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Lunchables advert! Are you maaaaad???!!!!

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Nbg · 23/04/2007 11:41

I know its all money to help the site but

Dairylea Lunchables

OP posts:
popsycal · 23/04/2007 11:42

i thought the same

fryalot · 23/04/2007 11:43

ah what the hell, let them get the money from ANYBODY.... (and if they're taking the money when they know nobody's going to buy the product, well hee hee hee)

morningpaper · 23/04/2007 11:45

Definitely Squonk

I can't wait until Robinson's Fruit Shoots sponsors my Roundup

I will be coming on here drinking fruit shoots and wearing a Robinson's baseball cap

can't wait

Chocolateface · 23/04/2007 11:46

I don't mind them being advertised to me, I'm a grown up and I'd never buy them. I do mind them being advertised to my DC's though.

fryalot · 23/04/2007 11:47

now I want to write to fruit shoot and ASK them to sponsor your round up

harman · 23/04/2007 11:48

Message withdrawn

emankcin · 23/04/2007 11:49

This is a money making site for goodness sake. You all treat it like your personal blog pages.

JustineMumsnet · 23/04/2007 11:55

We did consider whether or not to allow this campaign and thought it ok on balance - they are not on our banned advertiser list - do you think they should be?

fryalot · 23/04/2007 11:55


fryalot · 23/04/2007 11:56


Shutupaboutyourflippingbabies · 23/04/2007 11:56

Justine has em for lunch every day. Its the ground up pig tail in the ham she loves.

popsycal · 23/04/2007 11:58

it just made me smile

harman · 23/04/2007 11:59

Message withdrawn

NuttyMuffins · 23/04/2007 12:05

Hadn't seen it, but doesn't bother me anyway, an advert for them certainly isn't going to make me decide they are now fantastic and have me rush out and fill my cupboard with them LOL.

Chocolateface · 23/04/2007 12:18

Just finished lunch. Don't know why, but I felt compelled to ruch to the corner shop and buy some lunchables. Yum.

Shutupaboutyourflippingbabies · 23/04/2007 12:19

i'd have to be close to starvation to eat them. ANd instant coffee.

AitchTwoOh · 23/04/2007 12:27

haven't seen the ad yet, if it's quieter than the tapping hand or the gurning alton towers freak i'll be happy. i did notice the tv ad was really pushing the healthy message on lunchables, though, which struck me as disingenuous to say the least.

glad you enjoyed your lunch, chocolateface. i'm off to knock up a delicious home-made Giant Panda burger, that world wildlife fund ad's got me starving....

Chocolateface · 23/04/2007 12:51

I would never eat instant coffee.

batters · 23/04/2007 13:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NormaStanleyfletcher · 23/04/2007 13:19

Shutupaboutyourflippingbabies - I am very very impressed with the quality of your typing on this thread!

Carmenere · 23/04/2007 13:20

I have no problem with advertising this crap(and it is crap) to adults. We are all on here because we generally want the best for our dc's. We know that the occasional lunchable won't kill then but that a diet of them will.
It is when they aim their advertising at children who can't differentiate between good and evil that they upset me.
So take their money, but don't expect them to gain many new customers from mumsnet.

harman · 23/04/2007 13:36

Message withdrawn

morningpaper · 23/04/2007 13:45

but cheese strings are 100% cheese

(what DOES that mean?)

TinyGang · 23/04/2007 13:47

At least they're not 100% string though

Shutupaboutyourflippingbabies · 23/04/2007 13:48

I am trying aversion therapy with chiz strings.

Last summer we were out at the cricket in a HIGE crowd and the dsses did a HUGE whoop when htey saw i had got tthem those hideous things.

So I am trying to normalise them so they get bored of them. I think it IS working.

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