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Annoying things people say to pregnant women

108 replies

MummyToToby · 09/06/2006 20:42

"Was it planned?" Like it's your business if our contraception works!
"You're pregnant again?!" Errrr yes and what?
"Not long left then ay?" - ok to you 4 weeks may seem like nothing, to a heavily pregnant woman in the middle of a heatwave its forever!
"God it seems like you've been pregnant for ages!" - Again do you think i need reminding?
"God you're big" - Yes and i don't need reminding of the huge lump i have to carry around every day preventing me from doing things "normal" people can do, and will then have to somehow push out of a very small hole.
"What would you prefer a boy or a girl?" I'm really not that bothered!
Even worse - "Oh i bet you wanted a girl/boy" after you've found out it is the opposite or if you can even imagine anyone doing this (they do) IN FRONT OF that girl/boy!!

Also i hate the way people think they own your bump and can touch it whenever they feel. i like my personal space as much as you!!

Also i can imagine this would annoy some non-pregnant people "oooooh you want to get a move on and have a baby. time's getting on now." Firstly do i need reminding i'm getting on, secondly maybe i don't want a baby, thirdly maybe i am trying for a baby and haven't been successful yet!"

OP posts:
Chandra · 09/06/2006 20:44

Do you have a partner? No, I was inseminated the last time I was kidnapped by an UFO

kayzed · 09/06/2006 20:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pruni · 09/06/2006 20:47

Man: "It's a beautiful thing, birth. You don't want any of that pain-relief malarkey. It's so primal and instinctive, you just have to be relaxed about it."
Pruni: "And you'd, precisely??" [cold hard lengthy stare]

intergalacticwalrus · 09/06/2006 20:47

I HATE it when people keep on saying "are you sure there's only one in there?"

Like I need reminding that I am big fat bloater. I nearly cried a cvouple of weeks ago when this bitch said "Oh my god, you are so massive" I wanted to smashe her smug, childless, "look at me, I have a wahsboatrd stomach and perky norks" face in. I don't look like one of those blooming preggy ladies, I just look like a big sweaty tomato.

Chandra · 09/06/2006 20:48

Classmate one: What are you expecting???
Classmate two: A baby.

Wonder how do they made it to postgrad level...

alex8 · 09/06/2006 20:48

"Is it twins?, you're so big" (only ok if actually have twins or more)

MummyToToby · 09/06/2006 20:51

oh god i hate that pruni! i was talking to my best friend (a man) about how i was scared about the birth. to which he replied oh you'll be fine. simple as that. easy for HIM to say!! also hate it when childless people say this. and they can be so sure how?

OP posts:
MummyToToby · 09/06/2006 20:53

i hate it when people ask that too chandra, but cos i then have to explain no, he f*cked off as soon as i told him. then again i also hate people assuming i have a dp for the same reason.

OP posts:
MummyToToby · 09/06/2006 21:16

one to add - my mum just said it used to annoy her when she told people she was pregnant with us "oh does [insert partner's name] know." erm yes! i think you would tell them before the rest of the world lol.

OP posts:
katiebl · 09/06/2006 21:43

My manager (male) used to tell me he didn't understand why women made such a fuss of giving birth - "YEars ago they used to give birth in a field, without drugs and then just carry on working" - Umm, firstly that is very rare (yes even in the 'olden days' - 1500s they used to have a lying in period of 6 weeks before and after childbirth). Secondly, death in childbirth was quite high in those days. HE ignored these well thought out responses of mine and just mocked me.
I think after a while he carried on with it to wind me up. Pregnancy hormones were my excuse to have a strop. Needless to say manager = childless and single and planning to stay that way.

WigWamBam · 09/06/2006 21:46

The most annoying thing anyone said to me was "Oh ... is it [insert dh's name here]'s?"

pupuce · 09/06/2006 21:47

Well as a doula I have heard midwives ask a woman is coming into the labour ward in full blown labour:

  • Can I help you?
  • What can we do for you ?


"we're just lost we 're loking for the closest Mc Donald.... FGS what do you think SHE wants !!!!!!!!!"
teabags · 10/06/2006 19:59

I hate the way people think your whole body is public property, ie the touching (especially when early on and not even a bump to touch) and for eg, people at work asking things like wheher I had piles......

Afer the birth they think they have every right to know whether you needed sitches/if you have cracked nipples etc Blush

ProfYaffle · 10/06/2006 20:09

When i was at work I had a meeting with someone from an external agency who I'd never met before. He asked me how far gone I was, I told him 4 months, he was aghast and cried in horrified tones 'but my wife was 6 months before she was that big!'


SenoraPostrophe · 10/06/2006 20:10

"was it planned" shocked me slightly as well.

also several spanish women have said "but you already have one of each - why do you want a third?" which makes me laugh. as if wanting one of the opposite sex was the only reason for wanting a third one.

SenoraPostrophe · 10/06/2006 20:10

(but I like the touching and I quite like being told I am enormous for some reason though!)

rosebea · 10/06/2006 20:14

Have two beautiful girls and I remember coming out of hospital with DD2 and feeling all proud then a friend came round and said
"I suppose you'll want to try for a boy now for DP's sake!!!!!"
Nealy smacked her!!!

SophieB · 11/06/2006 19:30

I HATE it when people say to me 'Wow arent you big' (im 26 weeks) i know they dont mean any harm but i just feel like shouting ' erm yea i KNOW im big, i see myself in the mirror everday!'

Sakura · 12/06/2006 15:10

Woman looks knowingly at my bump, and then:
"Hmm, yes you`re very small for 6 months"

Me: "Well, it is my first and they say our tummy muscles are tighter first time round"

Woman: "Yes, but even so...

I get this a LOT. How evil is that, trying to suggest that my baby is not developing properly, or is somehow malnourished, then I spend the rest of the day worrying about my baby.
I just console myself with the fact that their bellies are protruding a lot, and they are not even pregnant.

LexB · 12/06/2006 20:53

Sakura - yes indeed both during this pregnancy (20 wks) and my 1st one e.g 'Gosh you're not very big are you, you don't look pregnant at all'. Like, yeah I know - that's why no one offers me a seat on the train or tube!

milward · 12/06/2006 21:00

You still here - yup - ds4 was due in a month or so!!

teacher of my dd2 - are you preg? - I was but only 10 wks!!!

1Baby1Bump · 12/06/2006 21:02

'You are MASSIVE!'
'Was it an accident'
'It's another boy? You must be gutted'
'You'll have your hands full'

LeahE · 12/06/2006 21:17

When pg I had one conversation that went:

HER: When are you due?
ME: January
HER: What, next January?
ME: [considers saying "no, last January, he's just very overdue" or "no, the January after..."]

mogwai · 12/06/2006 21:42

People who haven't seen you for three or four weeks:

"God - you've grown"

No shit, Sherlock

Jasnem · 12/06/2006 21:45

From 34 weeks to 42 weeks... "haven't you had it yet?"
I constantly wanted to say, yes, but I shoved it back up as I just love being pregnant. Angry

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