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HELP...... is this the start?!

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jessicaandbumpsmummy · 24/09/2005 08:35

Never been through "real" labour as was induced with Jess.

I am now 36+2 with baby number 2 and have been up most of the night with the most horrific back pain and pains under the bump..... is this normal?

I had a bath but that hasnt done anything, so do i need to get checked or do i take a few paracetemol and see if that helps?!

OP posts:
Frizbe · 27/09/2005 09:01

I've seen her lurking on another thread! so no news...

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 27/09/2005 09:03

i wish i had girls!

All quiet, so doubt anything going to happen!

DH refused sex last night - well to put it better - he fell asleep as sono as we got into bed - so im not talking to him today

OP posts:
Frizbe · 27/09/2005 09:14

crikey and you let him being asleep put you off! come on girl, where's your determination!! hope you have some luck with bump soon x

munz · 27/09/2005 09:15

lol@friz - u go girl!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 27/09/2005 09:17

Friz - dont worry - i intend to kick him into shape later when Jess has a sleep!

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 27/09/2005 09:18

aww sorry to hear that JABM bubs just isn't fully cooked yet he/she will come when they are ready I'm sure they are little darlings!!!! not much comfort for you though. I do think it will be in the next week though fingers crossed.

My poor DP was promised loads of sex in the run up last time but as I went early he got nothing and was far too scared to come anywhere near me for weeks afterwards bless him.

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