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Labour "ruling elite" "worried sick" about Jeremy Corbyn says Len McCluskey

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claig · 14/07/2015 07:43

"Unite's Len McCluskey said "an enormous surge" of people wanted to take part after Mr Corbyn was confirmed as running "because people are inspired".

Mr McCluskey accused the "ruling elite" of "trying to rubbish" Mr Corbyn.
He said that those who thought Mr Corbyn was "marginalised" should "watch this space".

"I know the people who will be uncomfortable, despite the fact that they are saying the opposite - and that's the ruling elite," he said.

"They try and rubbish it, they try to turn it into a joke, but secretly they will be worried sick that ordinary people are suddenly given something to inspire them and something to link onto," Mr McCluskey said."

Good luck Jeremy Corbyn. Real democracy that ruins the plans of Labour's "ruling elite".

OP posts:
claig · 26/07/2015 22:07

"Why smart Tories should not be smug about Labour’s Corbyn-mania
And in a broader sense, the sort of Conservatives who think intelligently and strategically – and there are more of them than you think – fret that a bearded 66-year-old socialist has ignited political debate in a way that absolutely nobody in the mainstream predicted. He has stormed through the crash barriers of contemporary politics as if they weren’t there, presenting the ideals of the left as if they were brand new and absolutely tailored to the needs of our age. He has shown that party modernisation of the sort that Blair championed for 13 years is as brittle as balsa. What message does that have for Cameron, whose modernisation strategy has been much less consistent and committed than Blair’s?

The general election result suggests that the conventional rules of politics have not changed: on which basis Labour would – if Corbyn became leader – split, lose, and perhaps do both. The Tories would be the conspicuous beneficiaries.

But what if the rules have changed? What if Corbyn’s moment in the sun is more than an anomaly, a quirk, an exception that proves the rule? The smart politician allows for such possibilities. Which is why smart Tories, far from gloating, are asking themselves if this is the start of something; and if so, of what?"

'But what if the rules have changed?'

The rules have changed. Farage rewrote them and now Corbyn is going to add to the rewrite. Blair's modernisation programme (and Cameron's modernisation hug-a-hoodie Big Society crusade) have both collapsed like a house of cards.

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 27/07/2015 11:01

Farage halving his bought sitting Conservative Westminsters seats and not getting elected to Westminster for the 8th time of trying is 'writing all the rules', and Cameron's policies turning around the UK economy and growing faster than any other G7 nation, and getting a Westminster majority for the first time in a yonk, has 'collapsed like a house of cards'.

Got it.

The only thing a prospective born and bred U-kipper MP and a far Left Wing government in Westminster have in common, is that the electorate have rejected their representation in parliament for over 20-years.

Farage and his purple internet minions still 'bigging up' Corbyn hoping to take advantage of a Labour Party split then?

claig · 28/07/2015 10:30

'I'm more convinced than ever that Jeremy Corbyn is going to win

The polls felt wrong at the general election. But nothing I've seen or heard suggests the polls showing Corbyn ahead are anything other than correct.

I spent more time than is healthy this weekend talking to Labour members around the country, and I’m increasingly certain: the polls are right, the constituency Labour party (CLP) nominations are right: Jeremy Corbyn is on course to win the Labour leadership election."

Great news for the people. The only downside is that this means that Blair is likely to become a regular feature on our TV screens, ever more shrilly shouting "modernise or die" in mockeney, righ?, as Labour's "ruling elite" and the elite throw everything they have got, and every moderniser among their number, at the people.

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 28/07/2015 10:56

Why are you comparing the polls of two different elections; Corbyn's leadership and the Labour Party's prospects at a General Election?

If Corbyn and his supporters feel more comfortable in opposition then they are going the right way of achieving that wish, as once again claig, when mentioning YOUR General Election poll feeling in your water, YOUR 'swingometer' opinion is contra to the real worlds.

