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Choose your fave from these 3 boys' names - then i'll promise i'll never start another thread about boys' names ever again!

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Mandymoo · 19/04/2006 14:44

Samuel (Sam)
Thomas (Tom)

OUr surname is one syllabul but i like the shortened versions of these names.


OP posts:
cece · 19/04/2006 14:47

Tom or Sam NOT Alfie

KristinaM · 19/04/2006 14:48

My favourite is Tom. But not with a one syllable surname. If your surname is common / popular I would avoid all of these as they are also very popular just now.

Of course I am biased as we have a Tom.....

Twinkie1 · 19/04/2006 14:49

Really don't like Alfie and Archie type names - sorry but IMO they sound common!!!!! but know 2 beautiful little boys called Sam and Tom - think Tom my fave though!!

HappyMumof2 · 19/04/2006 14:52

Don't really like any of them - sorry!

but at a push I would probably go with Alfie

Tipex · 19/04/2006 14:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoolsToo · 19/04/2006 14:53


madmarchhare · 19/04/2006 14:53


hunkermunker · 19/04/2006 14:54

Tom, unless surname Thumb. Then Sam.

lucy5 · 19/04/2006 14:54

Tom or Sam are lovely, I don't mind Alfie either, so not very helpful hahaha.

shimmy21 · 19/04/2006 14:55

I like Alfie. I like Tom and Sam too but there are so many of them about.

Anoah · 19/04/2006 14:58

Noah, Luke, Matthew, Josh

Sorry, couldn't narrow it down to 3!

noddyholder · 19/04/2006 14:59


NatalieJane · 19/04/2006 14:59

I'd say Sam. We have a Thomas, but we have never shortened it, I don't think he would even answer if you called him Tom!

Tom to me, sounds like an old fat builders name for some reason!!!! Sorry...

GDG · 19/04/2006 15:00

Thomas (Tom)

Don't like the other two.

lucykate · 19/04/2006 15:00


Bozza · 19/04/2006 15:00


kama · 19/04/2006 15:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bundle · 19/04/2006 15:01

I prefer tom but they're all incredibly common now

pooka · 19/04/2006 15:01

Tom (not Thomas).
Not Alfie. Sam OK
ds is Tom (not Thomas because always think of the tank engine).

CHICagoMUM · 19/04/2006 15:02

Samuel (but then I am biased Wink ).

pooka · 19/04/2006 15:03

Old fat builder! PMSL. He is a bruiser, though!
A lot depends on microtrends in neighbourhood. Have yet to come across another Tom, but Maxes, Jacks and Alexes aplenty round here. Funny :)

Esmummy · 19/04/2006 15:04

Love Sam and Tom - defo not Alfie.
Tom is DP's name so i would love that. We are having Tommy as an option for a boy this time.

Twiglett · 19/04/2006 15:06

far too many Sams around .. every 2nd child is called Sam

Like Tom .. still manly .. less commonplace

Alfie was so very popular a couple of years ago that I'm fed up of seeing small children called Alfie

Tatties · 19/04/2006 15:07


Twiglett · 19/04/2006 15:07

(also with Thomas .. you can really wind them up by calling them Thomasina .. Samuel only leads to Shmu-el and Alfie is just Michael Caine)

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