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Is there a section for music discussion on this site?

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EricL · 22/09/2007 23:53


It is the food of life and i like to drink the nectar on a VERY regular basis i can tell thee...........

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 22/09/2007 23:54

Culture Vultures is where most of the music discussions go.

moondog · 22/09/2007 23:56

Eric,there are lots of muso convos going on.
I am regulalry involved.

EricL · 22/09/2007 23:57

Yeah? Culture Vultures you say?

OP posts:
EricL · 23/09/2007 00:00

OK - just had a look and i think i will get my coat.

I guess i was just clutching at at straws.

OP posts:
EricL · 23/09/2007 00:00
OP posts:
moondog · 23/09/2007 00:08

Give us a chance!
Pan is a good one to talk music with.

2shoes · 23/09/2007 15:05

wish there was one. as not sure if culture vultures is somewhere I would think of discussing the voice of the lead singer of metalica. Or the merits of avenged sevenfolds new single.

WigWamBam · 23/09/2007 15:11

Ah, but culcha means different things to different people

If there's nothing there you like the look of, just start another thread ...

Boco · 23/09/2007 15:12

Oh go on and start a music thread.

I am in heaven as i've just discovered Cold War Kids and it's great.

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 15:16

Culture Vultures seems to be mainly devoted to the discussion of Joseph + his bleedin technicolour coat

MaryAnnSingleton · 23/09/2007 15:19

EricL -excellent idea ! I tried to see if anyone liked Arcade Fire the other day and nothing happened...I'd love to discuss things like Lemon Jelly, Stereolab an d other favourites...

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 15:23

me! I like them

MaryAnnSingleton · 23/09/2007 15:24

hooray !! I think they have such a distinctive sound - my current favourites !

Boco · 23/09/2007 15:25

Ahh, me too! Arcade fire are my favourite atm, went to see them in concert in the summer and they were amazing. You'd like cold war kids then.

MaryAnnSingleton · 23/09/2007 15:26

will check them out on iTunes

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 15:26

you lucky thing boco...would love to see them
not heard of Cold War Kids at all- are they new?

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 15:28

recommend a track to download and I'll give 'em a whirl
it's always good to hear new stuff

Boco · 23/09/2007 15:28

They were headlining at the latitude festiva (arcade fire) so my 2 and 5 year old saw them too. They were amazing.

Not sure if cold war kids are new - i think so, my brother just gave me their cd and its a real grower.

Also, Kings of Leon are divine.

MaryAnnSingleton · 23/09/2007 15:33

Ds loves Arcade Fire too - check out

MaryAnnSingleton · 23/09/2007 15:35

dang, that didnt

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 15:38

that's quite strange isn't it

i need to go and see some live's been too long...

MaryAnnSingleton · 23/09/2007 15:39

me too - since moving out of London I haven't been to anything !

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 15:43

hmm well I'm still in London so no excuses for me...except being disorganised and never thinking to check what's going to be on.

Would have liked to see Maximo Park a while back, some girls from work went and I was most jealous. Would love to see the Killers too. Perhaps I need to overcome my aversion to festivals...

Boco · 23/09/2007 16:13

cold war kids - you can listen to a few of their songs here - Robbers is esp good

CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 16:28

thanks Boco-am listening atm and really enjoying it

Tis quite Arcade Fire-y in some ways isn't the vocals...

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