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Since when did this appear at the bottom of each thread?

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hulababy · 06/08/2006 22:10

"Add a Message

It is with great regret that we have to ask members to refrain from any further discussion of Gina Ford, her methods or her books on the site. To find out why click here. We'd be very grateful if members could report any mentions of Gina Ford using the "contact Mumsnet" facility (the little red exclamation mark to the right of each posting). Many thanks. MNHQ. "

Never seen it before.

OP posts:
Northerner · 06/08/2006 22:11

How funny Hula, I was just on the anal sex thread and I just noticed it too.

JustineMumsnet · 06/08/2006 22:11

It's just gone up.

Littlefish · 06/08/2006 22:12

Just this evening I think.

hulababy · 06/08/2006 22:12

LOL Northerner - that is the thread I copied it from.

Good to see it has just gone up Justine and I wasn't being dozy enoguh to have missed it for ages!

OP posts:
MrsJohnCusack · 06/08/2006 22:12

literally just now

Justine, the first of your links pointing to supportive threads doesn't work...thought you'd probably want to know!

crazydazy · 06/08/2006 22:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

charliecat · 06/08/2006 22:13

Just today, the first link doesnt work saying how supportive MN can be ...well it doesnt work for me anyway.

expatinscotland · 06/08/2006 22:13

Thank f*£k that's done and dusted!

Onwards and upwards!

JustineMumsnet · 06/08/2006 22:13

thanks will fix

LIZS · 06/08/2006 22:13

Just noticed it

NormaSnorks · 06/08/2006 22:15

This is clearly a very serious issue - if you read the link you'll see why.

Please don't add to the problem for MN by mentioning her on this thread (however indirectly) too...

Sorry to hear this MN .....

ja9 · 06/08/2006 22:15
flack · 06/08/2006 22:15

Is even talking about the little gray notice allowed?

misdee · 06/08/2006 22:15


what a strnage world we live in eh!

Alipiggie · 06/08/2006 22:16

what else can you say!!!!

CarolinaMoose · 06/08/2006 22:17
expatinscotland · 06/08/2006 22:18

Moving on:

SpaceCadet · 06/08/2006 22:19
SpaceCadet · 06/08/2006 22:20

norty expat!

expatinscotland · 06/08/2006 22:21
Northerner · 06/08/2006 22:22


alexsmum · 06/08/2006 22:23

never mind i feel

very very

and the posts mentioned in the letter are laughable.

MerlinsBeard · 06/08/2006 22:23

all at MNHQ...u have done all that u can with regards to this very strange loophole. I sincerely hope, for your young childrens sake, that its laid to rest now and u can get back to being parents without this hanging over your heads.
I am sure though taht members would contribute to legal costs if it meant keeping mumsnet online

unicorn · 06/08/2006 22:23

This really is just unbelievable and outrageous I am in

Mercy · 06/08/2006 22:24

My lips are sealed - for the sake of Mumsnet

Saw it a few minutes ago and didn't know waht to do.

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