"Labour leadership crisis:Poll shows party is now even 'less electable' than under Ed Miliband"

"Three out of four people think Labour is less electable than it was at the May general election, while a new study shows that the party cannot regain power in 2020 by focusing its appeal on left-of-centre voters."

"A poll by ORB for The Independent suggests that voters think Labour has gone backwards since its crushing defeat under Ed Miliband. Only 24 per cent of people believe the party is more electable than it was in May, while 76 per cent say it is less electable."

"The gloomy findings came as an analysis by the Labour-affiliated Fabian Society found that the party must broaden its appeal to people who voted Conservative in May to have any chance of returning to office at the next election."

It appears (in your language) that 'the people' want to see/support a 'modernizer' movement, rather than a Luddite-lite alternative Corbyn is offering.

claig · 28/07/2015 11:07

'YOUR 'swingometer' opinion is contra to the real worlds'

No what we are about to see is a swing back to the lft after something like 35 years. UKIP, a nominally right wing party, has been a driving force in that with their support for the low paid, taking them out of taxation and scrapping the bedroom tax etc. The success of Jeremy Corbyn indicates that the public is now moving to the left and Jeremy's success will drive UKIP further to the left too. Even the Tories are being forced left with their emphasis on being the party of working people, their increase in the minimum wage etc. We ain't seen nothing yet, everyone will have to move left now.

The real decider of who will win the election is who can go left without hitting the squeezed middle and the middle classes. Whoever achieves that will will the next election easily. The Tories are moving left, but will they be able to move far enough left to satisfy the electorate? I don't think they can. Therefore the future belongs to either Labour or UKIP and it all hangs on how they treat the middle class.

OP posts:
claig · 28/07/2015 11:17

The public now wants to go left economically. The Tory modernisers thought that their left wing hug-a-hoodie, rooftop wind turbine, metropolitan elite Big Society stuff would be left enough for the public, but most of the working class and middle class outside of the metropolitan elite zone don't give a fig for that stuff, they want a left move economically with better services and support for ordinary people without being stung by taxes so that the metropolitan elite can waste it on foreign aid or in contributions to Clinton charidees by elite luvvies holding the strings of the public purse.

"Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money has been siphoned through charities linked to Hillary Clinton, it emerged last night.

British politicians – including Gordon Brown – stand accused of diverting huge amounts of cash through the organisations after falling under the spell of the US presidential candidate and her husband Bill."

OP posts:
claig · 28/07/2015 11:34

Philip Davies, the Tory MP for Shipley, said: 'The fact we are spending more and more on aid when we are massively in debt is bad enough, but when it is being tossed away for vanity reasons to ingratiate UK politicians with the rich and powerful in the US … I think most people would find that distasteful and unacceptable.'

Nearly everyone has now had enough of the metropolitan elite, enough of them buying influence with public money, enough of them wastng public money, enough of their expenses, enough of Lords living it up on £300 per day attendance fees, enough of their spin. That is why Jeremy Corbyn is so popular. He is everything they are not. We are moving back to a time where politicians have to start serving the people again rather than serving and helping themselves.

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 28/07/2015 11:46

You STILL seem to be confusing yourself on 1970's left closer to Corbyn, the left of centre Miliband close by (as judged by his 2015 manifesto), and the left leaning centre ground Labour needs to adopt to become electable again.

  • The populist anti UK debt reduction left SNP is a nationalist party.

  • The populist anti debt reduction etc left Front National is a nationalist party.

  • The populist anti debt reduction left Syriza in Greece is a nationalist party.

  • The flip-flopping policies far right arse wipes called UKIP is a nationalist party.

Are you spotting the trends here?

'The people' don't like recessions and their country needing to get their finances in order, and politician now and through Europe for the past 100-years have USED that dissatisfaction to gain power, using a nationalist banner.

