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Will I regret finding out the sex????HELP

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dewberry1 · 15/12/2005 13:17

I cant decide whether to ask the sex at my 20 week scan in January...I didnt find out with ds but this time i keep thinking it would be easier to prepare if I knew..(nursery, clothes etc) and also I could prepare my ds who desperately wants a brother...But I was watching Portland babies (im hooked)yesterday and their was a lady on their who said she regretted finding out..
Has anyone regretted it..Help!! I would like your advise.xx

OP posts:
thecattleareALOHing · 15/12/2005 13:19

I didn't, but I don't like surprises.

littlemissbossy · 15/12/2005 13:22

I didn't regret finding out, but then I was not at all bothered about what sex the baby was, just excited and couldn't wait to find out. I'm also a very practical person and wanted to know for nursery and clothes.
However, close friend found out within a week of me and was very disappointed because she was having another girl and would have liked a boy.

6beetrootsAmilking · 15/12/2005 13:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

hoolagirl · 15/12/2005 13:25

I found out and never regreted it, gave me time to mentally 'bond' with ds iyswim.
Plus i couldn't wait to find out.... oh the excitement !!

WigWamBam · 15/12/2005 13:27

I didn't regret finding out. I felt that it made me feel closer to the baby because once I started referring to "her" rather that "it" and could start looking for names she suddenly felt more real to me. Then there was the practical stuff like buying clothes, painting the nursery and so on.

If you're keen to know then don't worry about it - chances are you won't regret it.

HappyMumof2TurtleDoves · 15/12/2005 13:28

I found out with dd (2nd) and didn't regret it.
I didn't with ds,my first, but I found knowing meant I bonded with her, as did ds, he used to talk to her, and she already had her name etc.

Blackduck · 15/12/2005 13:28

I didn't - so convinced I was carrying a girl, I asked so I could be prepared if I was wrong and boy was I wrong

dingdongmeggymooonhigh · 15/12/2005 13:30

Not at all and we didn't want to know. It was a complete accident. We were thrilled though, when we knew for sure.

dingdongmeggymooonhigh · 15/12/2005 13:31

BTW, I will definitely find out if there is a next time.

COPPERfeelunderSantasTOP · 15/12/2005 13:33

I found out that ds1 was a boy at my 20wk scan. When I was pg with ds2 the hospital had a policy of not telling parents so I only found out at the birth. IME it was just as much of a surprise to find out at the scan as it was to find out the birth.

munz · 15/12/2005 13:34

I found out mainly cos we had our heart set on having a girl, tunred out to be a boy. so it was good to find out and get used to it. now we're prepared for DS in some ways I do regreat it - but I think if he had been born and I was still hankering after a girl I would have been a bit disapointed.

over all i'm glad we found out. don't know if we would next time or not.

Feistybird · 15/12/2005 13:35

I really was against the idea of finding out both times - I just loved the notion of finding out at the birth.

nailpolish · 15/12/2005 13:36

they can always get it wrong too...

chjlly · 15/12/2005 13:36

I found out with both mine - but it was more confirming what we thought we were having.

podkin · 15/12/2005 13:37

It makes no difference to the surprise whether you know the sex at 20 or 40 weeks - it's still a surprise and its not as if you can change it in either case (even if you wanted to !). It's just whether you can stand to wait an extra 20 weeks (I couldn't for both of mine and don't regret finding out for a moment)

throckenholt · 15/12/2005 13:38

depends if you have a great wish for one or the other. If so - then finding out will give you time to get used to your "disappointment".

We found out both times - and were pleased because it meant we only had to argue about one lot of names

dewberry1 · 15/12/2005 13:41

Oh Im gonna find out..I dont care what it is so long as its healthy but im getting excited at the thought of knowing whats bubbling away inside me..thanks girls xx

OP posts:
QueensSpeechEagle · 15/12/2005 13:41

I didn't find out for my first 3 with exdh - in fact I had a late scan at 36 weeks with ds2 and purposely turned away from the screen as I was againsy knowing.

With new dh I didn't find out with our 1st and he was def disappointed fleetingly when ds was born as he had so wanted a girl.

When I was expecting my 5th I HAD to find out at my 20 week scan as I knew if it was another boy dh would need the next 20 weeks to get used to not having a little girl of his own. Even though he dotes on my dd, it's not the same.

If I were you, go with whatever your gut feeling is at the time.

oranges · 15/12/2005 13:42

Does anyone find out after the 20 week scan? i.e. are there scans later on? They couldn't tell clearly at the time and while I was disappointed then, I now like not knowing. Just want to make sure someone does not tell me accidentally if there is another scan

throckenholt · 15/12/2005 13:46

only late scans if they think there may be a problem - in that case - you either tell them you don't want to know, or you don't care by then because you have other concerns.

dewberry1 · 15/12/2005 13:50

QueensSpeechEagle...well...what was number 5..a ds or a dd...youve left us in suspense here xx

OP posts:
dingdongmeggymooonhigh · 15/12/2005 13:52

I did Oranges.I found out at the 24 wk scan then it was confirmed at the 28 weeks scan I had to have several scans to monitor a problem.

hunkermunker · 15/12/2005 13:58

I didn't find out with DS (but knew I was having a boy with him), but this time round (am 35+5) I don't have a clue - and I still don't want to find out. Well, I have wondered, obviously, and I have a second growth scan on Tuesday so could possibly ask if I wanted to - but I'd regret finding out because I wouldn't be able to "un-know"!

I like surprises though.

QueensSpeechEagle · 15/12/2005 14:11

dewberry - no5 was another boy. I am glad we found out too as dh was disappointed, he couldn't hide it. I have a dd followed by 4 boys btw. Obviously dh adores all of them but he does hanker after a girl of his own.

This si the only thing which makes me tempted to try for another even though I wouldn't mind in the slightest if it was another boy. However, the thought of six kids is mind-blowing!

dewberry1 · 15/12/2005 14:19

QueensSpeechEagle...oh my word girl..I dont know how you manage..GIRL POWER to you..but keep them legs crossed

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