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Labour "ruling elite" "worried sick" about Jeremy Corbyn says Len McCluskey

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claig · 14/07/2015 07:43

"Unite's Len McCluskey said "an enormous surge" of people wanted to take part after Mr Corbyn was confirmed as running "because people are inspired".

Mr McCluskey accused the "ruling elite" of "trying to rubbish" Mr Corbyn.
He said that those who thought Mr Corbyn was "marginalised" should "watch this space".

"I know the people who will be uncomfortable, despite the fact that they are saying the opposite - and that's the ruling elite," he said.

"They try and rubbish it, they try to turn it into a joke, but secretly they will be worried sick that ordinary people are suddenly given something to inspire them and something to link onto," Mr McCluskey said."

Good luck Jeremy Corbyn. Real democracy that ruins the plans of Labour's "ruling elite".

OP posts:
WetAugust · 12/08/2015 22:13

This situation us painting Labour as a very disunited party. Seemingly, the grass roots are pro-Corbyn while the ruling Labour elite are rubbishing their choice

Blair's intervention will probably have the opposite effect and now the elite are calling on Gordon Brown to help their cause. That will just add fuel to the fire

Now they are investigating the whole registration process. Whatever happens now, one side is going to claim an unfair ballot. Plus, I cannot see how the grass roots, denied their choice, could support one of the 3 clones and the supporters of the 3 clones will not support Corbyn

So, just as Scotland fractured from the Labour Party, there will be a further left / Blairites split. A new SDP

suzannefollowmyvan · 12/08/2015 22:19

?I just can't take anything Blair says seriously, how can he not see that he is kicking the ball into the wrong net?

suzannefollowmyvan · 12/08/2015 23:52
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