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whast the technical term for that thign fat women get

131 replies

ocd · 04/08/2006 16:48

when they wear shorts adn the shorts all go up the insisde fo their thighs?

OP posts:
suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:14

I thought OCD was looking for something that only fat women get, and she doesn't seem to mean camel hoof as someone else suggested that. Can't say I quite understand what she means or I'd make a helpful suggestion.

Sadly rolls of fat under the back of your bra (never heard them called back hamsters but will take your word for it!) are difficult to avoid if you are fat, even the best fitting, most supportive bra will do it to some degree. You just have to learn to ignore what anyone else might think otherwise life becomes a misery of selfconsciousness particularly in the summer.

Will go and try my shorts on to see what going on that might interest OCD... be back later...

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 21:16

Why are you so interested in fat women's bits and pieces, cod?

expatinscotland · 04/08/2006 21:16

i haven't worn shorts outside the home since i moved here. in fact, i no longer own shorts. i do have some climbing and yoga trous i wear at home.

and sweatpants.

psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 21:20

I not fat (well....don't like that word. curvy much nicer) anymore....have lost loads of weight recently and now am a sz 8 - 10. so tis not something confined to curvy girls, which should make everyone feel better.

in fact, the shorts which are my worst fro rising in the middle are my sz12 cherokee ones, so maybe it is ones that are too loose????

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:20

why don't you wear shorts outside the home Expat?

You obviously are happy to wear them or you wouldn't wear them at home? Why not outside?

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:22

is that what ocd means then? Your shorts riding up in the middle? Isn't that just a function of walking?

ocd · 04/08/2006 21:23

oh no

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 04/08/2006 21:24

My pants used to disappear up my bum all the time. It's when they're too loose. Is that what you mean? I don't understand this thread

ocd · 04/08/2006 21:24

ok if you haev fat thigns
when you walk along hten material kind of rubs up the inside fo your htighs so t hat the shorts hem is not straight

OP posts:
TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 21:24

I have shorts but they are too tight arount the leg bit so squish a bit and it sooo doesnt look good, so i never wear them.

psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 21:25

so what F&Z is saying too is that it is down to looseness!!!

is it that then...or a function of walking????

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 21:26

I've been wearing shorts to pick dd up from school - the effect of a couple of dozen skinny minnies sucking their teeth that I've got the bottle to do it is quite amusing.

It's been bloody hot - I don't want to have to cover everything up just because some people think it's unsavoury for fat people to wear shorts and sleeveless tops. Sod the camel's hooves, sod the hungry bum, I'm not going to cover up every inch of flesh just because some people think I should.

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:26

curvy may be nicer, psychomum5 (well done on losing the weight btw) but the title refered to me as being fat so I stuck to that rather than come over all coy and descibe myself as being curvy.

FrannyandZooey · 04/08/2006 21:27

I don't think cod or anyone was saying that you shouldn't, WWB.

expatinscotland · 04/08/2006 21:27

b/c it's often too cold for them here, sue. and i cant wear them to work. and i don't get out much b/c after work i have a 3 year old and a 7 month old and dh works evenings and weekends.

so i don't bother about them.

only been two summers outside the past 5 it's been warm enough for 'em.

and i LIKE it like that. i love cold, rain and wind.

ocd · 04/08/2006 21:28

no i wasnt sayign that at all
ooh er missus

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 04/08/2006 21:29

it is the sausage effect?

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 21:29

No, I wasn't saying that you were, cod. Just making a stand for camel hooves and hungry bums everywhere!

Bozza · 04/08/2006 21:30

really expat? I am out lots at the weekends with my children and have been wearing my shorts lots, obviously more than usual this summer.

psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 21:31

curvy lots nicer....think all women should be described as such and then the issues wouldn't be as bad surely???

sorry, but the word 'fat' is a bit of a bugbear in my house tonight as my very tiny 12yr old reckons she is. she is so very much not....still fits into age 9-10clothes and is diddy.....the smallest pretty much in her year at the mo, so definately not fat.

tis very sad that preteens start feeling like this, and I feel guilty as I wonder if it is me losing weight that has triggered it.

hey ho....go off topic here, sorry.

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:32

is there a techncal term for that then?! Learn something new everyday.

Why do you want to know? Are you going to shout it at the next fat woman wearing shorts you see, lol! Aren't you something legal-y, wouldn't that be frowned on in police circles - abusing innocent people walking down the street.

expatinscotland · 04/08/2006 21:33

i'm from a place where it's really hot and humid. this doesn't seem so terribly hot here.

psychomum5 · 04/08/2006 21:37

hey...if there should be anything against women wearing shorts it should be those who don't tan and go out with white legs.....

and don't jump....I am the most untannable woman in the world. am very fair skinned with freckles (have my fathers red-headedness without the red hair). in fact....once tried to tan by going in tanning booths and after about 6wks of sessions was starting to be asked if I was anaemic as I was so very pale....put an end to that I can tell you.

I still do wear shorts, but feel most self conscious as I feel too pale, and get comments on being "old whity from blighty" from my not so wonderful FIL!!!

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:38

psychomum5 - to be serious for a moment - I can understand your concerns. I was convinced I was fat from about 11 when I wasn't at all, but resulted in losing a lot of confidence excruciating shyness and lack of self esteem, and guess what - putting on weight because I wouldn't exercise in front of anyone and didn't want to go out.

Only advice I can give is get her into sport and explain all about needing food to fuel your bodyand keep her away from people who poke fun at fat people - you sound very sensible try not to make it a big issue and try not to make being fat sound like the worst thing that could possibly happen to anyone. Because it isn't really. She will probably be fine.

suejonez · 04/08/2006 21:40

Oh god, I lose on both counts fat and fair skinned - its a wonder they let me out in public

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