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Mumsnet users share their experience of time outdoors during lockdown with Samaritans

228 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 14/05/2020 16:04

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Lockdown has meant that we’ve been spending most of our time in our homes, with precious time outdoors for exercise being treasured more than ever. This July, Samaritans are launching their second Samarathon, where you can run, jog or walk 26.2 miles in your own time and pace to help Samaritans save lives.

Now that many restrictions on exercising outdoors have been eased, they’d like to hear your experience of making the most of your time outdoors so far, and what you think that looks like in the weeks to come.

Plus, if you’d like to take part in Samarathon - alone, with a friend or with your family - click here for more information.

Ruth Sutherland, a mum of two, Samaritans listening volunteer and Samaritans CEO, says; “Now more than ever we know getting active works wonders for the whole family’s mental health. Our fitness-fundraising initiative, Samarathon, is focused on feeling good, and doing good! Why not sign up with friends, family or work mates and support each other’s progress wherever you all are?”

Perhaps you’ve been stretching out your daily exercise for as long as possible or ensuring you visit beautiful spaces that help you relax? Perhaps the routine of going for a walk before or after a day working from home helps separate work and home life? Are you looking forward to spending more time in the outdoors with your family now that the rules have been relaxed?

Whatever your experience of making use of time outdoors during lockdown and how that has made you feel, share on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share their experience of time outdoors during lockdown with Samaritans
OP posts:
queenoftheschoolrun · 10/07/2020 13:59

We've been out for a walk every day since lockdown. It's been lovely to see the changes of season, from bluebells to foxgloves and soon to be blackberries. So very lucky to have countryside walks on our doorstep.

Sweetcheeks21 · 10/07/2020 14:28

Same as many others, we have enjoyed family walks. Usually that would be unheard of (although we would take trips out to parks usually) but during lockdown we have done loads of family walks locally (some more successful than others!) On the days we haven't walked as a family i have gone with just my 11 year old which has been amazing as we have learnt so much about each other and have really enjoyed each others company (mostly ;))

lockdownsunflowers · 10/07/2020 14:34

We planted a flowerbed with random seeds and also some sunflowers

welshmardymum · 10/07/2020 16:07

We've been walking more, we walk a lot anyway but mostly make a day of it over lockdown we have fitted it in between work but all of us have gone and its been lovely I've also just been sitting outside when it all gets too much.

jitterbugintomybrain · 10/07/2020 17:00

We have spent lots of time outdoors, walking, cycling and running. It's the only bit of lockdown that I enjoy.

caravandreamer · 11/07/2020 02:49

Me and the 5 kids have been playing out in the garden for our exercise and walking around our local church yard (no graves) but I can't wait to really let them loose on the fields on their bikes and scooters to tire them out ! Lockdown has made them less tired as they are not doing anything strenuous, also being out walking means we can say hello to people, it's nice when someone you don't know says hello, it makes you feel noticed and happy.Grin

burwellmum · 11/07/2020 12:09

I managed to get my teenager to go a walk with me whenever he should have had games. Now that things have eased up we are going walks in local National Trust properties which he tolerates.

buckley1983 · 14/07/2020 23:39

Samarathon - what a fabulous idea for a wonderful cause :)
Daily walks have really kept us all in a routine over the last few months - some walks just a wander round the neighbourhood, others more of a trek into the unknown in the surrounding countryside. We have discovered an embarrassingly large number of walks which are not all far from our door that we have never even known about before!! We've lived here 8 years!!
As lockdown eases, we're enjoying making plans to see friends for outdoor walks, picnics, etc - this is a habit we really want to take forwards - it's benefitting us all not only physically, but mentally. Just getting out the house, away from screens, from schoolwork, from chores.. & just enjoying time outside together. Conversation has flowed, numerous daft games & quizzes have been played - it's been really special & a real positive to come from lockdown for us.

NobbyButtons · 15/07/2020 13:45

I've spent a lot of time gardening and now the work is paying off with the homegrown vegetables.

I have enjoyed walking my dog as usual, seeing the trees get their leaves and the crops ripen, although the children don't share in my enthusiasm and weren't exactly devastated when the National Trust places all closed down.

I've recently been able to restart open water swimming which is great.

ailsasheldon · 15/07/2020 14:43

We started off spending lots of time outside as a family and my daughter and I even ran a virtual marathon. But it’s got harder. I go running most days but haven’t got the energy to encourage the kids to join me,

teacake89 · 19/07/2020 12:04

We live in a pretty village with lots of countryside so we have been taking plenty of walks. (Although it can get boring seeing the same thing every day!)

