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If you could live anywhere in England, where would you chose?

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SuperBunny · 12/03/2009 23:32

and why?

OP posts:
scrooged · 12/03/2009 23:34

Somewhere by the sea in a little village so we could walk to the beach every day and watch the sunset.

Lizzylou · 12/03/2009 23:35

Fab Childhood memories, went to North Devon last year and had such a fab time,love the sea and the weather is better than up here in Lancs.

SuperBunny · 12/03/2009 23:35

My sister lives somewhere like that. I am quite envious. It is lovely.

OP posts:
MrsMcCluskey · 12/03/2009 23:36


Lizzylou · 12/03/2009 23:37

Spent best years of my life in Wales (pre-DC, obv)

FannyWaglour · 12/03/2009 23:39

East Sheen

tigerdriver · 12/03/2009 23:40

An island off the West coast of Scotland.


ShyTalk · 12/03/2009 23:41

Anywhere that there were no tourists, self-explanatory, really. PS, have lived in tourist hell, twice. Having my kitchen window open on a nice summer morning is one thing. Tourist fizzogs intruding into my kitchen because they thought it was a tourist attraction is another.

Linnet · 13/03/2009 00:05

London, fil lives in London and i just love going to visit him, there is so much to do and see and it's so vibrant and I just love it.

UnquietDad · 13/03/2009 00:10

London IF I could live in a nice bit and have a lot of space and some decent schools. So, not London then...

Somewhere by the coast?

Or near some hills and simultaneously near to the amenities of a big city. We have the latter in real life.

harpomarx · 13/03/2009 00:13

Bloomsbury, or similar. With a garden. Basically, somewhere villagey but near some great big shops, clubs, galleries, restaurants etc. Right in the centre of the city so I could walk everywhere.

actually, where I live is not bad - but it's not London and nor do I have money to live there anymore

ShyTalk · 13/03/2009 00:46

Couldn't I please live in Wales and not England? I would choose Wales over anywhere else in the world - beautiful places, nice people. Please?

SuperBunny · 13/03/2009 02:50

Yes, Wales is allowed, I suppose. I quite fancied a village in Welsh Wales, as my Dad calls it. But it could be rather remote. And, they speak Welsh there

London would be great if money were no object but sadly, that's not going to happen.

Interesting ideas though, thanks.

OP posts:
alipiggie · 13/03/2009 02:52

Yorkshire, but you know me SB

kickassangel · 13/03/2009 03:01

i LOVED living in York, but after several years did feel i'd seen/done everything.

in my dreams, dh & I will retire to a bijou little flat, just off covent garden. we will have the money to affrod one of those 'fully serviced' places witha gym & parking, and sunday mornings we'll wander down to the cafes, i wil then wander the shops while he reads a paper. it will be pleasantly quiet (like the time we got there just before the tube shut down), and sunny. we will spend the evenings going to interesting plays, or meeting friends for dinner

we will also have a beautiful rambling country cottage, with roses round the door, near the coast, where we can holiday with dd & her numerous cildren & dogs

and the time & money just to 'hop on' the train & head over to frnace/italy when the mood takes us, there will be no need to book tickets, seats will always be available

in my dreams

AtillaTheHairyArsedTrucker · 13/03/2009 03:11

I would stay in the Peak District because it has nearly everything..... but need to learn to drive so I can get to the coast more often, for I have the crashing of waves in my soul.

MrsMcCluskey · 13/03/2009 07:31

St Davids, Pembrokeshire (wales)
or Brecon

shootfromthehip · 13/03/2009 07:34

Chester- we lived there for 3 yrs and it's LOVELY. Cheshire is just lovely to with lots of gorgeous villages.

giddykipper · 13/03/2009 07:41

Cornwall, overlooking the sea.

cheesescone · 13/03/2009 10:24

west dorset. by the sea
a chilled beer then home for tea!

DRAGON30 · 13/03/2009 14:23

As it's allowed, Wales every time!! In my late Dad's house, with views across the hills and sea (and which we have to sell)

skramble · 13/03/2009 14:25

Erm Scotland that would be my choice.

solowitch · 13/03/2009 14:26

Australia, because it's not in Britain. Yes, I know what the question was .

solowitch · 13/03/2009 14:27

I'd love to live in Scotland or Dorset though if I had to choose a British place.

Fimbo · 13/03/2009 14:29

If it was BRITAIN [tuts]

Then either Glasgow or Greenwich in London.

If I was ever fortunate enough to win the lottery then I would flit about between homes in both locations via my private jet. [dreams]

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