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An open letter to everyone who voted Conservative

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blacksunday · 10/05/2015 07:19

To everyone who voted conservative yesterday,

I hope you’re happy. Actually that’s a lie, I really don’t. But before you sit smugly down and give yourself a big pat on the back I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Do you think you haven’t benefitted from the system you are currently trying to break down? As a child, did you ever go to hospital? Have you had an education? Did you ever use a library? Have you ever been on a bus? If so, you have benefited from a system which subsidises facilities with taxes. And now you have, you are willing to take it away from everyone after you. Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t seem very fair. You cannot have socialism and a support system when you need it but then be unwilling to support it for other people.

Now if you are someone who has used the private sector more than public services then I also want to know a few things. If you went to private school, or used private medical care as a child, did you pay for it yourself? Now I’m not asking if your parents paid for it, but you personally. I’m guessing the answer is no. So can you genuinely say you worked hard to get these privileges? No baby earns the right to an education. No child works hard to be born into a particular family who can afford healthcare. So why do you think one person is more deserving than another? If you value working hard and getting on how can you see this as fair? Do you really want to live in a world where children are deemed more worthy of education and healthcare based on what family they come from?

If you are someone who uses a lot of private, who are you? Are you one of the 1% who are currently getting richer? If so, are you ok with the fact that your benefit is someone else’s misery, someone’s poverty, someone’s lack of care? Are you ok with the fact that while you got a pay rise 900,000 people had to go to food banks because they literally didn’t have enough money to feed themselves to survive? Do you really believe that you work harder than these people?

If you aren’t one of these few people benefitting from this system then why have you voted for it? Conservatives use rhetoric of working hard and fairness but this is simply not the reality. If you start life without a lot, to get out of that is hard. “Success” stories are pinned up to show that if you work hard you get somewhere. But they are stories because they are anomalies. To come from a background of little education or money and to get a career you want is not the common way, and you can’t do it without a benefit system. We do not live in a system where if you work hard you get somewhere, the system the conservatives are creating means that if you start off well off you stay that way. Because someone who goes to a private school with tiny class sizes and one on one help does not have to work as hard as someone at an underachieving state school with over worked underpaid staff and huge classes. They just don’t.

Now if you are either one of these types of people you have to question whether you really do believe in what you have voted for. Because in voting conservative you are saying you are happy with the last 5 years. You are endorsing food banks. You are endorsing cutting care for the elderly and the mentally ill. You are endorsing a party where over half the MPs voted against gay marriage. You are saying yes to the NHS being privatised. You are saying you are happy with people being put off education based not on ability or passion but by money. You are saying yes to victimising the poor and disabled and scapegoating people based on where they come from. You are saying that you are ok with the incredible inequality in our country today and you are saying you want more of it.

I do not wish poverty on anyone. It is a cruel and harsh life. But what I do wish for you is that you at least experience it. If not first hand, that you witness the harsh trapping reality that is poverty. The gruelling cycle that doesn’t allow a parent to feed their children. That doesn’t allow for parents to feed themselves. And that you see that this is people who are working. People with jobs. And if they aren’t I hope you see that a life on benefits is not the picnic people make it out to be. Nobody wants to be on benefits. Maybe if you see this you will see what you have voted for.

And if you are ok with all of this then you make me sick. I can’t put it any other way. I am so ashamed to come from a country where this is apparently what the majority think. That the majority of people are too selfish to accept any form of tax rise to support those in our society who need help makes me so incredibly sad. Truly you should be ashamed of yourself that you can so heartlessly put yourself first and not see the consequences. I hope that in the next 5 years you fully appreciate what you did yesterday. I hope you know what you have supported and I hope one day you feel guilty. Because I am scared of what the next 5 years will bring and you should be too.

OP posts:
mateysmum · 10/05/2015 07:33

There have been a squillion threads similar to this in the last couple of days with almost as many answers. I suggest you read them and you will have your response.

Those of us who voted Conservative are pretty fed up of the narrative that we are all selfish, uncaring, stupid toffs - and that's just some of the kinder criticisms. I am neither ashamed or heartless.

There is a narrative out there that after another 5 years there will be no NHS and no benefits system which is clearly nonsense.

I worry that many of you are getting light headed as there must be so little oxygen up there on the moral high ground.

lightgreenglass · 10/05/2015 07:41

I read it as if you benefit from the system, you should support the system not you're an undeserving toff - that's your own self projection. A lot of working class people voted against their own self-interests.

I read it and thought it was a good piece - the NHS will still be here but weakened, services will be privatised, they've already announced cutting access to work services for disabled people, because of course all the disabled are feckless and don't want to work, not true. And bringing back fox hunting - are you shitting me? If that's there priority for first day back in office then it says it all!

lightgreenglass · 10/05/2015 07:41


pootlebug · 10/05/2015 07:42

Another one?

fortunately · 10/05/2015 07:43

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lightgreenglass · 10/05/2015 07:47

The Tories are not the majority view - only marginally in the House of Commons. 1/3 of people didn't vote and near enough of 1/3 of people voted for the left.

fortunately · 10/05/2015 07:53

Fewer people voted for labour than voted for conservative.

