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HELP...... is this the start?!

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jessicaandbumpsmummy · 24/09/2005 08:35

Never been through "real" labour as was induced with Jess.

I am now 36+2 with baby number 2 and have been up most of the night with the most horrific back pain and pains under the bump..... is this normal?

I had a bath but that hasnt done anything, so do i need to get checked or do i take a few paracetemol and see if that helps?!

OP posts:
Coathanger · 25/09/2005 19:01

What other thread? The crohns one?

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 25/09/2005 19:01


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Coathanger · 25/09/2005 19:03


Frizbe · 25/09/2005 19:14

Does sound promising still hun, you never know it may happen tonight!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 25/09/2005 19:16

im just not sure..... im a lot calmer today though - was really quite up-tight about it all on friday night and yesterday, and then when things kicked off last night again i was scared stiff!

OP posts:
Munchkinola · 25/09/2005 20:52

I'm posting bag tomoz, maybe no2 is hanging on till it arrives

Good Luck

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 25/09/2005 21:00

hope so munch!

gonna try bouncing up and down on a beach ball in a minute and then DH is in luck tomight too!

OP posts:
kelli22 · 26/09/2005 04:41

Hi girls,
sorry to borrow your thread jess (hope things wont take too long btw) i know how you feel about waiting for baby, im now 40wks plus 4 days and still nothing (with my 2nd)was wondering what you girls think i've been having pains here n there for a few weeks some sharp some dull period type pains but nothing significant anyway yesterday i went to the loo (sry TMI) about 5 times so i thought perhaps my body is getting ready? i havent gone off my food though - infact been starving which is half the reason im up at this stupid hour.

really hoping today is the day as im booked in for a sweep tomorrow and i dont really fancy that, although MW said she'll get me an induction date so at least ill have something to aim for, it feels like ive been pregnant forever and i just wanna meet my little girl, incidently we're calling her Jessica too

anyway sorry to babble on im just so fed up now im looking for any sign........hope to chat with you girls soon no doubt ill be around later waiting for baby to arrive x

bubbles2904 · 26/09/2005 07:28

good luck jabm, this sounds like it and exactly the way my labour started 3 weeks ago.
kelli, you should join the due september thread as there are many in the same position as you and can give you support, they really are a great bunch i'm one of them LOL

kelli22 · 26/09/2005 07:55

Thanks Bubbles, where do i find the sept thread?

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/09/2005 08:16

good luck Kelli - hope all goes well.

Not really much of an update today, had sex with DH last night and had contractions on and off, a few niggles this morning, but im still going to walk round to toddlers, demand they do the hokey cokey and walk back to see if that helps!

Im sure it was the hokey cokey on friday that has started all this!!!

OP posts:
Frizbe · 26/09/2005 08:32

Oooh does sound like your very nearly ready hun, still off your food?? good luck for today, will keep checking on you when time allows!

kelli22 · 26/09/2005 08:33

lol perhaps i should have a go at that!! i got up today and i've just got a feeling something is going to happen today - its probably just wishful thinking, i've had the odd few pains but then ive been to the loo again this morning so it could be just that, but i do have a feeling that something just isnt quite right, like a dull ache, ill come back n post if anything happens!!!

Frizbe · 26/09/2005 08:40

oooh good luck keli (oooh crikey two of you to keep a check on!)

munz · 26/09/2005 10:38

u dance away girl! lol - suspect the baby wants to join in the fun! lol.

Toothache · 26/09/2005 10:46

JABM - I was like this on and off with my 2nd! Also had mild backache contractions right after sex..... went to hospital as I'd been in a couple of days before with a slight bleed.... turns out I was 4cm! All these wee niggles are working your cervix girl. GOOD LUCK!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/09/2005 12:00

toothache - just what i needed to hear!

After the deed was done last night, i was having on off contractions..... a slight pink gooey discharge this morning - is that another sign?! Not sure if maybe DH was a bit rough last night?!

OP posts:
Toothache · 26/09/2005 12:04

Thats EXACTLY what happened to me. Its a show.

Toothache · 26/09/2005 12:07

I was 39 wks pg BTW.

sweetkitty · 26/09/2005 12:08

I had a pink gooey discharge after my waters broke, bub appeared very soon afterwards.

Your still quite early on though 36 + weeks?

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/09/2005 12:10

yup - still quite early.... but ANYTHING to get this baby moving - its hospital dates that ive got 3.5 weeks to go - my dates are more like 2 weeks..... i wasnt sure if it was a show or not - there wasnt a lot of it....

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 26/09/2005 13:22

JABM this is what to do IME baby will make an appearance, get your DH to plan some time off to get ready for the new arrival, on this time off plan to make final preparations for the new arrival, you must plan a romantic night out or two, do not install new car seat or have babies bed set up, plan to do all this in the next week or two oh and you must think you will go overdue so mentally not be prepared for the arrival...........dead cert baby will arrive to thwart all your plans!!!

munz · 26/09/2005 13:24

oooh JM sounds v v promising, fingers crossed by the end of the week then/ when m/w comes on weds!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/09/2005 13:27

hope so hun.... hope so. Realyl getting quite now because i really cant cope being pg anymore, im just too tired and emotional and its not fair on jess.... she needs a mummy not a blob that cant move off the sofa

OP posts:
munz · 26/09/2005 13:29

oh honney i'm sure u're not a blob! ((hugs)) can u get the m/w round sooner and talk about this whole induction thing?

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