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UNPIN hte FARKING SMAS THREAD ****************************************************

81 replies

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 22:39

orill do threads liekt his all day::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

OP posts:
IamDaisy · 17/10/2007 22:41

why cod?

SpawnChorus · 17/10/2007 22:42

You are a militant Scrooge.

And by all day, do you mean the nex 24 hrs, or until midnight today?

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 22:43

ye si hate it
am launing unitlateral action

OP posts:
IamDaisy · 17/10/2007 22:44

lol, but you stop noticing it after a while, it just becomes like another heading.

I say leave it alone so everyone can see it.

MerlinsBeard · 17/10/2007 22:44

does this need another thread?

i think its good that its pinned, its one thread for the next few weeks tahts all

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 22:44

no no no

OP posts:
SpawnChorus · 17/10/2007 22:45

You are like Don Quixote. Random cross-sounding posts won't make a blind bit of difference. Give up.

Tortington · 17/10/2007 22:46

oh cod, but you are undermining all the good things about could you?

( i dont actually give a fuck ..carry on)

i doubt you'll get much dissent

SpawnChorus · 17/10/2007 22:46

Forgot to add 'hun'.

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 22:48

its october
have we got ot have it there for two logn motnhs
pliease no

OP posts:
BeetrootMNRoyalty · 17/10/2007 22:48

I don't like it much tbh. Bumping is the way we usually d this

NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 22:49

oh hun


you poor thing

Tortington · 17/10/2007 22:51

does this mean you will fall out with Lapin who is the new queen of mumsnet in my books. She is organiser supreme of all things helpful and good int he world.

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 22:51

yes itll eb rabbit stew

OP posts:
NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 22:51

for something like that it takes time to orgainise, so while I am someone who wants to set fire to christmas decorations in shops that appear in september, there is a reason for this to start now

and it is one of the nicer things here (once you crawl out of style and stop talking about patent lace ups and silver belts )

edam · 17/10/2007 23:02

Um, can you explain what all this is about?

NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:05


NotAnOtter · 17/10/2007 23:06

why have i got 2 christmas threads dupicated?

TrickorTreat · 17/10/2007 23:07


NotAnOtter · 17/10/2007 23:08

god just read this

amen cod amen
its a quarter of a year away yet!

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin · 17/10/2007 23:09

I'm not the fucking queen of Mumsnet, I'm just keeping a list of people, and if Cod wants to be a scrooge or whatever, she's welcome. I've been expecting this anyway, the same thing happened last year as I recall.

FYI, it will be closed Dec 1st, so you'll only have to tolerate it besmirching your board for another month. OK?

NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:09

baaaahhhhh humbug

There really is a reason for this one to start early if any of you want to think about the nightmare of organising it

so there

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 23:10

6 weeks


OP posts:
NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:10

oi - rabbit - don't you rise to this one - leave it to me

NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:10

so cod - you offering to do it next year in the last 2 weeks?

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