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whast the technical term for that thign fat women get

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ocd · 04/08/2006 16:48

when they wear shorts adn the shorts all go up the insisde fo their thighs?

OP posts:
suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:29

we compare assets if only you'd come on 18th...

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:30

Ooooooh Ive seen the calender.

See i wasnt oggling - it was a memory

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:31

flutterbee - have you joined our BigMoFO's thread? You'd like it, we're nice people and mostly very fat trying to get thin (not because of strnage people looking at our shorts) becuase we want tolive a long time and nag our children and be a burden to them in our old age.

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:31

And you've never touched a cup of tea since you saw the photo, Tamba ...

flutterbee · 04/08/2006 22:33

I have beem looking at it every now and again, but feel a little embarressed because I am a very large size and am a little unsure of declaring it on a public forum.

CountessDracula · 04/08/2006 22:34

well I am size 16 and I would never wear shorts they look appalling on me. So I guess NO COMMENT to fishface's q

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:34

Flutterbee, they don't come much larger than me and suejonez - and no-one on the thread will judge you for your size because we all have the same kind of feelings and issues around our weight. Come and have a chat with us - it's a really nice thread.

MrsJohnCusack · 04/08/2006 22:35

you don't need to declare it at all flutterbee
you can just be on there for support and chat, and if you do try to lose weight, you can just post the losses each week. Or not. It's very free and easy!

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:35

Plus - you don't have to divulge your size to anyone if you don't want to. We're nice, really we are!

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:38

c'mon Flutterbee - come and play

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:38

I dont drink tea anyway

Loved the hat though.....

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:39

CD size 16 who'd a guessed it. Had you down as one of those petite hair-flingers who frequent Waitrose in Sheen. But you sound quite... well... NORMAL!

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:40

I'm surprised you even noticed the hat, Tamba - given everything else that was on display

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:41

LOL @ hair flingers!!!

What do you have me down as then?

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:42

c'mon flutterbee, you know you want to! We email WWB each week with our weight loss (you don't have to tell her your starting weight if you don;t want to) and we provide support for each other and have had some pretty good weight losses and some pretty good chats along the way. If you're unsure just come and have a chat and don't worry about the weighing for a few weeks. And come and join us in Oxford if you can.

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:43

Tamba, hmmm, you have short spiky hair, a tatoo on your back and a tough look about you but very soft eyes giving away the inner marsh-mallow.

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:50

The soft eyes and the marshmallow bit is right - hey, Tamba?

suejonez · 04/08/2006 22:52

not even close on the rest then

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 22:54

She has long dark hair. Thinking about it though I do seem to remember she said something about a tattoo on her back ... I wasn't looking there though!

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 22:59


I have long dark hair, do have a tattoo on my back (little miss fucking sunshine of all things grrr - was drunk) the rest is about right too lol

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 23:00

Ah yes ... Little Miss Sunshine.

How could I have forgotten that?

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 23:01

I am sunny

suejonez · 04/08/2006 23:07

But Madame Zara predicts you will cut your hair short and spikey, short and spikey, repeat after me... short and spikey...Madame Zara is NEVER WRONG.

WigWamBam · 04/08/2006 23:08

Actually ...

Tamba, you'd suit short and spikey.

TambaIsBadBadBad · 04/08/2006 23:09

Hmmm am not sure....

have a look at my msn pic and see whether it would suit me

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