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Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, on Mumsnet for a webchat

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JustineMumsnet · 03/05/2010 13:53

Do post your advance questions here.

OP posts:
frakkinnuts · 03/05/2010 15:15

'This system' being having ID cards.

MuppetsMuggle · 03/05/2010 15:16

Multi cultural society is a good thing ESP as my DD will learn how other cultures live etc - I just don't agree with others coming here not bothering to learn a language but kicking up a fuss that something goes against their religion etc so have that britishness taken away iykwim seems like the britishness is being pushed out completly . I worked for an insurance company regularly had people call for a policy but couldn't speak English and couldn't understand a word, also regularly got threatened by men who would only speak to another man as in their country culture women knew nothing and didn't have the right to do what I did.

dittany · 03/05/2010 15:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MuppetsMuggle · 03/05/2010 15:18

I'm going to leave the thread as will only cause more outrage - apologise to anyone I've offended

Doobydoo · 03/05/2010 15:20

Agree that you shouldn't have aplologised and 'pretended'you misunderstood!
You are leader of Labour Party and should stick to your guns...I think you are badly advised by little boys in suits and that you should ask Mandelson to go and follow your own path and have the courage of your convictions.Maybe you and Vince Cable and a few others should get together.

MollieO · 03/05/2010 15:25

Gosh not sure if he is being brave or stupid!

My question would be how do you feel about forming a coalition government? Will you be replacing Alistair with Vince as Chancellor (good move if you do)?

TeaOneSugar · 03/05/2010 15:26

Hi Gordon,

If protecting jobs is essential to the economic recovery, why is it acceptable to put jobs at risk in the public sector?

The NHS is being asked to make 30% management savings, which will mean redundancies. I work in a commissioning PCT and we are already stretched, there are no managers or administrators that I'm aware of sitting about twiddling their thumbs.

When the NHS has made the 30% savings, will the DOH accept that we won't have the capacity to give "targets" and "must does" the attention it currently demands.

Having said that I will be voting labour this week, the alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

sarah293 · 03/05/2010 15:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

drloves8 · 03/05/2010 15:29

Can you also do something about the "neds" please ? Currently , the local "ned" we have is enjoying luxury outings that the children/teenagers of the decent hard working families cannot afford. WHY ?.... because he is being rewarded for all his hoolanganism by the social work, paid for by our taxes .Please stop this , he is being taught how to continue to be a "ned" , like many before who grow up to be fully fledged criminals.
Can you not bring in a law to punish him (and those like him) instead? ...or at least make his parents pay for his treats.

dittany · 03/05/2010 15:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mollymawk · 03/05/2010 15:31

I support all the questions about where the cuts are going to be.

We are not (all) stupid. We know by now that we have all been benefiting for some years from the Government spending on us more than we give it in taxes, and that we now really have to start making up the difference. Thus things will not be so good for any of us for some while, whoever the next Government is. We also know this is better than going bankrupt, where we will then have no choice about how we do it.

So, what is your approach going to be to this? (Seconding requests for details and no mention of other parties please).

cornsilk · 03/05/2010 15:32

Hello Gordon and good luck for Thursday.

Slur · 03/05/2010 15:33


Given the increase in scaremongering media headlines and the possibility of some successes for the BNP in places like Barking, do you agree it is irresponsible to pander to the right wing misrepresentation of immigrants swamping the country and abusing our welfare provision by only talking about how to control borders and keep people out?

If you are elected will you show you reject xenophobia and bigotry by celebrating the diversity of our country and the massive contribution that non English born residents make to our economy and the richness of our culture?

And further, will you also be bold enough to show humanity and allow asylum seekers to work and live in safety in the UK?

drloves8 · 03/05/2010 15:35

I too second the stupid 4 nappy a day rule ...and whats going on with the education service ... the special needs assistant at our local school is on a temp contract and doesnt know one term to the next if hes still employed- worrying for the parents who depend on the support for their childrens education.

Quattrocento · 03/05/2010 15:37

Greece's budget deficit as a percentage of GDP is 13.6%. The UK's is 11.5%. Germany's is 3.3%. We've retained our AAA rating largely because our debts are not yet due for repayment.

We need to ensure, as a nation, that our income is greater than our expenditure, and we don't want to leave our children a bankrupt country with a lifetime of debt to repay.