That doesn't mean that 'the people' who elected those people over the last 100-years were right, in fact I'd go out on a limb and say after a few World Wars etc, the own agenda politicians they elected let their people down and caused more of a hardship on their people.
claig · 28/07/2015 19:35

'Jeremy Corbyn opens up MASSIVE 20-point lead in the Labour leadership election race

Private polling seen by the Daily Mirror shows Mr Corbyn set to top the ballot with 42%, way ahead of second-placed Yvette Cooper on 22.6%

Jeremy Corbyn has opened up an astonishing 20-point lead over his rivals in the race for the Labour leadership.

Private polling seen by the Daily Mirror shows Mr Corbyn set to top the ballot with 42%, way ahead of Yvette Cooper on 22.6%, Andy Burnham on 20% and Liz Kendall on 14%.

But once second preferences have been taken into account the veteran leftwinger is ahead by just two points on 51% to Ms Cooper’s 49%.

Some Labour MPs are now urging supporters of Mr Burnham and Ms Kendall to either back Ms Cooper or at least ensure she gets their second preference votes as the only way of stopping the Corbyn bandwagon.'

The Establishment is furious. They haven't had a day off from this panic for the past fortnight. They can't even enjoy a glass of the best champagne any more without reading a headline about Corbynmania. There is bound to be another phone call from the Establishment to the PPEs soon and this one will be a lot pithier than the last one. How much more of this can they take? They are beginning to ask themselves what the PPEs are good for?

OP posts:
claig · 28/07/2015 19:50

'Jeremy Corbyn warns 'naughty people' to leave Labour party alone '

That's half the Shadow Cabinet ruled out.

'Labour Party 'frightened of its own shadow', says Andy Burnham'

Who wouldn't be frightened of the Shadow of Blair returning as a spectre to haunt the party?

OP posts:
WorriedMutha · 28/07/2015 20:56

The bookies are still betting on Burnham and they are not known for their generosity. Should I run down to Paddy Power and put a tenner on Jeremy?

claig · 28/07/2015 21:11

It's close. I think the bookies could lose this one. I think they misunderstand the mood. Burnham now gets it. Here is what he is saying in a speech tonight.

"Burnham said Corbyn's popularity instead reflected a desire for Labour to campaign on "ideas that don't just change headlines, but change the world."

"What our members are telling us is that they are yearning for a different style of politics from Labour and a break with the bad habits of the past," he will say. "They are sick of politicians speaking in soundbites, sticking to the script and looking like they don't believe a word they are saying."

The question the bookies need to ask is, is Burnham the one that Labour members believe?

Farage changed the world after the disgraceful leadership challenge against him by a reckless band of renegades, most probably aided and abetted by the Establishment, when he said

"Once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more"

Corbyn appears to have taken it even further and is threatening the citadel itself with

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"

The Establishment are betting all they have got on Burnham, he's their last chance. What's for certain is that someone is going to lose their shirt. The question is who?

OP posts:
WorriedMutha · 28/07/2015 21:36

I wouldn't be too quick to write off the bookies. I think JC may be scuppered by the voting system. Unless he commands 50% of the first count, the second vote of the person coming last (sorry Liz), count towards the scores on the doors. I can't see too many Liz supporters placing Jeremy second which will knock him off the top spot. Supporters of any of the other 3 candidates are very unlikely to have Jeremy as a second which is why the bookies are probably bang on the money. I have just seen a bit of a sour grapes piece by a lefty saying 'a win is a win is a win right?' probably because they can see the danger to Corbyn of coming both first and losing.

claig · 28/07/2015 21:40

"Jeremy Corbyn’s rivals think he’s a dinosaur – they couldn’t be more wrong

Dismissed as a relic, the radical Left-winger is a beacon of modernity in tune with young voters
Even so, Mr Corbyn, with a sizeable lead in some opinion polls, remains a possible if not a likely victor.
“It’s like looking at a paint colour chart,” says one senior Labour adviser. “People might not be sure if they could live with Corbyn red, but they think it’s preferable to three shades of magnolia.” If Labour is to survive, the candidates must adopt more vivid hues. But first, Labour’s centrists must realise that they, not Mr Corbyn, are the antediluvian wing of a party whose core vote has evaporated, whose ability to reforge social democracy is slight and whose vision is unremittingly myopic.

