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Note: This topic is for discussing pushchairs. Read our round up of the top pushchairs to find out which ones were awarded Mumsnet Best.


Not Quite October yet Pushchair Shed

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FlyMeToDunoon · 29/09/2009 14:19

Hello and welcome!

OP posts:

nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 18:46

i think thats a good price but i don't really need one, tate will be four in December we're ok tho i did have a look!!


rusmum · 30/09/2009 18:52

whats happened to pushchair sales market? My bug wont sell- is it because its gr=etting closer to xmas?


sal1309 · 30/09/2009 18:55

evening all.hope your all well

im off out tonight for a girly night lol.

rusmum no idea whats happened think its near xmas ect as i cant sell my 4 seasons


StrictlyAvadaKedavra · 30/09/2009 19:06

FMTD had a good old play, taken it to bits and scrubbed and apart from the scratches on the front "legs" everything else has come off and it looks fabby
Really looking forward to haivng a proper go of it next Monday, thanks!


5inthebed · 30/09/2009 19:28

Have a nice night out Sal

AK, I thought the pram was lovely as well, really light to push when I put my sumobaby in it.


StrictlyAvadaKedavra · 30/09/2009 19:31


Has anyone got a Bug bagabottle bumper cover please that they can measure length for me please? Thanks


nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 19:33

im out tonight too! its a miracle, off to see FAME at the movies, v.excited.


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 19:42

New sofa, new UGGS AND a night out! Nicola you're living the dream


5inthebed · 30/09/2009 19:44


I want to do something with DH at the weekend, but nobody will look after the kids for me .


scattykatty · 30/09/2009 19:47

I'll have them, just post them down to Wilts I;m hoping to go to Reading at the w/end to get DS a Halloween outfit from M&P!


nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 19:56

they had some cute ones in m&s today for £9.

little monkey luka wouldn't go to bed so he's watching football (noisily) with DH who's not impressed, im not going til the 9pm showing hope i can stay awake!!


5inthebed · 30/09/2009 20:04

You'll be regretting saying that SK when they turn up on your doorstep

My dad bought all three of my boys halloween outfits. DS3 has this cute pumkin tabard thing. So sweet.


FlyMeToDunoon · 30/09/2009 20:47

Sorry it wasn't cleaner StrictlyA. I didn't get to that as it wasn't in the house long.

OP posts:

rusmum · 30/09/2009 21:15

sal- whats the 4 seasons like? i fancied one.


BexieID · 30/09/2009 21:35

Aww, scatty you mentioning Reading makes me think of home!


Fruitbatlings · 30/09/2009 22:04

Anyone mind me barging in with a couple of questions?

Bugaboo Bee - Yay or Nay?

If yay, what price would you offer someone selling one at £350, apparently excellent condition, postage £12?


btw, I already have a 4.5 year old Frog which I want to keep but fancy something new


Fruitbatlings · 30/09/2009 22:05

I meant to add to that, am I mad to be considering another Bugaboo?


horsemadgal · 30/09/2009 22:11

Not mad Fruit, Bees are fab.
I think I'm going to sell my Cam as using the Bee all the time.

Does the one you are interested in have an extras? Does it have thick or thin wings?
Is it eBay?
With no extras I think £250 is enough.


Fruitbatlings · 30/09/2009 22:13

It's Ebay, this one here
I've already offered £250 but it was rejected


Fruitbatlings · 30/09/2009 22:29

What about £280? God, that seems a lot for a second hand pram ........

No extras, no idea about wings (?)


horsemadgal · 30/09/2009 22:52

Just checked completed and last decent one went for £300. Depends how badly you wanted one!!
There's a red one on for sale here, think it's £250. You can buy a blue hood if desperate for blue.


horsemadgal · 30/09/2009 22:54

I'm crap tonight, meant last decent blue one.

And the red one on for sale is £275 posted, sorry making things up here.


lecohen · 30/09/2009 23:17

Hi all,

Dis? Are you around? Can't find the thread where you asked for dresses and don't have your email addy anymore, email me if you still need one [email protected] x


nicolamumof3 · 30/09/2009 23:37

evening all had fab time at movies! back home and nearly time for bed.

you know the thing i don't get about bee's and all bugs are they are so looooooow! nearly on the ground i don't get it?!


horsemadgal · 30/09/2009 23:39

Hey Nicola, was Fame good?
I do fancy it but wonder if I'll keep thinking back to original Fame.

Yep the Bee is low and the Cam is low in carrycot mode. It doesn't bother me.

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