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Not Quite October yet Pushchair Shed

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FlyMeToDunoon · 29/09/2009 14:19

Hello and welcome!

OP posts:

nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 19:56

yes it is Jan it is lovely i just have so many wanted £8 del for it but will take £6.50 with jeans if interested?


janx · 15/10/2009 20:21

Yes am interested Nic - could you do a few measurements? Length and width - thanks


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:26

measures approx 90cm down back seam and aprox 100cm around chest. hth


5inthetomb · 15/10/2009 20:26

Stop apologising Maxy!

Ebay person ahs come back saying they will do my offer, but off Ebay. I don't want to though. So ner.

Do any of you watch Emmerdale?


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:27

lodgers look lovely maxy, i'd love to try one too, am deliberating that as well, but think it would work alright on nipper but not so well on mac?


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:30

nope don't watch emmerdale im a corrie and 'stenders fan!


sal1309 · 15/10/2009 20:33

noone know of a courier that does time slots??


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:34

Yes that's what i was thinking about lodger, not ok on Mac, thought it would be good for Nipper but need one for mac, oh dilemma dilemma dilemma see, one minute it's clothes we're talking about then all of a sudden, back on prams/footmuffs. I'm getting as indecisive as you Nic!

I usually catch up on Emmerdale as and when


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:35

Sorry, Sal


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:36

tell me about it maxy!!! its a nightmare eh? the stress of the perfect footmuff.


5inthetomb · 15/10/2009 20:37

That Sally is getting right on my nerves in Emmerdale. Really, I hope she sends up mown down by a stampede of sheep!


sal1309 · 15/10/2009 20:37

cheers nicola


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:37

what about this or does anyone know what these are like?? i wonder if Maclaren would do the 4 seasons footmuff as a spare part


sal1309 · 15/10/2009 20:37

lol 5in i thought you were talking about me at first he he


BexieID · 15/10/2009 20:38

maxy, horsemadgal had/has a bunker and says they are fab!


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:38

hmmmm which one is Sally again? lol


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:43

oh yes I have emailed her about it Bexie


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:47

i thought she sold her bunker tho?

Love the first one Maxy where are they available, how much?

the maclaren one you've linked to was made for the chestnut ryders, i had one in all brown they are luscious! really really nice. I was considering a black one but just don't think they'll be long enough for luka.


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:51

They have them on ebay for £39.99 buy it now!! But i googled them to get a better picture. It is australian sheep fleece oooh!!!

I quite like the Maclaren one, but needs to be long enough. Want one same size as BS ish really.

She did sell bunker but was to foreign ebayer and they didn't want to pay the postage so she still has it but I seem to remember it being the very pale one


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:51

here Nic


nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 20:54

nice but i don't want another black one. oooh i didn't know hmg still had bunker v.tempted now, its the hazlenut one isn't it? but i need something that will work on maclaren too. gggrrr. right had enough now!!


BexieID · 15/10/2009 20:54

I think she sold it as wanted a different colour!


BexieID · 15/10/2009 20:55

lol, a seem to remember it was a light one...


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 20:57

Yeah I can't see the Bunker working on the Mac very well. I think it would need support at bottom, say like on the Nipper. It was hazlenut yes, I'd be washing it too much I reckon!

I know you want a brighter one don't you?

Oh darn it. I just want the 4 seasons me!!!!!


maxybrown · 15/10/2009 21:04

is this full yet?

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