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Mumsnet users share their best potty training tip or trick with Huggies Pull Ups

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EllieMumsnet · 09/08/2018 09:37

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Potty training can feel like a daunting task that consists of tantrums, tears and mess. With so many different products and advice out there it can be difficult to know where to start. Potty training is a great milestone to be celebrated as your child takes a big step towards become a big girl or boy. The potty training experts at Huggies® Pull-Ups® would love to know your best tips and tricks for an easy transition to the toilet.

Here’s what HUGGIES® have to say: “Trusted by millions of parents and carers around the world, HUGGIES® Pull Ups® Potty Training underwear supplies all the features you need to train in a safe and consistent way. Take a look at our steps to potty training success here

“Perhaps the biggest achievement in potty success is recognising the need to go. To help little ones on this journey, when little accidents happen, the unique learning layer in Huggies® Pull-Ups® briefly mimics the feeling of real wet underwear, before quickly drawing the moisture away. It’s a feature of the product that many people don’t realise exists, but it’s one of the best tips for helping little ones learn wet from dry in a protected environment, so that they ultimately learn to stay dry on their own and can progress to pants quicker.”

Perhaps you’ve found training pants to be your potty training saviour? Maybe you have a potty both upstairs and downstairs so that you’re ready for anything? Or is your biggest tip to just let your little one take control?

Whatever your best tip and trick for potty training, share them on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one winner will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck

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Mumsnet users share their best potty training tip or trick with Huggies Pull Ups
OP posts:
StarkintheSouth · 09/08/2018 10:43

We have started on this epic journey! But DD not fussed about pottys! She wants to go straight for the toilet and so whenever she says poo or wee we go straight to the toilet (with a seat adapter for her) and she’s very happy with that. I think her interest stems from the fact she’s been accompanying me to the loo for quite some time now so wants to copy mummy. As not relaxing as that was for me, we’re seeing the benefits now. So my tip is- get them comfortable with what a toilet is and does early!

CholloDeNombre · 09/08/2018 11:11

I would say wait until they are old enough to participate in the process fully - undressing, wiping, pulling pants up and washing. I made the mistake of initiating training too early with my dd and it took ages to get her independent using the loo. I am not making that mistake with ds - he is 19 months and likes to sit on the toilet from time to time in imitation of older family members, but he is staying in nappies for the foreseeable future!!

ccorbbs · 09/08/2018 12:42

Potty train in the summer so they can have their nappy off outside and be more aware of the sensation. My little girl did potty training on holiday, we let her be naked all day and she nailed it in 3 days :)

Crazy3 · 09/08/2018 12:44

My top tip would be ditch the potty and go right to using the toilet. You don’t have to worry about dragging a potty around when you go out then. You can get adaptable toilet seats that include a child size seat, that can be cleaned easily. Wait until they are completely ready to start don’t force it. If they wet themselves so what doesn’t matter get loads of cheap undies on primark and just chuck em in the wash. My other one would be get 2 waterproof sheets for bedtime to go under their sheets, and make up a double bed- so layer waterproof sheet then fitted sheet, then another waterproof and fitted sheet. Have a spare quilt pillow and pjs vest under the bed. That way you can just whip off the wet sheet and waterproof sheet and dump all the linen in the machine. And never make a fuss if they have any kind of accident anywhere.

CrumblyMumbly · 09/08/2018 13:16

Lots of good tips about child being ready - don't bow to peer pressure. We got a cool loo seat and step and didn't bother with potty. The main thing that worked was BRIBES! One choc button for a week and two for a poo (in the toilet!). Sorted - though requests for chocolate did last much longer - not perfect parenting but worked for us. Stop drinks early and take to toilet before bed/going out. Don't stress it will happen...

Obiey · 09/08/2018 14:27

Read "The Gentle Potty Training Book" by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. Made the whole process so much easier. It covers signs of readiness then explains what's normal so you know what to expect. Meant I had reasonable expectations of what my son would be able to manage. Following what she said worked a dream with him a few months before he turned 3. Can't recommend it enough.

FoofFighter · 09/08/2018 15:03

Toppest tip - don't use pull ups. Sorry Huggies et al! waves goodbye to prize money

Pullups confuse the issue - as does putting back in nappies at times. No guts no glory, you have to just go for it when they seem ready and not go back.

Lots of pants, lots of changes of clothing, a potty in each main area (ie upstairs and downstairs where they play alongisde bathrooms)

lots of positive praise and lots of ignoring messes, cleaning up quietly without shaming them.

