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Baking Powder Gender Test! Just for fun!

86 replies

milkyways · 13/08/2011 01:05

Someone mentioned this test on another forum I'm on, so I googled it and came across these results from other women. I know it's just an old wives tale and it depends on the acidity of you urine at that time, but 86% say the test predicted correctly!


I'm ashamed to say I tried it earlier today and got alot of fizzling, but I'll be finding out the sex (hopefully) in about a week.

Would anyone else who already knows the gender (or even not) be willing to take the test?

OP posts:

BeeMyBaby · 13/08/2011 06:54

never tried this before... was looking at your forum, less than 50% say it gave accurate readings, just 86 people said it gave accurate readings...


lou132 · 13/08/2011 08:00

im 6/7 weeks gone & just tried it. I have 2 boys already. Only pee'd a little bit on it & it fizzed right up other the top. I'm already convinced im having twins and wondered if this was another sign, lol!!! Shock

Would love to know what other people thought of it x


needsanswers · 13/08/2011 08:24

hi there me and a friend of mine both done this test at about 12weeks preg she got girl and i got boy, they were both correct! goodluck! we also done the ring test and they were both right... got it right with DS as well


milkyways · 13/08/2011 10:20

That's what happened to mine lou132!!

needsanswers I've never tried the ring test! Actually this is the first ever gender test I've done, so quite excited to see if it works!

OP posts:

babycarmen · 14/08/2011 19:01

i wish i had baking powder :)


cheekycurls · 21/08/2011 08:43

wonder if this really works! Grin


CrazyAlien06 · 21/08/2011 08:52

Oooo I love a wife's tale! May try this later for fun! I'm 34 wks and getting bored not knowing what I'm having... I have a scan at 36 wks and it's very tempting to find out but then it could only be a matter of weeks/days until I really find out...
Be interested to read people's results


MrsHuxtable · 21/08/2011 09:25

What do you have to do? How does it work?


GroovyRach · 21/08/2011 12:46

Hmm, I'm now 34 wks, paid for private scan at 26 wks and was told girl.. I just done this test and it's saying boy?! Wasent so much a 'fizz' more just foam gathered on the top. It better be wrong.. Pink room and tons of girly clothes etc.

I did always think I was having a boy right from day I found out I was pregnant!!


Pastabee · 21/08/2011 13:15

Lol. This reminds me of playing with 'my first chemistry kit' except I used vinegar and not pee back then!!

Foamed up so much I thought it would overflow plastic cup. That means boy...? DH and I didn't find out at scans but feel really strongly baby is a boy.

I love old wives tales but hadn't heard this one before so thank you for posting it!!!


del1 · 21/08/2011 20:41

I've just tried it, and had no fizz, so should be a girl then?

The lady who scanned me at 37 weeks, last week told us she will refere to the baby as HE.
But when she saw it was still breech, she held the scanner over my rib area and said ' HER head is up here still'.

Our gut feeling is a girl - so will let you know in about 2 weeks (ish) timeHmm


milkyways · 21/08/2011 20:43

MrsHuxtable Really simple - just put a tablespoon of baking powder in a disposable plastic cup, and then go to the bathroom and wee into it! If it bubbles up making a fizzing sound, then you are supposed to have a boy, if it doesn't fizz up and remains watery, then you're having a girl!

Glad others have found it fun too!

OP posts:

Ivortheengine8 · 21/08/2011 20:46

Don't have any baking soda, anything else I can use?


milkyways · 21/08/2011 20:55

Ivortheengine Sorry, don't know what else you could use - but there is another gender test in which you boil red cabbage, strain the water and then wee into it - I think pink means girl and purple means boy at the end!!

OP posts:

Ivortheengine8 · 21/08/2011 21:02

Thanks milkyway but I don't have any red cabbage either :(
Anything else that doesn't involve cooking?
I did try the chinese gender prediction chart an that said boy - was correct for my dd too!


sam1983 · 22/08/2011 09:49

I tried this test and according to this abd the chinese gender prediction chart baby should be a girl. however had a scan which showed it is most definitely a boy!


del1 · 22/08/2011 12:57

OOPS!! I used bi carb of soda by mistake. Shock
I've just tried it again - using baking , and it fizzed, then bubbled up over the cup.
So a boy!
Did the chinese predictor test too - that said boy.
Only 2 weeks to go, so w shall see Confused


Ivortheengine8 · 22/08/2011 15:14

Damm - just went to shop meaning to get some and forgot! :(


milkyways · 22/08/2011 22:58

I had my scan today and the test was right! It's a boy! I know 6 different women who have done the test and it was right for them now! I never checked the Chinese gender prediction chart, so will do that to see if it matches!

OP posts:

needsanswers · 23/08/2011 01:09

wow contgrats to you! it was right for me and 3 other people i know that tried it to! congrats again :)


Ivortheengine8 · 23/08/2011 07:10

Congrats milkyway, how exciting. couldn't find out with ours as legs were crossed so I DEFINATELY will get that baking powder today!


milkyways · 23/08/2011 22:54

Ivor Do fill us in when you do the test!!

OP posts:

milkyways · 23/08/2011 22:55

Thanks needsanswers. Very strange how it works for loads of women - I wish I could conduct a survey or something!

OP posts:

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability · 25/08/2011 17:08

Chinese gender prediction says boy, baking soda says boy. Only 6.5 weeks atm so will let you know Grin

However, according to the chinese gender predictor, DS should have been a girl...


Boosaphena · 25/08/2011 19:10

I only have out of date baking powder do you think that matters?!!!

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