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Not Quite October yet Pushchair Shed

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FlyMeToDunoon · 29/09/2009 14:19

Hello and welcome!

OP posts:

nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 14:58

ladies just having a clearout of coats...

& uploading more later!


janx · 15/10/2009 14:59

Hi Nicola - how much are your size 14 jeans?...are they petite - I'm 5' 5


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 15:01

which ones? let me check trail as to whats left the next ones are a regular tho i think?


janx · 15/10/2009 15:02

oh yes it does say much for them posted please


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 15:03

£7 please


SpookyScattyKatty · 15/10/2009 15:14

I do like that Ice I have to say, I think I need to ditch Zappy though as hubby would kill me if I had 4 buggies in the house

Bugaboo is still in the dining room It's just so perfect now I can risk anything happening to it!


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 15:17

i love the ice colourway too.

im having CK dressing down SK do you want dibs on it?!


carrielou2007 · 15/10/2009 15:19

Lilypie yes it does have the raincover, the proper mac one. It does have a slice to the handle, not a chunk missing could be just glued but have bought spare handles which will fish out as I hardly use it just too lazy to have fitted them yet!! Has the carry strap too. The black frame and pink is very yummy just give me a yell whenever as it just sits in my car boot not doing a lot!!


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 15:26

Oh good jan! they are really roomy aren't they?


SpookyScattyKatty · 15/10/2009 15:26

Yes Nicola I do! Damn DS and his poorly tummy making me miss fabby bargains!


SpookyScattyKatty · 15/10/2009 15:27

Oh and Nicola give Luka a stick of butter from me


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 15:34

sorry SK, i do love the cowboys and luka's just grown on of his dressing gown

wheres 5in today? wonder if she's got her BJCM ordered?


basl · 15/10/2009 15:47

Nic i have a mamas and papas in town but i don't drive and hubby will have a wobbly if he knew i was having another pram delema. I called that number and they are closed till 26th of Oct and not replied to email. I have had the bjcm but sold it as i really wanted air tyres and after seeing norma's reviews on the bjce i was hooked. I sold the bjcm and saved for the elite. It is a big pushchair so i need a second pushchair but i have bought and sold a about 4 and just think i did really like the bjcm for the hood and how light it was and lovley to push. Norma told me she sold hers and got the luna mix which just got me thinking she loved the elite and i know exactly why she must be onto something with this that i might like and hence all the questions and yourself about the xt. I still wonder about that.


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 15:48

I don't know I tried contacting her but no joy

[email protected] and the stick of butter


sal1309 · 15/10/2009 17:03

evening all.

well dd has been a nightmare roll on my mum and dad comming down. they are comming tonight luckly and are bring me kfc for tea

hopefully i can get some cleaning and sorting done while my mum and dad are here lol


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 18:49

evening all,

hows everyone? DH gone to football training with Tom, just lit fire so its cosy but have two lunatic toddlers running around so not relaxing yet!

enjoy the break sal when your parents arrive. im still searching for my 'fave' footmuff.


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 19:09

did you get email I sent you before Nic?


5inthetomb · 15/10/2009 19:27

No BJCM for me

Been doing loads today, only just managed to sit down!

Took DS2 to meet his respite carer, then went to town to collect my dads kilt for a wedding we are going to tomorrow, then I went to my cardmaking course, then to Tesco, Matalan, Next and TKMaxx. Finally home to cook tea, bath kids, put them to bed and relax. I really am wonder woman!


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 19:30

yes you are 5in!! glad to hear not buggy distractions today then!!

So what are you going to get?

So sorry maxy had accidentally deleted but responded now thank you for thinking of me! X


5inthetomb · 15/10/2009 19:41

Will just keep spitfire for now, until after weekend anyway


janx · 15/10/2009 19:42

Nicola - can I have those jeans please


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 19:49

yes of course jan
[email protected] for pp thanks xx

doing my head in trying to find a long enough, cosy enough, brigh enough footmuff why am i soooooo fussy!!


janx · 15/10/2009 19:52

What colour/price is the cord coat - is it kind of a sagey colour?


sal1309 · 15/10/2009 19:52

who can recommend a courier that can give a morning time slot?


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 19:53

sorry 5in

It's ok Nicola, i saw it by accident

Has anyone had a lodger bunker?

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