Therefore, more people wanted the Tories than wanted labour. Which makes you in the minority.

alwaysstaytoolong · 10/05/2015 07:53

I might cry if yet another one of these pops up. And I did not vote Tory but seriously - stop!

TheFairyCaravan · 10/05/2015 07:57

I completely aggre with it. It would seem that many, many people are prepared to take from the system but don't want to pay their fair share into the system. It's a bloody disgrace, IMO.

bakingaddict · 10/05/2015 07:58

Respect people's right to choose whatever party they believe in the most. The NHS and benefits system is struggling because its use has gone so far beyond what it was originally set up for. Both of these systems cannot carry on indefinitely as they are is the hard truth

TheFairyCaravan · 10/05/2015 07:58

It wasn't a Tory against Labour election, so therefore it doesn't put the people who didnt vote Tory in the minority it puts us in the majority.

Horsemadbird · 10/05/2015 07:58

I cannot wait for five years time when all the doom mongers, the chest beaters and the hysterics are proved wrong - just like they were over the Left's predictions of high unemployment and a triple dip recession.

None of you saw this defeat coming because you were so arrogant and dismissive . The quiet people of this country have spoken and they have absolutely and powerfully rejected the left.

Instead of screeching and wailing at all of the many millions of us who voted Tory, why not take a long, hard look at yourselves and your party and see why it all went so wrong? Hmm? Because until you do, you will never oust the Tories and you will be under their govern for many. many years to come. I get that your pissed off - trust me when I tell you that all the Tories would feel the same if Labour had won. Stop blaming people for being thick or ill informed ( we are not) stop blaming the Scots, the Press, the Daily Mail and the BBC.
The only people responsible for Labour's crushing defeat to the Tories by over 100 seats is the Left and Labour themselves.

Have a cuppa, channel your anger positively, join a party and get proactive and give the Tories a string, decent and electable opposition Smile. We woudl welcome that.

DinkyDye · 10/05/2015 07:59

There is such outrage on MN that l can hardly believe that with all this support, Labour didn't get it!

It's all starting to look a bit pathetic OP. There are a squillion only a slight exaggeration threads on here demanding to know why people voted Tories. Don't be so lazy and go off and read them.

Ifyourawizardwhydouwearglasses · 10/05/2015 08:01

Read the first line and then just thought 'oh do fuck off'


bookbag40 · 10/05/2015 08:01

It's democracy.

People vote for a choice of parties and the one with the political majority win.

Yours didn't

Get over it.

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 10/05/2015 08:01

These threads are getting a bit tedious.

I am not ashamed of voting conservative on Thursday. At all. I'll keep a watch on what they do over the next 5 years, then I may vote for them again, or I may vote for someone else.

We live in a democracy. Those on the left don't seem to understand that. "Vote for whoever you like-as long as it's Labour. Obvs everyone voting for UKIP is abhorrent and a vote for the Greens or LibDem is a wasted vote"

It's getting ridiculous.

fortunately · 10/05/2015 08:01

In that case TheFairyCaravan set up your own party, appeal to every single other person in the country who didn't vote Conservative, and try and get all your Labour/UKIP/Green/Monster Raving Loony Party members all in agreement on pretty much everything.

The storm the elections in five years time.


SoupDragon · 10/05/2015 08:01

Didn't more people not vote or spoiled their paper than voted Tory?

LeChien · 10/05/2015 08:02

I completely agree with it too.

I don't have a problem with the multiple threads about this, people need to air their views, where better than MN? You can always ignore them rather than post.

All the posts accusing labour/left voters of hyperbole and dramatics are rather hypocritical, I can only imagine the posts had labour won the GE Hmm

SoupDragon · 10/05/2015 08:02

I didn't vote conservative but I still find all these whining thread somewhat pathetic and tedious.

Azquilith · 10/05/2015 08:03

Oh please. Tories got more votes than anyone else. So therefore they won. That's democracy.

Horsemadbird · 10/05/2015 08:03

If you don't vote you have no say. You can't not vote then grizzle about the outcome.

Guirado · 10/05/2015 08:04

I voted Conservative because I came from a broken home, had an awful education and saw what hope and incentive the Conservatives offer. No way was I going to sit around a small broken town and accept my lot. When I was a child all the rough areas had Vote Labour signs in the windows and all the nice places had Vote Conservative, I want to be associated with the nice stuff, the aspirational stuff rather than be patronised by some Metroplitan Elite who thinks he knows what the poor people want.

SilverBlur · 10/05/2015 08:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheSkiingGardener · 10/05/2015 08:05

Glad you've vented. Your party lost. Go and sort your party out so that next time they can win,

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