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Slimming World

1st time

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Jingleyflashyballs · 28/12/2014 13:43

I've never done slimming world before, I'm going to join next week, I want to lose 2 stone, anyone want to be my buddy on here?

OP posts:

flashyballs · 05/01/2015 09:40

Yes I've been looking online at some, I love the meatballs and will be doing them tonight, just going out for a drink and wine is my fave so I'll have diet lemonade with it.


dexter73 · 05/01/2015 09:51

I make a meatball pasta bake which is a big hit in our house. Other favourites are chicken curry, beef in black bean sauce, burgers and chilli.


flashyballs · 05/01/2015 15:56

The beef sounds nice, and love black bean sauce, will hunt that out and pput it in my meal planner, getting nervous about going now, but I'll be fine.


pinkbear82 · 05/01/2015 19:13

First day at work today since starting.... Went for soup for lunch from the second option bit. Tomorrows a harder day as start work at a silly time. But hopefully I can fruit my way thru.
Had a slight whoops moment today, had an orange juice and then after suddenly thought I hadn't allowed for it. Luckily still in the allowance. I don't drink enough as it is so wasn't going to beat myself up too much for it. But does make you think.


flashyballs · 06/01/2015 13:22

Well I went and I'm all set up, it's trying to remember everything as there's loads, well done pinkbear x


LL12 · 06/01/2015 13:44

When I was a member I used the food diary on the SW website for a few weeks, I found you do have to plan what you will be eating and put it into the food diary in the morning, that way I knew exactly how many syns I would be having and if I had any left for a treat.


flashyballs · 06/01/2015 20:11

Have had omelette and chips for tea. amazingly yummy and filling. I hope I manage to lose. Smile


ThinkIveBeenHacked · 06/01/2015 21:57

Does anyone else think "am I doing this wrong"? Im.not hungry, eating reasonably similarly to before (except no bread and no booze and cooking from scratch), I got to 8pm and had only used three syns so actually went looking for chocolate, even though Im not a massive chocolate fan.


FannyFanakapan · 07/01/2015 12:22

I feel the same - Im skeptical about weigh in because actually not much has changed (except no booze, no oil, no cakes :) ).


pinkbear82 · 07/01/2015 12:45

I agree. It is an odd feeling. I do feel I'm picking better options of things, but not necessarily that my portions are changing.

Do we have to use all our syns? is that recommend?

I have to say I feel a bit better in myself. But don't know if that's psychological rather than actual.


Mrwillywonkasbitch · 07/01/2015 12:46

I joined yesterday would like to lose 7st but starting off with 2st for now. I'll be your sw buddy :)


MickeyMixer · 08/01/2015 13:36

I joined this morning - all a bit confusing at the moment. I could do with some jollying along from others doing it too!


LL12 · 08/01/2015 17:27

Good luck MickeyMixer, for now I would go out and get some of the 'free' foods so that you are already making a start while you digest how the plan works, I have a lot or fruit, veg, muller lights, no added sugar drinks etc.

Do a meal plan, if you are not sure what to cook at the moment maybe try the food plan on the SW website, also use the food diary on the SW website to keep a tally of your syns.

If you need any advise or have any questions everyone here I think will be very happy to help and give lot's of support.


ihavenonameonhere · 08/01/2015 18:18

First meeting tonight.

Not weighed myself for a while but think I'll be 10 stone which Is a lot for me as I'm 5 2 and carry all my weight round my waist


LL12 · 08/01/2015 18:56

Good luck ihavenonameonhere


flashyballs · 08/01/2015 19:59

Good luck everyone, I've struggled with my healthy a and b options today because I've been so busy and dd2 (6 months) has started crying everytime I leave the room, but nothing much has changed for me either apart from fresh food, loving the raspberry and cranberry muller lights though Grin

Good luck mrwilly, ihave and mickeymixer x


pinkbear82 · 08/01/2015 20:19

First weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Can't believe the first week is done!


flashyballs · 08/01/2015 20:22

Good luck pink bear. Fingers crossed.


MickeyMixer · 09/01/2015 12:14

Just been shopping - it is a bit daunting - good luck everyone.


FannyFanakapan · 09/01/2015 12:41

6lb down for me (woo hoo!) - obviously lots of water, but thats OK - a bit of a boost to start things off.


ihavenonameonhere · 09/01/2015 13:03

First meeting went well. Actually weighed 10st 5 so been in denial.

Eaten a brunch today of veggie sausages eggs and beans. For dinner will be veggie spag Bol with a side salad.


pinkbear82 · 09/01/2015 16:33

9lb off for me, I now fully expect it to be around the 2lb mark a week. But a lovely boost to see the difference on the scales. Clearly cutting out all the crap I had been snacking on and also just being more aware has made a big difference.

Well done on the 6lb loss (really sorry, on the app the txt box opens over previous posts and I can't see names, and my brain never remembers)


crystal85 · 09/01/2015 17:58

HI everyone
I have jut got best magazine with the free membership offer in to attend on tuesday morning. - read previous comment about taking DD if i honest i never thought twice about taking my son he just goes where ever i do opps well hes coming now.
Ive just stood on the scales (admittly on the phone with jeans and belt on) and im 9st 12 less then the 10 10 i though i was but still alot for only being 5ft.
i had my son 6 months ago by c section and and i just look massive so i have a little weekend away booked for april so my plan is to take cameras etc and ive decided i will be in the photos (as my motivation) so 1lb per week from now till then is my plan.

haha i guess i should have checked that its ok if i join your group could really do with the support and ideas - and some one to shame me when i dont lose my 1lb per week goal. x


FannyFanakapan · 09/01/2015 18:02

nice one pinkbear! 9lbs is a great loss!

I snuck a 2 fingered kit kat in celebration. May have a cheeky glass of wine later too! (all Syn'd of course).


pinkbear82 · 09/01/2015 18:08

I may have tried the homemade fudge I've made for someone today... only one square and actually that was more than enough!

crystal pretty sure we'll welcome anyone. And that sounds like a very sensible plan. wish I had done that when dd was 6 months and not waited until she was 19 months!

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