Having failed to foresee every future trend, from the rise of Ukip to the loss of Scotland, Labour has been blindsided by the Corbyn ascendancy. Whether or not he wins the leadership, Mr Corbyn is no dinosaur. For good or ill, he is a beacon of modernity in the Jurassic world of a Labour Party lost in time."

Blair is the dinosaur, and the Labour "ruling elite" have had to throw him some bones in Jurassic Park to get him to help them. But his mockney roar has proved to be a whimper. Corbyn laughed it off and is set to be the winner.

OP posts:
claig · 28/07/2015 21:41

'Unless he commands 50% of the first count, the second vote of the person coming last (sorry Liz), count towards the scores on the doors.'

But what if Labour members choose not to make a second vote, choose to say a plague on all your houses, you're all the same?

OP posts:
WorriedMutha · 28/07/2015 21:47

Sure if all of Liz Kendall supporters agree with you and don't make a second choice, fine.

claig · 28/07/2015 21:48

'Sure if all of Liz Kendall supporters agree with you and don't make a second choice, fine.'

But how many of them are there, apart from Chuka Umunna and Tristram Hunt? What happens if Corbyn voters nominate no second choice? Does that spell panic for the elite?

OP posts:
claig · 28/07/2015 22:00

'Having failed to foresee every future trend, from the rise of Ukip to the loss of Scotland, Labour has been blindsided by the Corbyn ascendancy.'

I think the next trend is a trend to the left, the real left, with nationalisation and all of that. The SNP signifies that, but the SNP does not represent opinion in England. UKIP is the real dark horse signifier in England and UKIP will also go left, way left of the Tories. The Tory victory is temporary, only achievable because Ed Miliband was nowhere near left wing enough. He was a PPE, Etsbalishment, but that is coming to an end.

We have anti-establishment UKIP, anti-establishmet Donald Trump and anti-establishment Corbyn. Whoever can articulate the hidden wishes of the people will win. If Corbyn plays it right, he could sweep it..

OP posts:
claig · 28/07/2015 22:05

'Having failed to foresee every future trend'

One day Tom Watson will lead Labour to victory. He is another decent leftwinger who can appeal to all of the people. No spin, no lies, just decent straight talk. That is what UKIP voters want and what lots of Tory voters want too.

This election is make or break for Labour. If they choose the same old Oxbridge PPEs, they are finished forever. But if they change their ways and learn from their mistakes and understand the UKIP phenomenon and the real appeal of anti-establishment straight talking Farage, there is a bright future for them still.

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 29/07/2015 11:46

claig .... 'I think the next trend is left, left, left, but include Farage and Trump'.

You DO talk Citizen 'Wolfie' Smith of the Tooting Popular Front, rollocks.

Corbyn CAN take the Labour leadership, whoopie shit, but several month ago a Corbyn-esk manifesto of 'social justice' and 'company bashing', 'State price controls', 'bank bashing' and 'landlord bashing' etc etc etc - was given a hugely giant raspberry by the electorate.

You need to get your head around that.

And a country can not be run by thick MPs, we tried that, no one that went to Eaton got this country into a giant non-joined-up-policy-thinking economic, financial, and social, dung heap.

We had a combo of a few PPEs, a postman and ex ships bar-steward and good knows what else pre 2010; now I do not know what combo is needed to run sustainable economic, public sector and social policies, but what I DO know is that they can't be ideologically stunted in a model thats failed time and time again, or thick, as 'stuff' is very complex nowadays.

claig · 29/07/2015 12:19

' several month ago a Corbyn-esk manifesto of 'social justice' and 'company bashing', 'State price controls', 'bank bashing' and 'landlord bashing' etc etc etc - was given a hugely giant raspberry by the electorate'

That was tinkering. It was a PPE speech along with meeting Gareth on the common. Spin. No one thought any of it was for real. Corbyn is different, he is the real deal.

