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benefit cheats

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heatherhopper · 13/05/2012 20:19

im a bit fed up as my partner and i are working and struggling to pay the bills and renovate the house. we got a fix it up house needing alot of work done to it as its all we could afford. we couldnt get a council house as we were not registered drug users/alcoholics or lots of kids. for christmas we bought our son 2nd hand toys and clothes as we are so stretched financially sometimes its bills or food usually a trade off between both. its very hard life and i must admit theres times feel like "whats the point" this isnt a life - especially when i cant afford to put on the heating. on the other hand my brothers girlfriend is feeding her dogs the meat we buy to eat as its all we can afford but its cheap (good enough for her dogs but not for them). she claims lone parent benefit for her 3 kids and have been for almost 12 years. she is out shopping and luncheoning almost everyday. her knickers cost more than the outfit im wearing. they get everything including housing benefit, council tax benefit and income support and my brother earns up to £500 sometimes more a week. they brag about their 60 inch plasma and lifestyle and im ashamed to say im jealous. i can hardly pay the bills let alone buy clothes and nice things as well as have a lovely lifestyle. someone told on them about 10 years ago but she said she was innocent and they said "ok no further action". i want to claim benefits illegally as it seems so easy all i have to do in an interview is say "im innocent" and im off the hook - we would be able to afford to eat properly again and even maybe a holiday or get the house sorted. she has a council house so got a new kitchen recently while mine is over 40 yrs old. if i get caught i can say "im not doing it" and get off with it. my brother has all his mail sent to my parents house so no trail. im getting desperate now and i would trade my awful poverty ridden life for a flashy benefit life but some people do get caught out and i think id be unlucky as im a rubbish liar. should i split up with my patrner so we can afford to live?

OP posts:
heatherhopper · 13/05/2012 21:47

*they are

OP posts:
TheUnMember · 13/05/2012 21:48

UnMember's DH is just rustling one up. Get him to send some round by goat.

Sorry, no can do. We're on our benefit funded yacht somewhere off the coast of Scotland and the goat can't swim.

usualsuspect · 13/05/2012 21:50

I'm bored with this thread now , I'm off to look for a P & C parking thread.

RowanMumsnet · 13/05/2012 21:50

Hello there,

Please don't troll-hunt on threads

We're moving this one to Politics


GreenEggsAndNichts · 13/05/2012 21:51

By the second page of Scotland replies, I had tears in my eyes. Thank you ladies. :)

Btw, am not in Scotland. sadly.

usualsuspect · 13/05/2012 21:51


WetAugust · 13/05/2012 21:51

Curious use of the realtively rare word 'luncheoning' in a poorly punctuated post. Strange that Confused

LineRunner · 13/05/2012 21:52

Is there not actually a Far Side of Fuck board, then?

UnChartered · 13/05/2012 21:53

troll hunting?

i called a NC fail then admitted i was wrong...

Grin @ politics

usualsuspect · 13/05/2012 21:53

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

SophieNeveau · 13/05/2012 21:53

Report them, tell the benefit fraud people what time your db goes to work, comes home, where he works etc, and they will watch them. You won't have to feel jealous of your SIL knickers, lunch or dogs meat anymore. Will you have the kids when they are in prison?

LineRunner · 13/05/2012 21:54

WetAugust exactly. It's as though the post were written by an off-duty Michael Winner.

carernotasaint · 13/05/2012 21:56

I started a thread a few weeks back about Jeremy Bamber having a twitter account. It was after i saw a screenshot of it on the news.
No one seems to come on threads and moan that convicted killers and child killers have the internet but the amount of times ive seen people on here who begrudge the unemployed and people on benefits having internet access.....bloody hell id need more than two hands to count on. So why is society begrudging the unemployed having it more than they do convicted killers. Something to think about perhaps. The thread i started about bamber didnt get anywhere near the amount of posts as the benefit threads do. Says it all really.

TheUnMember · 13/05/2012 21:56

Why is there no Goat Pen forum? There's a doghouse and a litter tray. Blantant anti goat discrimination that is. I'm reporting MNHQ for goatism.

CakeistheAnswer · 13/05/2012 21:59

I want a goat like this one.

pleased with self as I can do the clever linky thing now

tethersend · 13/05/2012 22:00

I think, in a way, we're all In Scotland.

LineRunner · 13/05/2012 22:00

I'll search for the Bamber thread.

Empusa · 13/05/2012 22:01

"I think, in a way, we're all In Scotland."

usualsuspect · 13/05/2012 22:02

Very deep ,tethers

fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 13/05/2012 22:04

Are you all disguised as sheep? (or goats?)

TheUnMember · 13/05/2012 22:05

I want one of

LineRunner · 13/05/2012 22:05

Apparently an awful lot of MNetters think Bamber deserves a retrial.


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noddyholder · 13/05/2012 22:11

If they are claiming benefits and also have a full time wage coming into the house then yanbu. You may have played into MN hands with the tv and £80 boots references but apart from that you are essentially right. If they have a council house and one works they could still have a reasonable life as council housing is cheaper. They are taking the p and a bit greedy

LineRunner · 13/05/2012 22:14

I am still in awe of the UB40 Underkeks knowledge.

carernotasaint · 13/05/2012 22:15

Line Runner a lot of women have apparently been "enthralled" by him according to a remark made by "Old Bailey on the twitter feed.

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