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Slimming World

1st time

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Jingleyflashyballs · 28/12/2014 13:43

I've never done slimming world before, I'm going to join next week, I want to lose 2 stone, anyone want to be my buddy on here?

OP posts:

crystal85 · 28/01/2015 09:24

I blender a lot of mine and add them in like lasagna or curry burgers etc just blend then and add to sauce or even blend the mince in with in as well for lasagna or burgers or kebab etc not sure if it's the correct way but at least I know I've have it. Plus with cabbage in home made coleslaw or salad I think it kinda works lol
If you find a better way please share
I like carbs to much love plain boiled pasta with chesse on top my husband is never impressed when I suggest it lol x


pinkbear82 · 28/01/2015 14:06

flashy is that your first week back to work after having your little one? how are you feeling about it?

Sad dunno if it's just a hard week but I'm very grumpy and getting to that annoying stage of I can't be bothered with this or that. And trying not to reach for comfort food is so hard!


pinkbear82 · 30/01/2015 11:34

So, two weeks of struggling have caught up. I didn't loose anything this week. Didn't put on, which is amazing. Angry at myself for not keeping to it. It's not like there isn't lots you can eat.

Hope everyone else is having a good week.


crystal85 · 30/01/2015 11:55

Oh no pink but at least no gain - sometimes we just need a blow out so don't be hard on yourself just start again 100% on the 'heathly eatting' :-)


YoullLikeItNotaLot · 30/01/2015 12:09

SW is some kind of mystical wonder.

I like that the structure forces you to have a bit of dairy & fibre as opposed to just calorie counting where you can be led by the number rather than its nutritional value.

I need to start SW again. So easy. And great for feeding a family as its not faddy. I used to have a 2 finger kit Kat daily then save up my syns for alcohol at the weekend.


Jamrollypolly · 30/01/2015 12:30

Flashy you can go to any group if you can't go to your regular group if you're at work. I went to a different group this week.


flashyballs · 30/01/2015 13:19

Yes, my 1st day is Monday, only for 3 hours and there is a group in the evening, but it doesn't finish till nearly 9, so I'll just miss mondays weigh in.

I'm quite sad about going back as I was a sahm for my middle 2, but I'm bank so can pick and choose.


pinkbear82 · 30/01/2015 16:07

awww flashy I remember hating going back, I only work two days a week and altho some weeks it's nice to be in adult company, I'd much rather be at home with my little lady.

I knew I hadn't been doing as well as I should, and like everything to get results you need to put the effort in. so my own fault, I.probably deserved to put on actually, so I perhaps escaped lightly! silly me.


flashyballs · 30/01/2015 22:17

I can only work when my mum isn't day shift (a huge sin on here relying on mum as childcare) and when she's on day shift I won't be able to work, and it falls on half term so result lol.

I've been surprised I've lost to be honest, but I'm beginning to think cutting out the wine midweek will have helped.


pinkbear82 · 04/02/2015 08:06

How's it going everyone?


crystal85 · 04/02/2015 09:39

Hi pink
Not lost this week but it is star week ;-/ so maybe that's the reason can only hope!
Started spin on Friday and got a massive bruise on my leg from it but gonna keep going.


pinkbear82 · 04/02/2015 12:19

I always crave sweet things then. And I have just switched things contraception wise for me and that's played havoc with everything. I know I've certainly had the cravings a lot longer and hope, that's just because hormones are settling down now. If not, I really am going to struggle!
Not feeling positive about weigh in this week. But hoping I've been sensible enough to stay the same if anything. We shall see!


flashyballs · 04/02/2015 14:11

Not weighed in this and I've run out of my diary sheets so I'm not hopeful for monday, star week here too crystal.


crystal85 · 04/02/2015 20:42

Flashy - I'm rubbish with them diary pages - I have a things to do note book out of wilkos I write each food on there writes syns in end colum then add them up then on a Monday night copy it out on to a diary page to hand in.

For the first time ever in my life made my own chicken keivs tonight taste nice but need little more cheese next time.

1st time

flashyballs · 05/02/2015 07:21

That looks yummy crystal, think it's omelette and chips tonight, the whole family likes them so doubly easy, I get confused with the cheese, is it only certain ones for hea?


crystal85 · 05/02/2015 08:33

Yeah I'm rubbish at weighing stuff so tend to use the grab and go bit so in the chicken is the lightest Philadelphia as you can have 3 of the little tubs ( come in pack of 4) per day as HE so had one at lunch with prawns and cucumber on cracker bread and then one split between chicken xx


MickeyMixer · 05/02/2015 12:02

Everyone's doing so well - SW is magic!


crystal85 · 06/02/2015 11:44

Has everybody heard Iceland are gonna do SW ready meals?
Iceland staff have been given a few to try - has anybody had chance to try them yet? Xx


flashyballs · 06/02/2015 12:30

No had a chance to try them, I can't wait, will be fab to have when I've a busy day like tuesdays x


pinkbear82 · 06/02/2015 15:58

Grrr 1lb gain. So annoyed with myself so early on. Maybe it will be the boot up the backside I need tho!

The new sw mag has a bit on about the meals - also says they are looking at doing free/low syns backs and desserts too.


crystal85 · 07/02/2015 14:22

I'm looking forward to them although I'm allegic to the perservates E202 - so I'm just hoping there's not a lot in them.


flashyballs · 09/02/2015 20:08

Another 2lb loss. That's my half a stone award. Not sure how I managed it as I was totally off plan last week xx

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