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 29/07/2015 12:43

A Miliband and parliamentary Labour Party MPs funded/directed by McClusky - would be no different to - a Corbyn and Labour Party MPs funded/direct by McClusky.

'Moses' Miliband assumed that he could hold back the tide of global energy commodity prices by 'freezing' energy bills in an under capacity industry thanks to Labour AND control rents of a Private Landlord provision that exploded DUE to Labours banking, housing, immigration and C.G.T. policies etc etc etc.

Corbyn if different, is because he has his head further up his own bum and will come up with even more badly thought out socialist policies designed to offset Labour's 13-years of incompetence - and more and more people are waking up to that initial incompetence - so will not elect any Labour government that failed during a high tax/spending boom or had no coherent or detailed solutions over TWO elections how they could painlessly fix it.

Socialism is always to concentrate on knocking people down, rather than building an economy up, and with a national debt of £1.6 trillion 'the people' realise if you put every rich person 'up against the wall' it STILL won't pay it off, so tax raids that might start at the top, annually filter down i.e. the penal tax rates in 1979 pre Thatcher and the 80 tax rises in Browns first several years.


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claig · 29/07/2015 12:59

'so tax raids that might start at the top, annually filter down i.e. the penal tax rates in 1979 pre Thatcher and the 80 tax rises in Browns first several years.'

Yes, this is the problem which is why the next election hangs on how they will handle the middle class. If Corbyn can't find a solution that does not hit the squeezed middle and the middle class then you can bet that Farage and the A team will find that solution. It's out of Labour and UKIP. The days of ring-fenced foreign aid and metropolitan elite hug-a-hoodie initiatives are over. We are moving left, but in a way that must not hit the middle class.

OP posts:
claig · 29/07/2015 13:12

Even Yvette Cooper realises that the Tories are already changing. But she is locked in the past and intends to carry on as before. The Tories, the modernisers, the metropolitan elites and the PPEs realised that the game was up and that the people weren't falling for the old tricks any more and so have had to ditch the hug-a-husky rooftop wind turbine stuff. All credit to them for that. Farage headed them off at the pass and they had no alternative but to backtrack as fast as they could.

"On climate change, Ms Cooper said: “It is a serious threat to our world and to social progress and the Tories are taking us backwards. They don't believe in global leadership on climate change and their new minister [Amber Rudd, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary] has bought into conspiracy theories that action to stop climate change can be ‘cover for anti-growth, anti-capitalist, proto-socialism’. This sort of nonsense will be the norm if Labour keeps losing elections and condemns future generations to a Tory future. David Cameron’s ‘hug-a-husky but scrap a wind farm’ hypocrisy is setting us back years.”

Labour still has a problem of being locked in the past. They are right on some things, but wrong on many others, whereas Farage is right on nearly everything. That is why it is going to be one hell of an election in 2020 - Labour vs the People's Army, with the Tory modernisers backtracking as fast as they can.

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 29/07/2015 13:23

claig ... while people like you focus on what is it, half of 1% on Foreign Aid from a GDP worth a several hundred £billion annual spend AND stupid hoodie hugging comments rather than look at ALL the achievements of a government - from what they inherited to what they leave - UKIP will never win a Westminster seat they didn't first buy from a sitting Tory or Labour MP.

The wealthy are paying far more tax now than under Labour and a 75% top tax rate in France was counter productive, wealth left France so raised less money, so they cancelled it.

That just leaves the Middle Classes who arguably have already took hits as this government needed to bring down the £153 bil annual government overspend Labour left, as it can only be done in periods of low/zero inflation by either, or a combo of, Spending Cuts and Tax Rises.

The Middle Classes voting in Corbyn or any leftie leaning Labour Party would be like Turkeys voting for Christmas, as high government spending ALWAYS leads to higher taxes - and as we have recently seen several years high taxes/spending it doesn't even mean value for money - so an opportunity missed.

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