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gutted for my little boy

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Bubblesquirt · 18/04/2017 03:51

So he goes to a catholic school is in nursery there and hasnt got in to reception. Absolutely devastated been sat here crying. Hes been given a school 10 min drive away and im due another baby in october. C section, therea no way im gonna be able to get him there. Has anyone appealed and had any luck. Were in manchester area.

OP posts:
smellyboot · 18/04/2017 09:45

Sadly OP the c section will have no bearing on an appeal or admissions. Loads of people have very good reasons why a school can be tricky and they would prefer a different one.
A lot of Manchester schools are over subscribed and nursery does not give any kind of priority... is he RC baptised and in parish? If so you may have a chance but if not then there may be many RC children ahead of you on the waiting list depending upon which school it is.
Have you been offered an RC alternative?
I really wouldn't panic as in some area of Manchester there is also a lot of movement between now and Sept.
Was your allocated school one of your preferences?
Go visit the new school as you may be pleasantly surprised

DixieNormas · 18/04/2017 10:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatsNotMyMummy · 18/04/2017 10:16

It took me 8 weeks to be able to drive again after mine.
There are plenty of people who are driving within 2 weeks, 6 weeks is a guide.
Don't forget theres a half term somewhere round that time. So thats a week, theres also 2 weeks paternity leave. If you still aren't feeling well enough to drive (be honest as you have precious cargo) you will need to get a cab. You might find a few friends at the school who are willing to help you when you start.
At the moment your in panic mode, but it will be ok.

Headofthehive55 · 18/04/2017 10:44

Isn't the uterus a muscle? If it's not cut then how does the baby get out?

CoteDAzur · 18/04/2017 11:38

Abdominal muscles are NOT cut during a routine elective CS. Those are the muscles we use to walk, sit, etc. Not the uterus (obviously).

Headofthehive55 · 18/04/2017 11:50

it doesn't matter whether there are cuts or not, the difficulty is felt by the person experiencing it not by the surgeon pronouncing what they might feel. Or anyone else for that matter. Just because one finds it ok doesn't mean someone else will.

user1491148352 · 18/04/2017 11:53

At this age, DC believe what their parents tell them. So whatever you feelings about the school allocated you need to be relentlessly upbeat about it when talking to DS.
In the meantime, accept the place and put him on the waiting list for your preffered schools.

Tomorrowillbeachicken · 18/04/2017 11:55

I'd go waiting list tbh. Depending on the area there can be a lot of movement.
As for the six week issue you can defer entry to Jan no matter where in the year your child is born. You can also, I assume, keep the child off during the period you can't drive as not compulsory age.
Also could look for an alternative, neighbours, family etc.

Abetes · 18/04/2017 12:00

Definitely go on the waiting list but look into other ways to get him to school in the meantime. There are usually class lists which come out at the beginning so someone might be able to help you to start with and you can repay them when you are up and about again. Or is there a bus? Or friends/relatives who can help? It seems bad now but it should work out fine.

Hulababy · 18/04/2017 12:21

None of the advise is rubbish.

Insurance - depends on your insurance and tbh unless you actually have tried to Claim for an accident in that period you don't really know if it is an issue or not. Not telling them at all could well invalidate you before you even begin to claim.

6 week and GP - depends on your own individual healing just like any other major surgery esp abdominal surgery. You should get advise from your own medical carers and I'd say be cautious. You don't actually know what damage you could be causing if you were in the position of doing a proper unplanned emergency stop. People can get injured doing an emergency stop in a real life incident and obviously if you've just had surgery those injuries could be far worse.

Fwiw I waited about 5-6 weeks. Although I felt fine etc my scar did have some issues after a couple of weeks so I was advised to be careful and take things easy.

