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Treatment for cold sores??

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Katts · 04/04/2005 14:54

I keep getting cold sores every couple of weeks accompanied by fever pain swelling etc. I usually use Zovirax but the package says not to use it if you're pregnant. Any ideas for what I can do?

OP posts:
Janine44 · 29/05/2019 08:05

I'm not sure if this responds to the whole thread or one individually, but I was going to correct someones comment. I've used Virasoothe for years and I was sad as I thought they had gone out of business when I checked their old domain name. It has now changed to their company name Simply Essential. It looks to be the same product on offer too. As mentioned, I've used this for years and absolutely love it

LightBubble · 02/07/2019 03:24

Love Virasoothe for cold sores - they seem to have move though, to //

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