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March 2024 second trimester onwards

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Busylizzie85 · 08/10/2023 20:15

New thread 😊

OP posts:
SJ456 · 08/10/2023 20:17

Can’t believe we are on the next thread already

ScottishStardust · 08/10/2023 20:29

Just marking my spot to keep up with everyone x

Elphamouche · 08/10/2023 20:30

Well I can’t quite believe it but we’re still here ❤️ starting to try to accept that this is happening this time. Looks like we should have our rainbow baby 😍.

Had a private scan this week and baby is doing well, it was on our original due date so seemed a fitting time to go public as well.

Sickness has eased off, just waiting for the tiredness to go!

Pipperleen · 08/10/2023 20:42

Thank you @Busylizzie85

18+2 now. A bit of a scare this week when I had some bright red blood on the tissue after a wee. Called triage and was sent down for a check - heard the heartbeat for the first time and had my cervix checked. I burst into tears when they said the heartbeat was sounding fine - I had instantly thought the worst, even though I did know that a bit of bleeding can be normal. My mind just went into overdrive..

20 week scan the week after next so looking forward to them having a proper look and finding out if we are having a Phoebe or a Phoebo… 😂

Aquarius93 · 08/10/2023 20:45

Thanks for starting the new thread.

I've got my 16 week appointment tomorrow (although I’ll actually be 17 weeks). Not expecting them to check the heartbeat yet as they didn’t in my last pregnancy at this stage but we’ll see!

Puddle13 · 08/10/2023 21:08

@Pipperleen so glad that all was ok. Did you not get to hear your baby’s heartbeat at 12 weeks?

BBno4 · 08/10/2023 21:17

I have my 16w on Tuesday. I almost completely forgot about it until I wanted to have a look through my notes.

I picked up this really good bookat a free book stall which has pregnancy info every day. Also info about a healthy pregnancy and the first month after birth.

March 2024 second trimester onwards
March 2024 second trimester onwards
Mamaoffourtobe · 08/10/2023 21:18


Pipperleen · 08/10/2023 21:34

@Puddle13 we saw it on the screen at 12, and at the 16w midwife appointment she said she could try to hear it with the doppler but that our Trust doesn’t necessarily recommend it at that stage as it can’t always be found. I was leaving my appointment to go back to work where we had Ofsted in, so I declined as I didn’t want the stress in case she couldn’t find it…!
So yes, I have now heard it with my ears - what a relief it was.

Retrogamer · 08/10/2023 22:08

Have any of you felt flutters or movement yet? If so, when did you first feel them?

Prudence00 · 09/10/2023 00:46

People are questioning 9 months off work? I’m going back after 4.5/5 months. Someone at work made a comment about the fact I won’t want to and it really annoyed me as it’s what I’ve chosen and have plans in place to do!

Allaboard209 · 09/10/2023 06:12

@Retrogamer. how do we tell the difference between wind/digestion and flutters haha?! I am so bloated will need baby to give a good kick before I know lol.
Can anyone describe what the flutter is supposed to feel like? Thanks

BBno4 · 09/10/2023 07:01

Yes, because its my 4th I can tell the difference.

If you start to feel it lay on your side and you can feel it more.

Lemon1111 · 09/10/2023 07:04

I have the exact same book :) it’s really good ♥️

J2023xx · 09/10/2023 07:51

Thanks for the new thread!

@Retrogamer last night was the first time the ‘flutters’ felt stronger… low down in pelvis area and I even could feel a bit when putting my hand on my tummy. Lovely experience!

until this point whenever I felt anything I wasn’t sure if it was baby or other!

HKS90 · 09/10/2023 08:42

I’ve felt once or twice when I’ve been confident it’s baby, but not strong enough yet for me to be sure every time I think I feel something. I’m planning to go back to work at 6 months and I’ve heard plenty of opinions about that 🙄 why can’t be people just be supportive and accept that what works is different for everyone and we are all perfectly capable of knowing what is right for our own circumstances. This is my first and I’ve been surprised by how often people think it’s fine to insert themselves and tell me “the right way” to do it.

Retrogamer · 09/10/2023 09:30

Thanks everyone. I've had moments where I thought I felt movement but then I doubt myself. It's still early for me though 15+4. I will feel a bit more relaxed when I do.
I want to take a whole year off but I don't think we can afford the unpaid time. I am going see how it plays out until I need to give official notice of return. (I forget when that is)
Hope you are all well.

vix_85 · 09/10/2023 11:09

Thanks for the new thread x

Psmama22 · 09/10/2023 11:15

Thanks for the new thread! 2nd pregnancy and 17 weeks. Haven’t felt anything yet so I’ve been a little worried!

Busylizzie85 · 09/10/2023 12:03

I'm the same @Psmama22 have thought I felt odd movements but nothing regular and most days nothing! Really thought this being my second I would feel more earlier.

OP posts:
IVFGotThis05 · 09/10/2023 12:15

I'm 16 weeks tomorrow with twins! Thought I'd join a march thread :)

Hoglife · 09/10/2023 13:56

@Retrogamer im 16 weeks tomorrow with my first baby, i keep thinking i have flutters but I've read its impossible with your first x

TTCbaby2023 · 09/10/2023 14:04

I'm 16 weeks 4 days and can't say that I have felt anything. Sometimes I feel some bubbles but it is probably gas and bloating as I get very bloated in the evening. It is my first baby so I don't expect to feel anything until later on.

BBno4 · 09/10/2023 18:45

I have the craziest headache today that paracetamol isn't touching.

Aquarius93 · 09/10/2023 19:19

@BBno4 I feel your pain - I’ve been getting terrible headaches over the past week or so that just won’t shift!

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