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whast the technical term for that thign fat women get

131 replies

ocd · 04/08/2006 16:48

when they wear shorts adn the shorts all go up the insisde fo their thighs?

OP posts:
Katymac · 04/08/2006 16:49

Thunder thighs

yorkshirelass79 · 04/08/2006 16:49

Message withdrawn

cupcakes · 04/08/2006 16:50

I thought this was going to ask about those extra rolls on the back under the bra straps.

sassy · 04/08/2006 16:54

Short slurpage?

(This is norty, Cod)

Tortington · 04/08/2006 17:41

chub rub

sunchowder · 04/08/2006 17:43

I'm fat and would not be caught DEAD in shorts.

ocd · 04/08/2006 17:44

i think they look fine btu only if the thigh bit fits

OP posts:
FioFio · 04/08/2006 17:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FioFio · 04/08/2006 17:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

jabberwocky · 04/08/2006 17:46


sunchowder · 04/08/2006 17:46

The thigh bit can fit, but as you walk if your thighs rub together they can kind of rub "up there" and creep into your vagina. I like when one side is down and the other is up.

sunchowder · 04/08/2006 17:47

Thanks Fio--but I am....but this has given me a much needed laugh anyway,thanks Coddy.

Enid · 04/08/2006 17:48

camel toe

sallystrawberry · 04/08/2006 17:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunchowder · 04/08/2006 17:50

winky fanjo

suejonez · 04/08/2006 18:04

I'm fat - what did you want to know? Not sure I understood the question.

ocd · 04/08/2006 19:15

lol ta winky fanjo

OP posts:
psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 19:17

i think you mean 'camels hoof' as that it was it looks like.

phrase I think coined in one ot the on line times article one of you lovely ladies here linked to recently.

hope I am right

ocd · 04/08/2006 19:18

no thats hwne you haev tight clohtes on
this is liek then the material is as someonesaid eatend up as it moveds up yer thigh

OP posts:
psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 19:20

ahh...misunderstood then ...sorry.

Gingerbear · 04/08/2006 19:21

ocd, it can happen to anyone with wobbly thighs, more so pear shaped. wasn't chuff chaffing mentioned last week?

NomDePlume · 04/08/2006 19:21

My Mum and I have always called it 'chewing' (looks horrid written down...)

psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 19:25

I have this occasionally, but I thought it was down to wearing cheap shorts to be honest!
I was of the impression that if I were to spend on a decent pricy pair then this would not happen.

does it still??? cos if so I will be lots happier as then I won't feel the need to buy pricy shorts and can stick to my belived primark ones

suejonez · 04/08/2006 20:59

are you fat too psychomum5? I thought I was the only one brave enough to post on this thread

expatinscotland · 04/08/2006 21:06

camel hoof can happen to anyone!

back hamsters are those bulges that can show up at the sides in an ill-fitting bra. a more durable over the shoulder boulder holder usually corrects the problem.

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