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Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?

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booksrock · 22/01/2016 08:25

My nails have finally grown to a lovely length and I spent ages yesterday giving myself a French manicure look, with white tips. I thought it looked ok considering I did it all myself. All natural, no plastic or artificial things added, just paint.

However I was reading today that its a dated and 'chavy' look - is this true? I was going for elegant and classic looking! What is classy on nails?

OP posts:
mrsmugoo · 22/01/2016 08:29

In all honesty I do think that look is dated now.

The modern nail trend tends to favour a pointier shape and neutral "greige" colours are very in at the moment. Or go for something vampy like a blackened red.

katiegg · 22/01/2016 08:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KoalaDownUnder · 22/01/2016 08:39

Aaah, sorry - but if I'm completely honest, I do think they look a bit tacky. Sad

Panadbois · 22/01/2016 08:41

If not too square and not too long, I think they look very smart.

slebmum1 · 22/01/2016 08:44

I like it but not on horrible square acrylics.

Ancienchateau · 22/01/2016 08:45

I think they are dated / fake looking and in line with acrylic nails. If the tips are not too white and the nail not too long, then they are ok. I think classy nails are natural or painted a dullish colour (black, grey etc) and quite short. Nail art and long acrylics are definitely out where I live.

5608Carrie · 22/01/2016 08:49

I think it is quite classic provided you don't also wear false tan and keep the white tips shorter and not square.

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
SouthWestmom · 22/01/2016 08:51

No I think it's just a classic look. Maybe if you are in a high fashion industry but for every day normal people I don't think it is dated. In fact I'm getting one this weekend.

ABetaDad1 · 22/01/2016 08:54

If I see women with a French manicure and especially square cut I always think 'footballers wives'.

Women in professional managerial jobs should be careful not to make their hands too noticeable. Most people unconsciously use their hands to express themselves while talking. I find it distracting if people have decorated or brightly coloured nails. Sorry but people form impressions based on appearances.

PurpleDaisies · 22/01/2016 08:56

I think it looks nice, but I really dislike most of the current nail trends I see round here at the moment (hate pointy talons, hate fake nails, hate having different designs on different nails, hate gel polish).

If you like it, don't worry about what anyone else says.

Fugghetaboutit · 22/01/2016 08:56

I prefer just a nude pink all over colour and rounded tips. Square tips with French manicure is quite 2001

mrsjskelton · 22/01/2016 09:00

It depends how they are done. I think false French is very tacky but on long, carefully manicured nails it will always be one of the classic looks. Have a look at some different nail shapes to modernise the look - the ballerina and almond shapes are very popular and to to date and the French looks beautiful on them. Don't forget the value of getting them done by a beauty therapist! We know the right balance of white/nude for your nails Smile

JustAnotherYellowBelly · 22/01/2016 09:01

Around here "the look" seems to be block colour with something different on the ring finger.
Everyone has it, from management down.

Nabootique · 22/01/2016 09:15

I agree with 5608Carrie. Those look really nice.

It's the long, squared off fake ones with French manicures that are tacky IMO, as PPs have said.

Bodicea · 22/01/2016 09:22

Short, round and tips not too white looks fine.
A nice nude pink colour is nice.
I think the classiest nails are short dark colours that are glossy but don't have any shimmer or sparkle in them - think rouge noir. High maintenance though, lasts about half a day on me!!!

NNalreadyinuse · 22/01/2016 09:29

I like a french manicure so long as the white bit is a natural shade of white and not a super bright 'glow in the dark' white. I also think it looks nicest on bails which are not too long.

I really hate the current trend of pointy long nails - they look like claws. Urgh!

WilLiAmHerschel · 22/01/2016 09:32

Am I the only one who had no idea there was such a complicated world of nail styles?!

burnishedsilver · 22/01/2016 09:35

Now that you mention it, yes they are pretty dated looking. They're not "cheap and common" looking, unless you're talking about long artificial nails.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 22/01/2016 09:37

I get mine done in a French sometimes, but it does feel a bit WAG especially as they grow. carrie's example is lovely though, just the perfect nail shape and white line.

currently I have a lovely dark sea green with a glitter accent ring finger! ...maybe I live near justanotheryellowbelly

Very NOT keen on the pointy extreme almondy shape that seems to be coming in, but I do like the darker colours, always feel like my hands belong to a stranger if I have a French or pastel colour.

CallieTorres · 22/01/2016 09:38

on your real nail, and done well, not too thick - not dated,

on a fake thick plastic looking nail -ew!!

madmomma · 22/01/2016 09:41

Dated, sorry. I'd just use the pale pink all over rather than adding the white

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/01/2016 09:44

I like an understated FM look but not the Essex FM look ( hmm, i think Essex FM might be a radio station Confused ) the obviously fake square bright white thick plastic shit looking nails where the nail bed is only 25% of the nail length.

I live in Essex. I love Essex but my God, it's the County Where Style Comes To Die .

My DD got some false nails for Christmas, they looked really nice on her (short French petite)
I have very small nails but they looked wrong on me.

A 'proper' FM with a short nail and fine white free edge looks clean and classic

VertigoNun · 22/01/2016 09:51

Yes they are dated. I don't see the problem with dated if you like the look go for it.

Pantone363 · 22/01/2016 09:51


Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
Pantone363 · 22/01/2016 09:52

Not nice

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
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