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UNPIN hte FARKING SMAS THREAD ****************************************************

81 replies

iCodtheBlogCod · 17/10/2007 22:39

orill do threads liekt his all day::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

OP posts:
NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:10

2 days?

Tortington · 17/10/2007 23:10

thoguht iwas being nice. sorry

NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:11

2 minutes?

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin · 17/10/2007 23:11

wasn't shouting at you Custy, just in general

NormanBatesFletcher · 17/10/2007 23:12

oi rabbit - get back to your database - don't look at these fraeks

BeetrootMNRoyalty · 17/10/2007 23:14

it is just the pinning that is the problem

the idea is great

MorticiasMother · 17/10/2007 23:16

language people please!

LL custy was being nice and I think when you organise summat like this (take tips from soapbox) you are gonna come in for a bit of stick. For whatever reason. But don't jump down the throats of those trying to help.

BeetrootMNRoyalty · 17/10/2007 23:19

soapy did it without pining

MorticiasMother · 17/10/2007 23:20

I don't think pinning had been invented then had it?

OliviaMumsnet · 17/10/2007 23:32

Calm down dear, it's a commercial!

(scurries away to see if anything can be done)

Tortington · 17/10/2007 23:33

don't scurry Olivia, tell cod "no"

MorticiasMother · 17/10/2007 23:34

custy is crying see? See what you did ll? Hear custy, have a tissue.

MorticiasMother · 17/10/2007 23:34

obv you can't hear a tissue!

Tortington · 17/10/2007 23:35

BeetrootMNRoyalty · 17/10/2007 23:36

a commercial?

callmeovercautious · 17/10/2007 23:36

No Cod, back in your box

Grumpy! Perhaps Santacod could be your next name!

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos · 17/10/2007 23:40

Oh fgs Cod! This kind of thing takes a lot of organising and I don't see the problem with having it at the top of the boards until the 1st dec! If you were poor and needed something that another Mnetter was happy to donate, you would be grateful this thread was kept bumped!

OliviaMumsnet · 17/10/2007 23:40

Well, it's kind of a commercial - it's making y'all aware of the Christmas appeal.
We'll take another look in the morning.

BeetrootMNRoyalty · 17/10/2007 23:40

it can be bumped without pining

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos · 17/10/2007 23:41

Its just a pin!!! Get a life!!

Tortington · 17/10/2007 23:43

stop with the scurrying. you should:

kindersurprise · 18/10/2007 00:00

bah humbug

JARM · 18/10/2007 00:12

if i does get "unpinned" i guess MNHQ really would have gone mad....

a fish demands something and her wish is granted - lucky for some.

I wish someone would tell Cod NO for once Custy, but doubt t will happen.

and yes im in a bad fcking mood but im pregnant so blam the fcking hormones!

WotzaZombie · 18/10/2007 00:21

MNHQ - Olivia - lets do a vote
those who don't think there is a problem
vs those who don't think

susiecutiebananas · 18/10/2007 00:27

Not a problem. needs to be there. should be there. its for an important reason. dont move it, please ?

bump shmump. whats the big deal if its pinned or bumped... it has the same effect. except, it cannot be accidentally lost.

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