NerrSnerr · 20/07/2020 21:52

We have been painting the garden fence with the children. It takes longer but they enjoy it. We have also been out for walks, scooter or on bikes most days as well.

DinosApple · 22/07/2020 13:06

We've been walking round our village a lot. It takes some persuading to get my DC out, but actually spotting wildlife has been great help, and a boost for our mental health. We tend to head out early evening and see bats and owls which is very exciting for all of us.

StickChildNumberTwo · 23/07/2020 21:30

We've walked all the footpaths in our area many many times. Playing Pokemon Go is my bribe to get the kids out.... I'm enjoying being able to go further afield now - I was getting bored of the local area. And I'm trying to meet my steps target each day to make sure I don't become completely sedentary, which means more walking round the area.

mummyuk86 · 25/07/2020 16:53

Time outside during lockdown was very precious. I use to take my boys out for a walk round our local area. It was lovely to get some fresh air and see some different scenery other than our 4 walls.
Now we're able to go outdoors more were loving going out for more family walks and having a picnic at the park.

cathwarbur · 30/07/2020 23:11

Spent a lot of time gardening, it gives joy, achievement & relaxation at the end. Seems to help my back too!

waitingforadulthood · 31/07/2020 10:09

Outdoor family time has been invaluable to us. The single thing that unites us all in serving to cheer us up, make us feel better and forget about lockdown. We have been lucky to paddle in the local river, climb the mountains behind the house, walk to local waterfalls and reservoirs, explore the forests. We went to a set of ponds weekly for the whole period and watched the frog spawn, turn to tadpoles, to beets and frogs. We went bird watching and taught the children (and ourselves!) to identify trees by their leaves, birds by their song etc. I've learned just how lucky we are to live in the countryside, having so much nature on my doorstep.

Now that lockdown has eased and we can travel, we have visited beaches and explored coastal paths, something we wouldn't have done before. A visit to the beach pre covid would have been very different , we have really learned to connect with nature and the value of exploration!

CigarettesAndNoAlcohol · 31/07/2020 16:56

it's been nice to actually be able to relax and enjoy some of the area.

we've always been GOGOGOGGOGOGOOOOO since moving to the area, we hadn't even been to the local park yet, and we've been here months! nothing to do with weather really. it's just always a constant barrage of work, feed people, get ready for the next day, commute, drop offs... so much stress!

vickyors · 02/08/2020 08:51

Going outdoors was so important during lockdown. We would go out every morning at about 10, for an hour, and we would scoot, walk or cycle as far as we could. I would make the kids go as far as possible, to give them a change of scene. Then in the afternoon, regardless of the weather, we would be in the garden doing something. I was SO happy we had a garden. It must have been so hard for people in flats. We used to live in one.. so it's lovely to have a bit of outdoor space.

flowerpower32 · 02/08/2020 08:55

I walk and listen to podcasts. Also love walking with friends. Really easy to chat and less intense than going for coffee

ILiveInSalemsLot · 02/08/2020 09:05

We’ve getting out pretty much daily. I know it helps me mentally to get out in nature for a bit every day.
We’ve gone for walks, bike rides and picnics where we’ve spent some time playing with dcs. They’ve loved it when we’ve played a chasing game or dodgeball.
We’ve spent time relaxing in the garden too. Some of our favourite times have been sitting outside in the dark just stargazing and talking.

sheilads105 · 03/08/2020 16:42

We have been fortunate as we have a garden & I have begun growing tomatoes for the first time. We also live near the beach so I have met friends - socially distanced - for coffee with us each taking our own flask. I am happy to stay at home with the occasional jog around the neighbourhood. I feel safe outside and away from close contact.


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pennyw85 · 05/08/2020 11:20

We have loved exploring our local area during lockdown. On weekdays we just do a little 45 minute walk but at the weekends we go much further and do a big explore. We love it!

Lemming20 · 06/08/2020 08:53

We are near water and try to get to it daily - we stand and watch the movement of the water and try to focus on how simple and beautiful it is. Mindfulness has really helped me deal with lockdown.

RidingOn · 07/08/2020 07:50

My grandchildren swimming in rivers, walking in woods and climbing trees and making fires on the beach. There's rarely anyone else around, and they love exploring new places, climbing trees, making dens, etc (although we haven't actually made any dens, we have found ones that others have made). We are SO lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. I don't know how we would have managed if we had been cooped up inside in a flat all day every day.

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