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Note: This topic is for discussing pushchairs. Read our round up of the top pushchairs to find out which ones were awarded Mumsnet Best.


Not Quite October yet Pushchair Shed

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FlyMeToDunoon · 29/09/2009 14:19

Hello and welcome!

OP posts:

5inthebed · 29/09/2009 21:40

They've gone up to £160!


nicolamumof3 · 29/09/2009 21:48

my ds1 is 10yr 5m so i've done the big and the small age gaps and both are good i'd say. but its lovely now to see the two youngest play together and they are v.close.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 21:48

Oh no! I hope you do well on the mac then.

Prices always going up, never down!


carrielou2007 · 29/09/2009 21:59

Evening all .

I sold all my baby stuff so have had to buy it all over again as I'm waiting to be sterlised so decided on no more yet am currently the size of a small building .

My trousers all falling down, it's only my bump that's grown yet all my maternity trousers seem to have huge bums so am forever hitching them up (not a good look).


5inthebed · 29/09/2009 22:16

Haha Carrie, poor you!

I sold all of my stuff after DS2 as wasn't going to have any more. Had to buy everything all over again when DS3 made an appearance.


5inthebed · 29/09/2009 22:24

Love this new Lulu Guiness Mac. So nice for a girl.


BexieID · 29/09/2009 23:16

scatty - what age is the wooden station for?


sal1309 · 30/09/2009 07:42

good morning all.

i am quite lucky didnt sell my stuff after having dd so not much to replace.

had my 16 week check yesterday all went well apart from i found out im going to have to have iv antibiotics during labour (i hate needles so not impressed lol).


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 08:05

Bexie wooden station is meant to be from 3, but DS has been playing with it since he was 1 In less you actually let them swallow the cards I can't see what could actually happen to them

tis this


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 08:06

cars rather!


FlyMeToDunoon · 30/09/2009 08:29

I love plan toys stuff!
Relatively cheap that one too.

OP posts:

scattykatty · 30/09/2009 08:33

Yeah DS has the 110 piece road and rail set, airport, station, parking garage, fire engine, pirate ship and rescue set.... it's amazing!

I paid £60 I think for the city station but it's a big toy so worth it IMO.


nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 08:53

Morning all, off to bluewater today, hopefully john lewis to spend wedding gift vouchers, and next to spend my bday vouchers too.


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 08:57

Ohhhh whatcha gonna get?


FlyMeToDunoon · 30/09/2009 09:35

Anyone got a Jo jo code of any kind or know where I can get a Mini Micro scooter cheaper than £46 delivered?

OP posts:

StrictlyAvadaKedavra · 30/09/2009 10:16

FMTD - tis here no time to play with it now, got to go out shortly, (booo!) will report back later


claret1980 · 30/09/2009 11:09

Hi all!

Not been on in a bit. Hope you all doing ok. Just seem BJCM on boots website. Still not cheap enough for me to get one. Maybe if they were £130. Mind you bloody tax credits have said they have overpaid me so no money for another 4 weeks :-(


FlyMeToDunoon · 30/09/2009 13:01

Hope it's ok StrictlyA.

OP posts:

BexieID · 30/09/2009 13:23

Just saw a ELC wooden castle in charity shop for £5.50, had a £40 sticker on the box. Problem is, there maybe bits missing.


BexieID · 30/09/2009 13:32

Now I want a Pliko pramette in grape, lol. Just seen one on ebay.


StrictlyAvadaKedavra · 30/09/2009 13:52

fmtd, not a bad wee buggy is it the Vigour, a lot lighter than it looks, very nippy round my living room, not got a child to try it out on till Monday!

Love the puches at the end of the "basket" saves taking up all room with raincover, but what a weird shaped basket isn't it? surely all your bags would fall out??

And the seat looks nice and padded and comfy, but never seen a system like that before for reclining.

Anyway, I like it, if I decide I like it enough to keep will consider if I can spray the frame black or something I think, and have found someone on ebay with replacement handles, if I can't get new foam.


Can anyone point me in the direction of the feedback forum please I can't frigging find it


nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 14:17

afternoon all!! i hate shopping

got myself a nice soft hoody in next and some jean/leggings to wear with uggs.

then ended up buying jeans for DH and a top for DS2

did get luka's startrite boots i wanted in russell and bromley tho so that was good.

Dunoon im getting Tate micro scooter so be interested to know where you get best price from.


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 14:24

Nicola DH has given me a pity £10 what is your best price for the dungies and cords together? I might as well pay for them both and then you post when you're ready. As you have probably guessed I seem to accidentally spend all my money far before the end of the month so would rather pay for things as soon as I can!

I REALLY need some jeans, I'm sick of the holes in the crotch!


nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 14:34

i would want £18 both for them posted please prob be a couple weeks tho?


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 14:41

For the cords or for both? I quite fancy DS wearing those dungies for Musical Munchkins on monday

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