagoestohollywood · 08/06/2007 23:08

. It's out of stock! I actually find ironing incredibly soothing. A least it gives me a bit of free time

Lauriefairycake · 09/06/2007 10:36

I deliberately decided to go very Kidston and Laura Ashley a couple of years ago - got really sick of 'mouse' and 'bone' paints and minimalist cushions.

Now my kitchen and bedroom are really bright - have the oilcloth flowery tablecloth, units painted in blue paints, tea towels bright. Bedroom really bright curtains, headboards, blue chandelier.

Frankly it cheers me up when I go in one of these rooms.

DulwichDolly · 09/06/2007 11:09

Around here is truly CathKidston territory... I really like it for the dc but not for my home!

chevre · 09/06/2007 11:33

pmsl at cath kidston laughing her arse off.

can you imagine the design room. 'ah come on cath NO ONE is going to pay good money for a skirt make out of your grannies old hankies' cath 'cackles wildly and continues sewing'

Megglevache · 09/06/2007 11:34

Message withdrawn

pointydog · 09/06/2007 11:48

It is pretty but she is taking the mick with her prices. She knows her market well though.

bettybobo · 09/06/2007 12:22

lol Dulwichdolly i think, by your name, you live near me lolol
(hence the number of orla kierly tablecloths ive seen too.)
cath kidston has done very well, esp with a shop in covent garden and bizarrely may not have been as popular if the prices werent so high iyswim. so quite clever there.

SueW · 09/06/2007 12:28

Very nice in other people's homes

Flame · 09/06/2007 13:33

Someone tell me how big the teapots are pleeeaaaasssssssssse

glitterfairy · 09/06/2007 14:11

Great but in small doses I have a friend who has it everywhere and it is too chintzy. You need ot mix it with more modern stuff imo.

jenk1 · 09/06/2007 17:15

well i loooovvve her stuff (ok maybe not the tents) and have 2 oilcloths for the kitchen table, everyone who visits says where did you get that from i love it so there ner ner

fillyjonk · 09/06/2007 17:22

oh god its VILE VILE Stuff

like a macdonalised jumble sale

crunchie · 09/06/2007 17:46

Love it.

I have some small bits, pyjamas, tent (!) mobile phone, umbrella, oilcloth bag. Also some othe kitschy bits of similar prints. I also have Emma Bridgewater crckery everywhere

expatinscotland · 09/06/2007 17:47

Over-priced and naff.

I can't believe suckers would pay that much for her stuff!

Talk about being taken for a fool!

lucykate · 09/06/2007 17:47

i did used to covert the oilcloth, but it would cost over £50 for a piece for our table. found one very similar in dunelm for £17. its great, and i'm glad in the end i didn't pay for a cath k one as with the cheaper stuff, i don't mind when it gets felt tip on it when the kids are drawing.

jools oliver is a huge ck fan, their house is full of the stuff.

expatinscotland · 09/06/2007 17:48

It'd be cheaper to take a sewing class and then buy the fabric and make the stuff yourself.

Or even pay a seamstress to do it.

crunchie · 09/06/2007 17:48

I've just seen you all hate teh tent !!! Well i love it, it is last years one which ws £70 originally but reduced to about £20

I have a coupel of camping nights in friends gardens when it will be justthe thing and my two DD's are really excited about staying in grannys garden this summer hols

We LOVE camping

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