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What gives you an energy boost? Share with Nairn’s Oatcakes

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EllieMumsnet · 10/05/2019 11:08

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Everyone needs a little boost now and then. We all have those frantically busy days - whether at work, at home taking care of the kids or just rushing around trying to keep all those proverbial plates spinning – and it’s easy to forget how to keep yourself well nourished and energised. Not only can making better nutritional choices help keep you energised, but also little emotional boosts such as listening to your favourite song can also have a huge effect on how we handle life’s demands and whatever the day throws at us! With that in mind Nairn’s would really like to know what gives you an energy boost?

Here’s what Nairn’s have to say: “Nairn’s are all about ‘grabbing life by the oats’ and over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some exclusive, energising tips - we’d like to think it’s a pretty good fit considering just how naturally energising oats can be for you. You’ll find interviews with our inspiring and energetic ambassadors, expert advice from our resident nutritional therapist and loads more over on our website.

So, if you’ve got a go-to snack or energising habit that you swear by to keep you up and running, why not share it with the community? You could be lucky enough to win a hamper of incredible goodies from Nairn’s and friends, worth £150!”

What part of the day are you most likely to feel the need for an energy boost? What are the danger signs that your child’s energy is flagging? What foods or snacks do you give them to stop them getting ‘hangry’?! Do you get an energy boost from having a bit of family time? Maybe you get a boost from listening to your favourite playlist on your way to work? Would you say that exercise is what helps give you a boost? And if so what snacks do you eat to make sure you keep your energy going after exercise? What are your favourite breakfasts and lunches that help keep you going for the day? And what foods do you avoid that make you ‘crash’? How do you incorporate oats into your diet?

Whatever gives you an energy boost, share them on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a Nairn’s hamper worth £150 and one MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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What gives you an energy boost? Share with Nairn’s Oatcakes
OP posts:
NewModelArmyMayhem18 · 10/05/2019 12:01

Oatcakes, cheese and a glass of milk or a banana smoothie. Oh and 30 mins in the sunshine and fast walk around a park.

BristolMum96 · 10/05/2019 12:21

I always need a snack around 10-11AM. I usually have some time of breakfast bar with oats (and chocolate!)

MrsFrTedCrilly · 10/05/2019 13:40

Funnily enough a morning run, sets me up for the day.
Music is really important too I find a good old blast of something upbeat can lift me right back up again, we occasionally have a kitchen disco with the kids to wake us up!

queenoftheschoolrun · 10/05/2019 13:55

Oats for breakfast keep me going until lunchtime. When I'm flagging in the afternoon I find it's good to go for a quick walk rather than reach for the chocolate bars!!

Charles11 · 10/05/2019 14:04

A walk Somewhere green and and fruit + veg smoothie gives me a boost.
I usually start flagging around 3 and have a smoothie or green tea and a snack. Oatcake, pickle and cheese is a genuine favourite.

YesQueen · 10/05/2019 16:55

After lunch for me! So late afternoon I like oatcakes with crunchy peanut butter and banana or Philadelphia on

I like oats in my protein shakes too, makes them really creamy and I try to eat a good mix of carbs and protein

IWouldBeSuperb · 10/05/2019 17:00

Definitely oats for breakfast - especially with a chopped banana

It's one of the few things that keeps me going until lunch.

Then it's just a matter of trying to resist chocolate during the afternoon slump...

Cheerybigbottom · 10/05/2019 17:05

My son really enjoys Nairn's berry Astro Bites in his packed lunch. I prefer the cheese ones Grin

Ren1974 · 10/05/2019 17:11

If I am being good, then a handful or two of sultanas give me a boost but I much prefer a lovely choccy biscuit to keep me going!!

JanuarySun · 10/05/2019 17:11

fresh air

Ribeebie · 10/05/2019 17:20

For me I struggle around 3pm and feel I start to flag. It's hard to stop reaching for chocolate. A quick snack like Nairn's can fill me up and get me back on track.

Withington · 10/05/2019 17:25

A quick ten minute break for oat cakes, thin layer of butter and honey, a lovely cup of tea at just the right temperature for drinking, and a quick flick through a home magazine.

anitagreen · 10/05/2019 17:36

Weirdly enough I always feel very energised when I drink an actimal drink and start doing housework.

TrySinging · 10/05/2019 17:53

Little naps. Even tiny ones. I can fall asleep instantly so if I only have 10 mins until I need to pick the kids up, I set an alarm on my phone and have a snooze.

NerrSnerr · 10/05/2019 18:05

Doing a yoga class makes me feel energised for the rest of the day. I have recently got back into it and had forgot how good it makes me feel!

fishnships · 10/05/2019 18:41

Nairn oatcakes with goats cheese drizzled with olive oil and maybe an avocado. I consider this a yummy, healthy snack that gives me a boost, but without the crash that you get with chocolate.

UpOnDown · 10/05/2019 18:47

Mid afternoon, avocado in various forms

UpOnDown · 10/05/2019 18:48

Mid afternoon, avocado in various forms

scarfattack · 10/05/2019 18:54

I do actually really like the fine milled oatcakes nairn do. They are incredibly dry which is part of the appeal because the cup of tea I have with them is the most delicious combination. I have them for my break at work. I'd say they give a good boost to me - they take a while to eat and when I have them for my break at work I feel nicely satisfied but not full. However, what gives me an energy boost....I'm not really sure. Sometimes I am just drained and have no idea why and no amount of biscuits are going to help me. I think really a good nights sleep, a decent amount of exercise and no junk food is what makes me feel good. Hardly a revelation there though!

LuckyKitty13 · 10/05/2019 18:57

I am breastfeeding and always eat oats every day to help build my supply. I love the super seeded oatcakes that you sell! I have them every day with lunch. This along with a banana and handful of almonds are my favourite snacks

JaneyJimplin · 10/05/2019 19:00

A walk in the fresh air always perks me up. I do like nairns oatcakes as a mid afternoon snack too - usually topped with a dollop of hummus and some grated carrot.

Theimpossiblegirl · 10/05/2019 19:04

I rely on bananas and coffee to get me through the mornings.

I forget about Oatcakes and only really remember to buy them around Christmas or when doing a cheeseboard, but they are a good snack(adds them to shopping list…).

chocodrops · 10/05/2019 19:06

I love food! At the moment I'm breastfeeding and I love oatcakes with cottage cheese and cucumber or on their own if I don't have two hands! 😋

...and chocolate 🙈

WeeMadArthur · 10/05/2019 19:21

I love Nairn’s organic super seeded oatcakes with either a nice blue cheese or a really strong cheddar, or even a couple on their own. They really fill a gap and give me a boost.

m0jit0 · 10/05/2019 19:21

Big bowl of porridge in the morning and plenty fresh air

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