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Not Quite October yet Pushchair Shed

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FlyMeToDunoon · 29/09/2009 14:19

Hello and welcome!

OP posts:

5inthebed · 29/09/2009 16:04

Shall I hold Nicola down while you all get her?

Do the Uggs fit nicely Nicola, or are they floppy/loose around the top?

Have just come back from the school run soaking wet. No rain cover for ds3 either, so we are all a little wet.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:21

Ahh yes I do have dibs Nicola V excited!


nicolamumof3 · 29/09/2009 16:22

they fit nice and snug you can turn them up or down do you want a pic? my legs aren't the fabbies tho pmsl.

ok just deciding whether to sell or keep i do love them but he seems better in trousers atm he's only worn them about 3 times. would want £12 del for them.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:26

Sob sob sob I'm still on £8.03 are you in a rush to sell if you de decide to?

Oh and Maxy DS and I went to the park, and to the shop to buy New Magazine... we sometimes leave the house on very special occasions


nicolamumof3 · 29/09/2009 16:27

no, haven't decide yet think may get at least one more wear out of them i bought a whole pack of next l/s bodysuits to wear under them as well!


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 16:29

woooh sk, get you lol!!

Did you not see the link I put up for the Boden Christmas top then? The dungies are really lovely SK bet you will love them!


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 16:30

ooh bodysuits please


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:32

Yes I did see the link, I want it soooooo badly! I love Christmas stuff, but I still only have £8.03, which to my horror means I can't actually get £10 out in cash and meant hunting in all my coat pockets for 85p for the magazine


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:34

PS, have you got the dungies too then? Is there anything Boden your DS doesn't have!?


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 16:37

lol, I know al about that SK. Yes have dungies. very nice. All and I mean all of his clothes are bought from me selling things 100%!! Has to be as I have no income from anything! This is the first year he has had new new clothes!


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 16:39

If it's any consolation all my clothes are from supermarket and my boots are 7 years old. But they work


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:41

I'm so depressed with my £8.03 situation! I Want Christmas tops and dungies


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 16:42

sell some things then.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:43

LOL I realised today I have 3 pairs of jeans, 2 have HUGE holes in the crotch and the others have a broken zip! Hmmmm not a good look!


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:45

I don't know what to sell as we want to have another DC soon-ish so I don't want to sell anything I could use for them only to buy it back IYKWIM

I don't think I have anything worth selling, apart from the spare wooden station.


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 16:46

nice, would go well in my wardrobe I hate shopping for me though.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 16:50

Yeah children's shopping is a lot more fun easier to iron tiny stuff too!


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 17:07

Oh the timing, Castle women has replied!

Sob I want some money. I have a joint paypal account with DH which has a bit in but not much and TBH it's really DH's money! Why do things always come up when you're really poor

The irony is I've tried to make DS that castle out of carboard (twas crap) as he LOVES it and now the women has finally replied I'm really really poor maybe she'll wait a bit til I have some money....


nicolamumof3 · 29/09/2009 17:34

i would think she'll wait SK? i rarely have nice stuff thats why i've gone on about these boots of mine, v.much a one off to spend on myself but i funded them totally myself from pp funds selling off toys.

Its harder to sell tho if you know you'll have another one. we are 50/50 if we'll have anymore but tbh theres so much i wouldn't buy now so i know what i would have to get.


maxybrown · 29/09/2009 17:41

Yes SK just ask her, she hasn't been inundated from sounds of it!

Easy for me to sell as 100% certain not having anymore, but yes must be difficult. Like you say though Nic, after 3, easier to know def needs!

Why shouldn't you go on about your boots anyway? Good for you! I always get myself childrens shoes lol.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 17:54

Yeah, noone said anything did they? Plus she said open to offers... fingers crossed!

DH would kill me if I sold DS's stuff and then wanted to buy similar stuff again! It's really hard to know what to do for the best TBH.

As for the boots Nicola, they are v expensive so you should def have some pride for them It's not like you'd buy a pair every week!


5inthebed · 29/09/2009 19:33

Good grief, my pram has only JUST been delivered! So much for the before 12 slot I was told.


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 19:36

Hhaha just read the 'talk me out of a Bee thread' thought you must have started it!


5inthebed · 29/09/2009 19:40

LOL, no, I trust you girls enough to convince me otherwise.

What should I do with the pram sat in it's box in my hallway? Open it and use it, or sell it?


scattykatty · 29/09/2009 19:54

Give it a week, if you still want BJCM then sell it.

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