Will the PM tell us what steps he is proposing to take in terms of cutting spending?

Wiseoldelf · 03/05/2010 15:39

Hi Gordon,
What are the plans for all the shares that the government owns in the banks?

Obviously, they can't all be sold at once, or the prices will crash again; so how long would you hang onto them for?

If you 'broke even' on the money that was pumped into the banks, how far would that pay off the national debt?

By the way, I just want to echo what a lot of people on here have already said. Generally I think you are a good chap (who cares if you have a temper) and you have been on the end of an unbelievable amount of crap from the press over non stories(bigotgate and the letters to soldiers families, to name a couple).
How do you deal with these personnal attacks?

animula · 03/05/2010 15:39

Welcome back, Gordon, and Good Luck for Thursday.

softhoney · 03/05/2010 15:42

I have total faith in you Gordon Brown. Under the Labour Government since 1997, I have gone to university, qualified as a solicitor and had 3 children (I am now 32). At times, things were hard, but I believe that Labour policies and values have had a significant role in helping me get where I am today.

The only issue I would have is with being able to afford quality childcare for three children. It is a virtual impossibility and at times it seems pointless me working. We are not eligible for child tax credit, yet my childcare bill is 1600 pcm, which is pretty much most of my wages after tax and work travel costs. Ironically it would be better for me to take a lesser paid job, leave my husband and claim childcare tax credits .

Where do people like me figure in your future policies?

TheFirstLady · 03/05/2010 15:43

Mr Brown, I have three daughters who I very much hope will have the same opportunities that I did to go to university and pursue their studies in whatever direction their intellectual curiosity leads them.
Yesterday's newspapers suggest that the outcome of Lord Browne's review may be a recommendation that universities should be allowed to charge the full cost of courses - meaning that fees of up to £14,000 could be a reality for many students.
How do you think Britain is going to maintain world-class research and retain its intellectual credibility if the brightest students are discouraged from pursuing career paths which are intellectually demanding but notoriously badly paid, such as research, because of the potentially enormous debt they will accrue in the process.
What do my husband and I say to our children, who know we have supported the Labour Party all our adult lives because we believe in those fundamental values that it espouses - namely a committment to fairness and equality for all - when they ask why they don't have the same opportunities to pursue the very best education Britain has to offer, as children from wealthier families?

stripeyknickersspottysocks · 03/05/2010 15:45

Why did you make up lies on Labour party leaflets for this election saying that the Tories were going to cut benefits for pensioners such as bus passes, fuel allowance, tv licenses?

Molesworth · 03/05/2010 15:45

Hello Mr Brown - I too want to wish you good luck for Thursday. Be assured, there are very, very many of us who have no wish to see the tories back in power!

My question is, given the inevitability of deep public spending cuts over the next few years, can our continued military presence in Afghanistan really be justified? Would this money not be better spent on maintaining essential public services?

Disenchanted3 · 03/05/2010 15:48

No question but you have my vote


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softhoney · 03/05/2010 15:50

Forgot to say too, that my husband and I will be supporting you on Thursday. Best of luck.

abdnhiker · 03/05/2010 15:50

I've a few other questions but the only one that really counts is the one about the deficit:

"Why did you allow the country to run this deficit before the recession and how can we eliminate it now and in the next decade?"

Obviously you don't feel the same way about debt as I do, we don't live beyond our means as a family but we have been as a country, even when times were good. It's the most important issue to my children's future in my opinion.

woosam · 03/05/2010 15:52

I just want to say good luck for Thursday. You have my vote even though it's unlikely to make a difference as I live in Tatton where Mr O is unlikely to lose.

Electoral reform; Please!!!

Two other quick points. Firstly, I genuinely admire your intellectual capabilities and despite being well educated myself, I have no qualms about accepting that you're the brightest cherry on the bunch. However, please, please don't think this means that the entire electorate is stupid. We know we're in debt and we know that private conversations are meant to stay that way.

This brings me to my second point. I have yet to speak to anyone who doesn't believe the 'bigot' incident was blown out of proportion by the media or who claims to now see you in a different light. Whether they agreed with you or not. However, I'm afraid the trip back up to Rochdale and the cringing apology and 'misunderstanding' statement is what most people are laughing about.

Still, the thought of a Tory government makes me shudder.

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