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Mumsnet offline Thursday night

242 replies

YetMoreTech · 29/01/2009 08:49

Mumsnet will be offline tonight, Thursday, from just before 11pm or so. We're doing a few small updates and a bit of housekeeping. It will be off for a while unfortunately, so maybe an early night and check in over your cereal in the morning?

I'm not going to offer MSN updates this time - you'd not believe the story from last time I did that, even if I did tell you, which I won't. The good news is that if it goes badly there will be at least a dozen people to blame. If it goes well I'll be around to take all the credit.

Let's just hope we don't hit the headlines this time.

OP posts:
FAQtothefuture · 29/01/2009 08:51

you mean I'll actually have to pack boxes tonight


but PMSL @ "Fina Gord" in that article

dragonbutter · 29/01/2009 08:51

you can't do this to us!

fishie · 29/01/2009 08:52

very good

kayzr · 29/01/2009 08:53

Its ok as long as it is after 11 as thats when DH gets back from work.

FAQtothefuture · 29/01/2009 08:53

hehe @ some of those "links" too

dragonbutter · 29/01/2009 08:54

'mums with too much time on their hands'

ha, i don't have time for this!
but i'm here all the same.

BecauseImWorthIt · 29/01/2009 08:54
FAQtothefuture · 29/01/2009 08:55

"The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. In fact, nobody is responsible for anything these days. "

PMSL - made my morning you 'av Tech

Oggsdog · 29/01/2009 08:56

Will the little confused fella be making a comeback?

onager · 29/01/2009 09:01

The 'news item' is priceless

southeastastra · 29/01/2009 09:05

can we keep this format if we don't like the changes? (i'm guessing you're changing the format quite alot)

francagoestohollywood · 29/01/2009 09:06

How very dare you?

PurplePillow · 29/01/2009 09:10

That article is so funny
psychomum5 · 29/01/2009 09:12

just out of interest.........WERE there many pregnancies annouced from the last time you did this???

CharCharGabor · 29/01/2009 09:14

roffle @ the article

VinegarTits · 29/01/2009 09:14

pmsl at Tech the 'stig'

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets · 29/01/2009 09:14

nice one! Had me going till the comment from Ed Balls

tootiredtothink · 29/01/2009 09:18

ROFFLE @ article.

Although it's a tad scary if you didn't know mumsnet, it might even send you off to netmums.

I think Tech is going to surprise us with some lovely new emoticons .

tootiredtothink · 29/01/2009 09:19

FAQ have you not packed yet??????

FAQtothefuture · 29/01/2009 09:24

I've done some. DH has got DS3 now though (picked him up yesterday lunchtime and then my day fell to pieces so I didn't get much done) but I'm child free while the others are at school. So just having coffee and going to crack on with it, not moving the bulk of my stuff until Saturday and DS1 and 2 will be with DH from tomorrow afternoon as well so I'll have Friday night too.............
NaturalBornThreadKiller · 29/01/2009 09:27

click on the 'email this to a friend' link at the very bottom of the article

Cies · 29/01/2009 09:29

Rofl. You almost had me, until the Ed Balls comment. I did wonder that it must be a rather slow news day

FAQtothefuture · 29/01/2009 09:34

at those of you who didn't get the spoof until the ed balls comment

surely "fina gord" was a big enough giveaway

YeahBut · 29/01/2009 09:35

V.funny, Tech.

psychomum5 · 29/01/2009 09:37

have you seen the side links to 'other news'

"Husband divorces wife citing "Too much MN" "


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