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Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, on Mumsnet for a webchat

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JustineMumsnet · 03/05/2010 13:53

Do post your advance questions here.

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expatinscotland · 08/05/2010 08:48

Too right, edam.

Mrs Brown, if you're lurking, some of us will despair the day Cameron gets into No. 10.

darkblue · 08/05/2010 22:35

I voted Lib Dem, in one of the safest Labour seats in the country. Mostly because I'm frustrated at the complacency of the Labour Government. I was a Labour party member since I was 15 years old, but a Government who have caused national debt of around 55% GDP is unacceptable.

The last time public debt was this high was when Thatcher bent Britain over in 1972.

But if I have voted Lib Dem allowing the Tories in via the back door, I will never vote Lib Dem again. A coalition should be shared ideals, policies and principles - not climbing into bed with the enemy.

Give Britain Proportional Representation, form a coalition and keep us out of recession. Then get back to the grassroots - Working class people who depend on a Government working for them. And Trade Unions who expect backing, not a kicking.

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