MakeTeaNotWar · 09/08/2018 15:40

My top tip is patience. Just wait until the child is ready and understands. There is no rush or magic age. Both of mine trained quickly without accidents around 3ish

JellySlice · 09/08/2018 16:17

Don't use pull-ups! When the child is ready go straight into pants for all waking hours.

stickladilove · 09/08/2018 16:50

My top tip is to be patient till the child is ready. If you start too early the process is longer and draining.
Summer is the best time! Cleaning is easy and you can leave them in the garden.
Be prepared, it can get messy.
We didn't use a potty, a toilet seat with their favourite character.

AimlesslyPurposeful · 09/08/2018 17:03

Maybe I was lucky but my three boys all potty trained very quickly.

I say potty trained but we never had a potty! I just used to sit them on the loo every hour or so during the day and lift a couple of times during the night.

We didn’t use any training pull up pants as I don’t think they were widely available when DS1 (He’s 25 now) was a baby. As the frequent toilet trips worked well for DS1 I used the same approach with his brothers.

I can see how the pull up pants could be handy though for long journeys or if you know you’re going to be out all day and not sure if getting to a loo quickly will always be possible.

thismeansnothing · 09/08/2018 17:51

My best tip has got to not feel pressured (by nursery, family, friends etc) into starting too soon. You'll only stress yourself and your little on out. I had a few raised eyebrows but the best thing I did was wait till DD was just over 3.5. I had a potty in the hall (old terrace with steep stairs not ideal for last minute loo trips), a sticker chart with a chocolate button reward for each successful toilet trip and a sticker for an accident free day with a reward of a teddy at the end of 2 week. I think waiting till she was that bit older she really 'got' it and was dry in the day consistently pretty quick.

jacqui5366 · 09/08/2018 19:13

My tip (and it has worked 2 times) when my DS reached 2 - 2 1/2 and it was half term and we had nowhere to be or do. when they are into pull-ups, ask them every 2 hours if they need a pee, sit them on a potty/loo with potty seat and praise every dribble and attempt. Then lengthen the times between asking. A poo is easier as you can just tell when they stand still concentrate and at that point remind them if they want a potty, they will soon link up the two. Never get cross with mistakes, and don't give up.

arolam · 09/08/2018 19:44

Take nappies off, plan to stay in for a few days then...deep breath and accept that your furniture, floors and nice stuff will get wee'd on. Ask several times an hour if they want to go.
If they're old enough and ready, they'll have the hang of it in under a week.

Oogle · 09/08/2018 20:05

Wait. We tried twice and it was painfully obvious he wasn’t interested. We tried again just before his 3rd birthday and he picked it up in days.
One tip which I did find useful for days out/long car trips:
Put a pull up on over the top of his pants.
That way he got the sensation of having pants on but if he did do an accident, it wasn’t a big deal (this was so useful at a soft play party!)

PorridgeAgainAbney · 09/08/2018 20:06

We ended up waiting until DS was almost 4. Before that he showed no signs of recognition at all and after listening to a friend talking about their epic journey I just didn't see the point of pushing for it if he wasn't ready and spending months clearing up, doing endless rounds of washing and making into a huge deal for all of us.

The motivation to start? Him seeing his little buddy at nursery sitting on a potty...that made him want to do it totally unprompted and he got it within a week with no accidents or nighttime wetting since.

BeeMyBaby · 09/08/2018 20:17

No pants for the first couple of days and loads and loads of praise!

Hermie12 · 09/08/2018 20:26

Got a cheapie £1 potty and a pack of stickers . Every time my dd went on the potty she got to choose a sticker to put on the outside

sharond101 · 09/08/2018 21:45

If they aren't raeady they aren't ready!

del2929 · 09/08/2018 21:57

once you take off the nappy to begin training dont ever go back to nappies. dont use pull ups they just confuse the child.

great thread as potty training will be commencing any time at our house..eeeeek

asuwere · 09/08/2018 22:16

Sure I won't win but I would say don't use pull ups! No point changing to a different type of nappy; just use pants!

Mrsramsayscat · 09/08/2018 22:27

Definitely no pull ups. I think it confuses them.


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Orangepear · 09/08/2018 22:34

Introduce the potty early. Then it's not a big deal, it's just part of daily routine, like having a bath or brushing teeth.

OnMyWayToday · 09/08/2018 23:00

Best thing to do is wait until they are ready, if you try and they’re really not getting it or it’s upsetting them just stop and try again in a few weeks.

ButterflyOfFreedom · 09/08/2018 23:02

We actually skipped the potty and went straight to using the toilet. We waited until DS was ready (around age 3) then just encouraged him to use the toilet. He wore pull ups and we bought a toilet seat & step. He soon cracked it!

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