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whast the technical term for that thign fat women get

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ocd · 04/08/2006 16:48

when they wear shorts adn the shorts all go up the insisde fo their thighs?

OP posts:
milge · 04/08/2006 21:44

Maybe fat people shouldn't be let out doors in the summer in case Cod has to see them??? Get back indoors SJ and everyone else over a size 16(me included).

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:51

I don't think ocd was saying fat people weren't allowed to wear shorts out, though from her post I'm guessing that she isn't very keen on it. Does she have a thing about what fat people wear normally, I haven't seen anything else in the few months I've been on here and shamefully haven't worked out how to use the search function yet

I was wondering though milge, how fat do you have to be to be considered fat for this particular purpose? Am just wondering because sunchowder thinks she's fat but Fio doesn't think she is.

Is it anyone over the normal bmi for their height or anyone over a size 12, 14, 16, 18? Presume most people would would consider size 20 fat.

Obviously I'm fat, no getting away from that but is there a size at which you can wear what you like with impunity and a size at which you should be expected to wear something more "suitable"?

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 21:53

Psychomum - I never ever tan and wouldnt ever use fake tan (I think it looks cheap sorry!) I have pale skin and I love it.

milge · 04/08/2006 21:57

I would think that for the purposes of this thread "fat" means size 14+. I think that in general, I would view someone as "overweight" at size 16-18 depending on build, and "fat" as size 20+. I interpreted this thread to mean that size 16+ people offend sensibilities by wearing shorts. I do sense quite a strong "anti fat" bias in cod's threads, especially in Style. As a fat person too(size 20), I do agree that you see some shocking sights in the summer,far too much wobbly flesh on display from fat and thin alike, but each to their own!

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 21:59

I think some skinny women dress more shockingly than fat women in the summer. Who wants to see ribs and hips poking out!

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:00

Tamba don't tan either - have even tried that gentle self tan which builds up slowly with every layer you add - and I was as white afer 3 days as the day I started I must have some kind of anti-tan gene.

I was in africa 4 years and came back with gentle sun-kissed look when everyone else looked baked.

Will look beautiful with no wrinkles when I'm 80 though just like my grandma (fat and white but beautiful)

psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 22:03

tamba....nope I don't use fake tan either. not so much cos of the cheap aspect (altho i do happen to agree, but then where I live it is the 'cheaper looking' women who fake tan the most)(please no-one yell at me......feel snobby enough just writing that,yet I not meaning it like that...honest).

my fear of fake tan stems from seeing one of my friends at school trying it out (admittedly when fake tan was first out, so probably there are better ones nowadays), and her going very orange and streaky....she hid for days!!!!

and fear is that she is getting a little like this from ballet in part.....she is at a good dance school with all size and shape girls, but ballet is very focused on the body, as is modelling (which she is also now doing), and so of course it is a worry. a\dd to that my own body issues (which I try to hide, but not always successfully), and I think she is getting very mixed messages resulting in this!.

ooh....tis hard being mum without having o reassure she is beautiful and lovely and getting her to believe that instead of the "well, you would say that anyhow cos you are my mum" comment!!!

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:04

aha, that would explain it Milge - "style" - having none myself I dont generally bother reading them there threads. Only looked at this one because it said "fat" and thought "now this I knowsomething about - will add my pearls of wisdom".

Saw a woman today so skinny her ribs showed, she looked so sad.

milge · 04/08/2006 22:06

I think its entirely possible to have Style and be fat too - don't put yourself down SJ. You can be fat and sexy too !!

flutterbee · 04/08/2006 22:07

Cod knows nothing about style she wears city shorts and probably has chicken legs. YUCK.

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:07

Bigger women tend to have fab boobs. One of the reasons I didnt want to lose weight was cause i might lose them. And i was right. Lost weight and they have gone saggy grrrr

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:10
suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:13

tricky isn't it psychomum5, so hard when the "ideal" size is an underweight malnourished model. Sadly its other women/girls that are the bigger part of the problem. I think that many modern women have major issues with their weight, even those who have no weight problem are so terrified of being overweight that it has become acceptable to be rude about women who are, just so you can distance yourself from it. Reassures them that they're not like "the fat ones".

A weight problem in the area of London I live (and I guess in many other areas too) in seems to be synonymous with cheap and low class so of course anyone who's anyone must be thin. It amazes me that anyone worries about how much someone else weighs apart from their nearest and dearest of course. Of course its bad for my health to be so fat but it isn't bad for anyone elses health - its not like smoking (unless you flick you food at people or pin them down and force feed them!).

I do worry about what we're teaching our daughters, that they are only worth something if they're thin. You just have to do the best you can I suppose.

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:14

"You can be fat and sexy too !!" Yes I know (and I am but it's got sod all to do with what I wear!

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:15

Your boobs looked fine to me WWB - not that i looked iykwim

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:18

OK confession time - I once had an affair (I know, I know bad, older and wiser now blah blahblah) with an extremely sexy much older man in work. kept it quiet for years and let slip one day with a close friend I used to work with who also knew him. She was slim, blonde highlighted, Harvy NIcks top to toe - her comment with shock written all over her face...

"but he's NEVER even made a pass at me" she couldn;t beleive anyone could prefer me to her (mad cow, she's lovely really but deluded )

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:19

Tamba you must have at least peeked to know that!

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:20

I didnt peek

But, if they had looked odd then id surely have noticed

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:21

Sexy is what's in your head, not the clothes you wear. Size doesn't have any bearing at all on being (or feeling) sexy.

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:21

Believe me, you don't need to do much more than peek; they're probably one of my more obvious assets!

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:22

Tamba - don;t beleive you "liar liar, pants on fire!" WWB where were you that Tamba was oggling your very obviously fine bust?

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:25

She (my friend) never understood that her need for men to tell her she looks fab (she does) and keep her make-up topped up at all time is not very relaxing. He much preferred my sluttish, low maintenance ways and I made him giggle. He was so sexy and drove an Aston martin convertible. Sadly crap in bed though. cant have it all I guess.

flutterbee · 04/08/2006 22:25

I'm fat (very) and I am very very sexy and intelligent and witty, I am also starting a diet on Monday and pray to God that I don't turn into a sour faced skinny cow who has nothing better to do than look at fat ladies thighs and bottoms.

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:26

I soooooooo wasnt oggling!!

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:27

We spent a few hours wandering around Birmingham a few months ago ... it was probably while we were sitting in Starbucks that she had the biggest chance to ogle my rather magnificent framework.

Remind me to show you my calender picture sometime, sue ... my splendid bust in all it's glory

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