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Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?

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booksrock · 22/01/2016 08:25

My nails have finally grown to a lovely length and I spent ages yesterday giving myself a French manicure look, with white tips. I thought it looked ok considering I did it all myself. All natural, no plastic or artificial things added, just paint.

However I was reading today that its a dated and 'chavy' look - is this true? I was going for elegant and classic looking! What is classy on nails?

OP posts:
itsbetterthanabox · 23/01/2016 16:28

Eminado gel polish/shellac doesn't ruin nails. They need to be dehydrated but your nail rehydrates pretty quickly in and if you use cuticle oil which is correct aftercare then they shouldn't be dry at all.
The UV/LED light doesn't cook them. It cures the gel only and has no impact on your nails.
Correct removal at a good salon again does not damage. The acetone slightly dries the nail but if you use cuticle oil this is no issue.

DieSchottin93 · 23/01/2016 17:37

I think a French manicure like the one in the picture 5608Carrie posted looks nice :) I think when it's on your natural nails and they're a good length (not too short, not too long) your nails look nice and healthy. I got a simple French manicure done for my graduation last year and I think it finished my look of nicely :)

Novinosincebambino · 23/01/2016 17:54

I don't do trends, I just go with whatever suits or is practical - ie not pointed claws. Agree that French can look a bit much if extreme but if they look natural-ish like in the picture posted by Pantone then that's alright.

XiCi · 23/01/2016 18:05

It's dated, but as others have said, if you like them I wouldn't let that bother you.

Alibabsandthe40Musketeers · 23/01/2016 18:33

itsbetter well that wasn't my experience. I used cuticle oil every day that I had the polish on, had them removed correctly and it wrecked my usually lovely nails.

itsbetterthanabox · 23/01/2016 19:08

Alibaba then it was either a poor quality gel or it was removed incorrectly.

MymbleClement · 23/01/2016 19:15

I like vintage half moon manicures in red (any shade). No worries there about being dated - of course it is Grin

slithytove · 23/01/2016 19:16

Gels destroyed my nails too

Now I just keep them short and dark, and I like their natural shape.

Very chipped at the moment though!

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
Alibabsandthe40Musketeers · 23/01/2016 19:29

itsbetter it was a professional Jessica manicure and removal using all the correct products. Of course people in the industry won't admit there is a problem because they want people to carry on paying such high prices for a manicure!

CrystalMcPistol · 23/01/2016 19:37

There was a long thread recently about gel nails. A significant number of people were of the 'it wrecked my nails. avoid' school of thought. they can't all be wrong!

CrystalMcPistol · 23/01/2016 19:38

Not that it wrecks everyone's nails but that not all nails are equal and lots of people do notice an adverse effect on their nails when it's removed.

Mrsleighdelamare · 23/01/2016 20:13

Oh god, went on a spa weekend, there was a lady I encountered in one of the saunas who had French manicure toenails, the nails were really long, way past the end of her toes. I was transfixed. DH had to drag me out. She also had a really 80s high leg bikini (not in a retro way, in a 'I've had this since 1987' way).

How did she wear shoes? Did she have to buy a size larger? How did she not scratch herself to shreds at night?

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes · 23/01/2016 21:04

I've read enough horror stories about gel to make me not want to have them more than once a year for holidays. Even removing it properly with acetone on cotton wool is a pretty harsh thing to do to your skin and nails.

umiaisha · 23/01/2016 22:23

I think french manicures are very dated. And hideous on toes.

I have my nails very short with gel polish in a dark colour normally but have a grey/purple shade at the moment. To me long nails look unhygienic and varnish doesn't last 5 minutes on them

CocktailQueen · 23/01/2016 23:23

I like french pedicures! Really nude colour, very natural. They look great. Fab for summer.

Not keen on dark nails, and hate gels - so thick and unnatural.

KoalaDownUnder · 24/01/2016 00:35

Totally agree about the gels, or any fake nails.

They look unnaturally thick and hard, like a carapace. shudder

Natural, short, rounded-off square at corners, pale/clear/dark for fingers. Maybe something brighter for toes, in summer. That's it for me.

CrystalMcPistol · 24/01/2016 00:41

To be fair Shellac gel nails look just look like any other nail varnish. Acrylic nails do however look horribly thick.

pullthecracker · 24/01/2016 08:00

I had gel nails done for a few months, my nails were fine. However I didn't have it removed, I let it grow out (pale colour) so I don't know if that made any difference.

ICanSeeForMiles · 24/01/2016 08:23

For a nice natural all over colour, I can't see past Nails Inc Porchester Square. It's bloody lovely.
However, I'm also partial to a bit of red, but the nails must be short, otherwise I feel like a hooker.

FrameyMcFrame · 24/01/2016 09:47

I hate any painted nails. I especially hate long nails which stop people from using their hands properly. What is the point of this obsession with nails? Is it just something else to worry about and spend mony/time on?
Just have clean short nails, much the best look.

trixymalixy · 24/01/2016 09:53

Gel nails wreck my nails too. I had to cut them all short after Christmas as they were so bad. It was removed properly too.

mrsjskelton · 24/01/2016 11:02

Shellac or gellish nails don't look any different to nail polish! It's just a LED/UV cured polish which takes a grand total of about 5 minutes to dry and is virtually indestructible for a tiny bit more cost than a traditional mani/pedi. It's absolutely ingenious!

AuntieStella · 24/01/2016 11:12

I do 'French manicure' the old fashioned way, but keeping my nails a nice shape, keeping them clean, and running a white nail pencil under the tips.

That is, I think, a classic look of clean, nude, well groomed nails (which can be any more or less shape/length you fancy).

If a French manicure is noticeable (exaggerated shape, extremely bright white) then it'll probably look awful even if fashionable to look like that for a while.

nebulae · 24/01/2016 13:08

I'm not a massive fan of french manicures but I do like an accent nail. I don't give a monkeys what's in and what's out. I just do what I like. I think I'll pimp my accent nail in a bit. Apologies to those who like subtle, sophisticated nails.

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
doctorboo · 25/01/2016 12:49

Hmmm, I'm not keen on a super bright white tip or when they're so long I'd worry about wiping myself.

Saying that my nails look ridiculous painted in any other colour than in the pics I've attached.
These are my nails, no colour on the tip and just a single coat of pale nude over the whole nail.

Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
Are french manicures 'cheap looking' and make me 'common'?
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