FineAsWeAre · 18/04/2017 14:29

I'm not going to advise you about section aftercare as I have no idea. I do know, however, that unfortunately it's not grounds for appeal. If there is no public transport whilst you can't drive, you are a single parent with no partner or other family to take him and there isn't a local childminder who could take him then you may be able to get some temporary help from your local home start or family support team. I would accept the place and get his name on the waiting list at your preferred school.

titchy · 18/04/2017 14:37

Jesus - OP needs appeal advice not a debate about how long C section recovery takes! The recovery time is completely and utterly irrelevant to any appeal.

RedSkyAtNight · 18/04/2017 14:51

OP, I think you need to think about why you are so devastated. I understand it's upsetting, but to be sat there in tears - you need to be positive for your DS. A school 10 minutes drive away really doesn't sound too bad unless there's something you've not mentioned.

Having a CS will not be grounds for an appeal. October is, however, ages away. Assuming you put sensible choices on your application, chances are other parents in your area will also have been allocated this school and you have plenty of time to find someone who will take your DC to school for a few weeks or to track down a local childminder. Have you even been to see the school?

smellyboot · 18/04/2017 14:59

Titchy I think OP also needs to look at why they didn't get in e.g. Are they RC and in parish? Are they RC and out of parish?
Is it is an RC alternative they put down that they have been given or one of their other preferences?
10mins drive in Manchester is probably around a mile away tops so OP you will find others who can help you I am sure.
Its upsetting not getting 1st choice but its common in over subscribed areas sadly.

Bubblesquirt · 18/04/2017 15:21

Okay so i may have over reacted this morning but heyy. Am gutted for him as hes the only one not been given a place out of his friends. (Upto now as not spoke to them all) i have appealed and will wait and see. As for c section i couldnt weight bare for a while due to other previous problems.
Anyhow will see how appeal goes can only try thanks to everyone who commented and gave their advice xx

OP posts:
smellyboot · 18/04/2017 16:34

Have your viewed the other school? It may be just fine. I know its hard just now but he will make new friends very quickly and settle into what ever school he goes to, as long as you are positive about it. Hopefully you can keep in touch with some of his best friends if you want to; although school life and friends generally take over!

CoteDAzur · 18/04/2017 18:52

"OP needs appeal advice not a debate about how long C section recovery takes!"

That is your opinion Hmm

Part of OP's problem with the school was that she believes she won't be able to drive her DS there for 6 weeks.

titchy · 18/04/2017 19:10

Part of OP's problem with the school was that she believes she won't be able to drive her DS there for 6 weeks.

Which is irrelevant to any appeal.

DixieNormas · 18/04/2017 19:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CoteDAzur · 18/04/2017 19:52

titchy - The point whooshing over your head is that appeal advice wasn't the only angle here. Not everything was about appeal appeal appeal.

Some of us chose to reassure OP that she would not be completely incapable of driving before 6 weeks (before she said she has other issues).

Get over yourself and let people talk.

youarenotkiddingme · 18/04/2017 19:59

Is the catholic school your nearest and is the new school over 2 miles away?

If the closest they can offer is at a distance you can look into transport provided by LA.
I agree about staying on waiting list for school you want as well.

Charmatt · 18/04/2017 20:00

If the school is more than two miles away, the council should pay for transport (bus or taxi) so that may help.

The appeal is against the process (ie tge admissions authority made a mistake in ranking your application) and won't take into account any other information. Because of infant class sized prejudice it is unlikely an appeal will be successful unless there was a mistake because infants are not allowed to be in classes of more than 30.

TittyGolightly · 18/04/2017 20:01

He legally doesn't have to start school until the term after he turns 5

He doesn't legally have to start school ever. ;)

Bubblesquirt · 18/04/2017 20:05

Yh feeling optimistic with his choice now. Its 2 miles away and going past other schools. I really just thought he would get in where he was due to nursery place. But as i found out things dont work out bit everythig happens for a reason. He got a little upset but when i explained hed make lots new friends he was fine. I will face october when it comes lots of things happen 👌👌❤

OP posts:
NameChangeInCasePeopleRecogn · 18/04/2017 20:09

What reason have you given for the appeal?

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