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Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?

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booksrock · 22/01/2016 08:25

My nails have finally grown to a lovely length and I spent ages yesterday giving myself a French manicure look, with white tips. I thought it looked ok considering I did it all myself. All natural, no plastic or artificial things added, just paint.

However I was reading today that its a dated and 'chavy' look - is this true? I was going for elegant and classic looking! What is classy on nails?

OP posts:
Only1scoop · 22/01/2016 09:54

As long as it's directly on the nail I still like a FM

Do just prefer a nude all over polish these days though.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/01/2016 10:07

Eurgh at the Not Nice Pantone

What the dickens is the chevron white bit all about?

Double 'not nice' points for people who sit and pick at their plastic nails Envy vom

Melonaire · 22/01/2016 10:13

Thank you for the pictures. My brain was struggling Blush

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely · 22/01/2016 10:15


Go for short and coloured if you want elegant.

Nabootique · 22/01/2016 10:17

Or you could combine a FM with those lovely duck nails...

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
Melonaire · 22/01/2016 10:56

The horror [Shock]

booksrock · 22/01/2016 12:10

so, slightly dated but as its on real nails not tacky as such.

I work in a traditional office so try and keep it toned down a bit.

Incidentally I asked my stylish French colleague what she thought and firstly she had never heard or seen a French manicure before and secondly she said it looked ok.

OP posts:
Savagebeauty · 22/01/2016 12:13

Oh the square nail look is horrible. I wonder how people wipe their arses.

Cleensheetsandbedding · 22/01/2016 12:15

I like them

polyhymnia · 22/01/2016 12:17

Agree with others, dated but OK if on 'real' nails not false talons and understated. Think a plain natural/ pale pink looks better, though, as well as being less trouble.

Alisvolatpropiis · 22/01/2016 12:17

I quite like them if on natural nails.

To be honest I don't think fake nails look good ever.

Absolutely hate the "different colour on the ring finger" look. It's hideous.

MitzyLeFrouf · 22/01/2016 12:42

Nabootique those talons are the stuff of nightmares! Sad

Nabootique · 22/01/2016 12:49

Just be glad I couldn't find "French manicure bubble nails" Mitzy Wink

KoalaDownUnder · 22/01/2016 13:25

The 'different colour on the ring finger' trend is just hideous.

Despite my earlier comment, I agree that the French manicures on the first page of the thread are nice.

It's the longer ones with thick, bright white tips (that look like Tippex) that are nasty.

MitzyLeFrouf · 22/01/2016 13:29

I'd never heard of bubble nails before Nab, but have just googled them. Yuck!

This looks like it should be in a medical encyclopedia!

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
MitzyLeFrouf · 22/01/2016 13:30

I don't mind the 'different colour on the ring finger' trend. It can often be quite subtle.

MrsNoraCharles · 22/01/2016 16:07

Just why?....

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
NeedsAMousekatool · 22/01/2016 16:09

Those bubble nails make me feel a bit queasy.

OP your nails will look better than the look mine are sporting - bitten to fuck, on eczema-y fingers.

CheersMedea · 22/01/2016 17:19

Pantone's photos explain it.

The long ones (a long white bit) are very dated.

A French manicure with a "short" white end of the nail (usually a natural nail) are very classic, elegant and not dated in any way. It's like saying a crisp white shirt is dated!

As long as end tip of the nail isn't over long it's a lovely clean look.

DancingDuck · 22/01/2016 17:45

A subtle French manicure is my favourite look. So long as the tips aren't really long, really square and gloss white. It is understated and elegant. Traditionally the nails on a French manicure are almond shaped too. Sounds lovely to me.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy · 22/01/2016 17:48

I like an almond shaped french manicure. It just looks clean, tidy and feminine.

With short nails my hands look very broad so this balances it out. I work in an industry where people are always looking at my hands so it's nice to keep them nice!

itsbetterthanabox · 22/01/2016 18:29

A good nail tech can do nice French acrylic or hard gel nails. It's just a lot of people want the super long cheap China white tips and clear acrylic.
A good french can elongate your nail bed using the cover colour and the white is sculpted on.
Nice ones I think are like this:

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
itsbetterthanabox · 22/01/2016 18:30

These I think are nice too but they won't be to all tastes!

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
prettywhiteguitar · 22/01/2016 18:45

Ooh they're creepy !!

NNalreadyinuse · 22/01/2016 18:45

That last shape gives me the shivers. Really horrible

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